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Tea Party has moles in major leftist organizations.

Posted by iusbvision on January 15, 2011

There are so many of these groups that get funding from Soros and Tides and such that this is also their weakness.

Here are the strategic plans handed out to the movers and shakers of a prominent left wing organization in a major city. This is not conjecture, I have verified the source personally and the way they are written shows it was obviously created by a communications strategist following the Saul Alinsky playbook:


1 – Disrupt all social networking by Republicans, conservatives and Tea Party members. This is how the Republican Party defeated our president in the mid-terms. Create confusion whenever the opportunity presents itself.

2 – Continue to demean, belittle and connect Republicans to the poor state of our economy, inflation at supermarkets, and other high cost impacts that effect the middle class and poor.

3 – Portray whenever possible the new House Speaker’s crying. This should cast doubt about the Speaker’s mental state and ability to govern in Congress.

4 – Tell all your volunteers and staffers to inform new voters that the Republican Party plans on nominating the gun toting, Tea Party princess from the Tundra (Sarah Palin). Build strong anti-Palinism in our younger electorate.

5 – Continue to connect conservatives to the Tuscon/Giffords shooting. This is proving most effective in our campaign against the resurgent Republican Party.


So lets see how closely the elite media follows these talking points, so far they have. ABC is constantly pounding the “Boehner crying” stuff, especially on The View. Are the points above from a group of people trying put service before self?




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