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Baltimore Passes Soda Tax, Pepsi Closes Plant in Baltimore.

Posted by iusbvision on January 17, 2011

Baltimore Sun:

The Pepsi plant in Baltimore will no longer make soda, and the company plans to lay off 77 people as officials have decided to stop manufacturing operations — a decision they blame in part on a controversial new beverage tax in the city.

The last cans and 2-liter bottles of Pepsi-Cola, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew and other sodas ran through the production line Monday morning. Executives at Pepsi Beverages Co. told workers in meetings later in the day that production would be halted for good. Pepsi officials said they would work out details regarding the layoffs, including potential severance, with the local Teamsters union.

Kristine Hinck, a company spokeswoman, said, “Given the climate, making a beverage in a city where there is a beverage tax certainly doesn’t help.” – Ya think?

You would have thought that Maryland would have learned its lesson after the state lost massive revenue after it imposed its now infamous “millionaire’s tax”.

I am going to go buy a case of Diet Pepsi today.

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Gov. Christie: Teachers union caused thousands of layoffs, hurt the kids

Posted by iusbvision on January 17, 2011

He is right. Watch and learn.

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Washington Post publishes stereotype laden, hate filled screed against the people of Arizona

Posted by iusbvision on January 17, 2011

This illustrates the chasm between radicalized elite media and normal people.  If a Republican had dared to write a stereotype packed hate screed like this it would be national news.


Some excerpts from Amy Silverman in the Washington Post:

And the truth is that few places are as exclusionary as Arizona, where butt-kicking cowboys and Barry Goldwater politics still rule the day, where anyone of Mexican descent better follow the speed limit, or risk getting pulled over and grilled over their right to be here. We are libertarians. Stay out of our big green back yards irrigated with water we can ill afford to use. Don’t even come close. And don’t you dare ask for help.


Live here awhile, and you might realize that you haven’t met your neighbors. I’ve lived in the same house for 13 years, and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been invited into a neighbor’s house. And I don’t even live in an area with particularly high walls or in a gated community.

You don’t see people sit out on the porch much. Kids certainly don’t play in the street anymore. And when we do venture outside, we climb in our cars, crank the A/C and the radio, pick up the cell and don’t even bother to honk our horns. That’s how isolated we are. [Or maybe it’s YOU Amy…. – Editor]

The sunsets are beautiful, sure. But living here can be incredibly depressing. Particularly for the people who’ve earned Arizona the nickname “the do-over state.” This is the land of fresh starts. Get divorced, move to Arizona. Lose your job, move to Arizona. Get out of jail, move to Arizona.


The Washington Post ads:

Amy Silverman is the managing editor of Phoenix New Times. She has covered Arizona for 20 years.


…. Oh really – and now for the rest of the story…..


A Washington contact tells me:

I had assumed, as I suspect many of the Post’s readership did, that Ms Silverman’s newspaper was a leading newspaper in Phoenix.

Wrong assumption! It’s essentially a flimsy free hand-out.

Wikipedia notes her newspaper was originated in 1970 by members of the Students for Democratic Society [SDS]; as some will recall, that was a radical Leftist organization of the 1960s, an outgrowth of the “Intercollegiate Socialist Society”, which published its political manifesto as the “Port Huron Statement” [drafted by none other than Tom Hayden.
“Without being Marxist or pro-communism, they denounced anti-communism as being a social problem and an obstruction to democracy.“

Amy’s newspaper touts these accomplishments

In 2004, published the home address of Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio [Arpaio is famous for his law and order campaign, and rigid, and very effective outdoor prison in which inmates must wear pink.]

In 2007, published “secret Grand Jury” information.

In 2008, she was invited to spend the day with the John McCain family to write about him and his campaign. Her story’s major emphasis was his “nervously wringing his hands during his radio interview.”
[She later learned that the hand-wringing relieved the pain in his arms which resulted from being tortured as a POW.]

Amy is a commentator for NPR, via KJZZ in Phoenix.

Thanks to the Washington Post for giving Amy national visibility so we could learn more about her and her political philosophy – and her role with NPR. We also hope to learn more about the early political affiliations of the WP editorial staff.

