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The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. – Vladimir Lenin

Lee Doren on Stupid Comments on YouTube/Blogs

Posted by iusbvision on January 5, 2011

When I saw this video I knew that I had to post it. Watch the video first before you read on.

I get this very same thing on my YouTube channel which as now gotten nearly 1.7 million views (I stopped posting video’s on there some months ago as I am using DailyMotion and now).

While it is true that some people do not read carefully and simply skim a couple of lines and post. For some of the commenters who behave as the video describes there is a method or reasoning behind it.

Some design a program such as a “script kiddie” to search for key words on blogs and post the same propaganda comment all over the blogosphere.

Some are those who know darn well that half of the people browsing to the bog will not read the entire post (or video) carefully, so they post their misleading or straw-man argument/comment in hopes that people will just read the short comments and accept them as true because they didn’t read the article.

Some others are ideologues who have so much zeal, that they do not accept and cannot process arguments they cannot defeat; their minds have to convert the argument into something else (create a straw-man to knock down) or they experience cognitive dissonance so the argument they cannot deal with doesn’t register and goes ignored as if it were never presented. This type of commenter simply is not capable of thinking passed their predetermined narrative. These kind of people are also known as “moonbats”, “Kool-Aide drinkers” (their side is so good in their mind that if told to drink the Jim Jones Kool-Aide they will do it), or have what we call “Palin Derangement Syndrome”.

Of course there are also the kind of commenters who are just “trolls”. Trolls knowingly and willingly lie about what is in the original post, make straw-man arguments and do it for the sole reason of trying to upset people and/or to get a rise out of them.

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