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Washington Post publishes stereotype laden, hate filled screed against the people of Arizona

Posted by iusbvision on January 17, 2011

This illustrates the chasm between radicalized elite media and normal people.  If a Republican had dared to write a stereotype packed hate screed like this it would be national news.


Some excerpts from Amy Silverman in the Washington Post:

And the truth is that few places are as exclusionary as Arizona, where butt-kicking cowboys and Barry Goldwater politics still rule the day, where anyone of Mexican descent better follow the speed limit, or risk getting pulled over and grilled over their right to be here. We are libertarians. Stay out of our big green back yards irrigated with water we can ill afford to use. Don’t even come close. And don’t you dare ask for help.


Live here awhile, and you might realize that you haven’t met your neighbors. I’ve lived in the same house for 13 years, and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been invited into a neighbor’s house. And I don’t even live in an area with particularly high walls or in a gated community.

You don’t see people sit out on the porch much. Kids certainly don’t play in the street anymore. And when we do venture outside, we climb in our cars, crank the A/C and the radio, pick up the cell and don’t even bother to honk our horns. That’s how isolated we are. [Or maybe it’s YOU Amy…. – Editor]

The sunsets are beautiful, sure. But living here can be incredibly depressing. Particularly for the people who’ve earned Arizona the nickname “the do-over state.” This is the land of fresh starts. Get divorced, move to Arizona. Lose your job, move to Arizona. Get out of jail, move to Arizona.


The Washington Post ads:

Amy Silverman is the managing editor of Phoenix New Times. She has covered Arizona for 20 years.


…. Oh really – and now for the rest of the story…..


A Washington contact tells me:

I had assumed, as I suspect many of the Post’s readership did, that Ms Silverman’s newspaper was a leading newspaper in Phoenix.

Wrong assumption! It’s essentially a flimsy free hand-out.

Wikipedia notes her newspaper was originated in 1970 by members of the Students for Democratic Society [SDS]; as some will recall, that was a radical Leftist organization of the 1960s, an outgrowth of the “Intercollegiate Socialist Society”, which published its political manifesto as the “Port Huron Statement” [drafted by none other than Tom Hayden.
“Without being Marxist or pro-communism, they denounced anti-communism as being a social problem and an obstruction to democracy.“

Amy’s newspaper touts these accomplishments

In 2004, published the home address of Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio [Arpaio is famous for his law and order campaign, and rigid, and very effective outdoor prison in which inmates must wear pink.]

In 2007, published “secret Grand Jury” information.

In 2008, she was invited to spend the day with the John McCain family to write about him and his campaign. Her story’s major emphasis was his “nervously wringing his hands during his radio interview.”
[She later learned that the hand-wringing relieved the pain in his arms which resulted from being tortured as a POW.]

Amy is a commentator for NPR, via KJZZ in Phoenix.

Thanks to the Washington Post for giving Amy national visibility so we could learn more about her and her political philosophy – and her role with NPR. We also hope to learn more about the early political affiliations of the WP editorial staff.

3 Responses to “Washington Post publishes stereotype laden, hate filled screed against the people of Arizona”

  1. Don Broome said

    Why the Washington Post would pay Amy Silverman for this article is beyond belief. Far left, emotional liberalism, at its best. So, now we are to believe that this entire massacre in Tucson was the result of Arizona’s lack of a “welfare system”. Please, Ms. Silverman, give me a break!! Why has NO ONE interviewed Jared Loughner’s parents? Haven’t they always subscribed to the “hippie” philosophy of the 1960’s?

    Your Pima County Sheriff had ample opportunities to “do something” about Jared, but the Sheriff “isolated” himself from the facts and reality. Amy Silverman acknowledges she is Jewish; Gabby Giffords has a Jewish Father. Simple question – why haven’t the many Jewish reporters, radio, TV and print media made any mention of all that Jared Loughner was, among many other character traits, ANTI-SEMETIC?? Oh no, lets blame society, State of Arizona, mental health problems, Sarah Palin, right wing talk radio, and, well, you know, the Sheriff covered all the “blame bases” much better than I can.

    If we follow Amy Silverman’s logic, everyone coming into Arizona should be subjected to a test in order to reveal any anti-social(isolationist)traits, before being admitted. How sad the stretch we go to in order to once again make Jared Loughner, a murderer, an unintended victim of his rage at “Gabby Giffords”.

  2. evil eye fleegle said

    Her Bio, from her paper:

    “Amy Silverman is associate editor of Phoenix New Times, and co-instructor of the workshop “Mothers Who Write.” She has a Master’s in journalism from Columbia University, and has written for the New York Times and A Phoenix native, Amy lives in Tempe with her husband Ray Stern, an editor at the Scottsdale Tribune, and their daughters Annabelle and Sophie.”

    Another overeducated Noo Yawka.

    Ho Hum.

  3. Mr. Doe said

    I’m a long time Arizonan. the Phoenix New Times is a free weekly paper who’s only redeeming feature is the concert calendar. Their left-wing slant is well known to anyone who lives here, and they’ve only gotten worse in recent years. Every other story is about sheriff Arpaio, sheriff Babeu, and apologetics for illegal immigration.

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