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Hilton on the Democrats angle about raising the debt ceiling

Posted by iusbvision on January 17, 2011

Hilton is a former staffer with the NRCC and knows pretty much everyone.

Gregory Hilton:

Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) today said Republicans must vote to raise the debt limit because failing to do so would put “troops overseas in jeopardy.” This is the same Barney Frank who has consistently voted against every weapons system and military modernization program. He has introduced legislation with Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) to cut Pentagon spending by approximately $1 trillion over a ten year period.


You get the government you vote for folks.

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Obama Administration implemented policy to have political appointees review all FOIA requests….

Posted by iusbvision on January 17, 2011

So much for transparency…

Those who understand politics and corruption know what this means. This gives political appointees time to destroy documents, colluded to “get stories straight” and time to plan prior restraint and/or retaliation against those trying to gain information. This is the administration that promised unprecedented transparency. … If Bush had done this….

Yahoo News, with some editorial comments in red:

WASHINGTON – A House committee has asked the Homeland Security Department to provide documents about an agency policy that required political appointees to review many Freedom of Information Act requests, according to a letter obtained Sunday by The Associated Press.

The letter to Homeland Security was sent late Friday by Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. It represents an early move by House Republicans who have vowed to launch numerous probes of President Barack Obama’s administration, ranging from its implementation of the new health care law to rules curbing air pollution to spending in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Associated Press reported in July that for at least a year, Homeland Security had sidetracked hundreds of requests for federal records to top political advisers to the department’s secretary, Janet Napolitano. The political appointees wanted information about those requesting the materials, and in some cases the release of documents considered politically sensitive was delayed, according to numerous e-mails that were obtained by the AP.

The Freedom of Information Act is supposed to ensure the quick public release of requested government documents without political consideration. Obama has said his administration would emphasize openness in providing requested federal records.

According to Issa’s letter, Homeland Security’s chief privacy officer and FOIA official told committee staff in September that political appointees were simply made aware of “significant and potentially controversial requests.”

Mary Ellen Callahan told them that political appointees reviewed the agency’s FOIA response letters for grammatical and other errors and did not edit or delay their release, the letter states. She also told the committee that Homeland Security abandoned the practice in response to the AP’s article, according to Issa’s letter. [WHAT!!. LOL – Political appointees are not going to have grammar nearly as good as a secretary/PR pro in a federal department. This reasoning is laughable. apparently the practice was not abandoned as the administration indicated – Editor]

On Sunday, Oversight panel spokesman Frederick Hill said Issa sent the letter “because the committee has received documents that raise questions about the veracity of DHS officials” on the matter. He did not elaborate.

Issa asked the agency to provide the documents by Jan. 29.

Homeland Security officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Last summer, officials said fewer than 500 requests were vetted by political officials. The department received about 103,000 requests for information in a recent 12-month period.

The agency’s directive said political appointees wanted to see FOIA requests for “awareness purposes,” regardless of who had filed them. The AP reported that the agency’s career employees were told to provide political appointees with information about who requested documents, where they lived, whether they were reporters and where they worked. [This is disturbing because what we have seen from the NYT, Washington Post, CBS,NBC.ABC,CNN.MSNBC is that in unison, within minutes of the shooting in Arizona these elite media outlets immediately using the same spin blamed Sarah Palin and other conservatives. Several of these same outlets talking heads chastised Sarah Palin for not speaking out, and when they did they in unison said that she was injecting herself into the news. This reminds me of the 2000 election when G.W. Bush picked Dick Cheney for VP the news in unison said that Cheney was picked because he had “gravitas” (implying that Bush had none). Why have a state-run media when the so-called legit media is willing to act as the PR arm of the Democratic leadership? A reporter is looking into something he shouldn’t, so the administration leans on said reporter’s bosses and bye-bye FOIA. – Editor]

According to the directive, political aides were to review requests related to Obama policy priorities, or anything related to controversial or sensitive subjects. Requests from journalists, lawmakers and activist groups were to also to be examined.

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