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Presidential Candidate Donald Trump on Economics, China, Trade, Energy, Healthcare, and START.

Posted by iusbvision on January 11, 2011

While I do not agree with Trump on every issue, he does make some points which should be addressed in the upcoming election.

Free trade is OK as long as the enforcement is not one sided against us as it usually is, and if we don’t have a government that passes so many corrupt regulations that choke the economy and taxes businesses to the point where they flee. Trump is right that we cannot have endless consumption without production. Trump is right that ObamaCare is causing the price of health care to skyrocket.

Trump is right about START. Trump is also right that we should not be defending wealthy countries without them at least contributing to that defense.

With that said Trump’s weakness for pretty girls leaves him vulnerable to scandal, constant distraction and bad judgments. Trump’s apprentice show went from fascinating and a bit educational to downright silly near trailer-park drama. Trump does have a little bit of a personal restraint problem. As a result he appears very unpresidential.

Trump needs to understand what happens if you have a war and leave a power vacuum. Trump will get an education in the upcoming election and perhaps he will be a better man for it. I see his chances of victory rather slim, but adding him to the debate could have benefits.

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