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Chuck Norton’s Live Blog on the State of the Union

Posted by iusbvision on January 26, 2011

Chuck Norton live blogged the SOTU on Facebook. It was information that you will not want to miss.

1 – I am listening to the SOTU, Race to the Top is a disaster. It’s reporting requirements are massive and complex thus keeping many of our administrators and resources working for the federal government.

This is what we had to say before about Race to the Top:

Governor Christie shows us just what a mess the federal education bureaucracy has become

2 – Wow, listen to him describe “We eliminated tax subsidies to banks” in regards to student loans – No he nationalized the student loan industry….

3 – Obama is not being straight about pat downs at train stations as TSA has said is coming. Also high speed rail has proven to be a money sink boondoggle in most places it has been tried in the United States.

4 – More green energy boondoggles sure to make china wealthier just like it has so far. In the mean time we have trillions in energy wealth that the government keeps off limits.


Obama arbitrarily revoking coal mining permits, putting people out of work, raising energy costs.

Gas prices up 55% under Obama

Press Grilled Bush When Gas Hit $3.00 – Nada for Obama… UPDATED!

API: Recent Studies Show Obama Drilling Moratorium Will Cost 50,000 Jobs; 160,000 by 2032.

CPI: Big Polluters Freed from Environmental Oversight by Stimulus (government picking winners and losers)

Little Truth in President’s Oil Spill Comments

SCANDAL – Administration lies about conclusion by expert panel to ban off shore drilling. “We never said that” expert panelists say. Obama still refusing skimmer ships from foreign countries….

Another Lie: Obama now fully reversed on offshore drilling.

5- Wow, listen to him describe “We eliminated tax subsidies to banks” in regards to student loans – No he nationalized the student loan industry….

6 – Oh the rail will have the pat down as TSA has said is coming. Also high speed rail has proven to be a money sink boondoggle in most places it has been tried in the United States. High speed rail is the answer to a question the American people are not asking.

7 – Obama is talking about lobbyists and unfair gaming of the system by well connected businesses, the problem is that his administration has been the most guilty of this as any in modern history. Just go to my blog site and in the search pane type in “lobbyist” to get about two dozen articles showing you just that. THIS is a good post to start with that has many links. I have two categories covering this issue. Corporatism and Big Bizz Loves Big Govt.


More Obama Administration Ethics issues – White House Lowers Lobbying Restrictions – Breaking Campaign Promise Again


8 – A review of government regulations that get in the way. Sounds great, but he is the one who has abused this problem more than anyone in recent history. Ahem…… ObamaCare, creating a niche market for AARP in the Medicare Advantage industry while other competitors got screwed. The Food Regulation Bill that sticks it to smaller farms and food producers, the Financial Reform bill which was a huge power grab. Using the EPA to force cap & trade.

Sarbanes Oxley which has proved to be terribly expensive and ineffective etc etc etc…


Corrupt AARP Health Care Deal Puts Seniors at Risk

CBO: Obama is wrong, cuts in Medicare will result in benefit cuts. The corrupt AARP angle. UPDATED!

9 – Unwilling to cover those with pre-existing conditions – Ahem they way ObamaCare does it creates what is called an “adverse selection spiral” that breaks the risk pools and sends insurance prices skyrocketing and drives carries out of covering certain higher risk areas. See our health care roundup posts for all of the details.  A better way to to handle pre-existing conditions is to have states and the feds create competing high risk insurance pools that are partially subsidized. This would be WAY WAY cheaper and more effective then the current obamacare solution and solve the problem.

10 – Freeze spending? Are you kidding Obama? Deficit spending is 10 times what it was in 2007 (LINK 1, 2). Democrats have increased the base line budgets of most federal agencies by up to 25%. To freeze it would lock in that higher spending in perpetuity. We cant afford that and it is a recipe for disaster. We need to cut back to 2007 or 08 levels.

11 – Oh here we go on the tax cuts – umm under those tax cuts government revenue skyrocketed. The wealthy and productive can just plop their money in a tax deferred account and not move it. Only by incentivising economic activity will the government get more tax revenue from the producer class and the wealthy class. This is why his own deficit commission recommended lowering tax rates and complexity across the board. For more on how progressives do tax cuts and how they REALLY work check out my note here as it is a first good step in understanding what happens when they get their way –

12 -Put legislation online?? We had that promise before and it was shattered regularly – just like putting health care talks on C-Span.


Obama breaks 5 days pledge to place bills online for the public to see

13 – Transparency – wow folks – Saul Alinsky lives on. If you wish to see samples of the Obama record on transparency here it is –

Obama Administration implemented policy to have political appointees review all FOIA requests….

Heritage: Obama Breaks Transparency Promise Yet Again

More on transparency: 

14 – Transition to an Afghan lead, I hope so, but that government is a mess. Is this code speak for pulling the plug and walking? We did that after we helped kicked the Soviets out. We left and let the fledgling Northern Alliance on its own only to get invaded by the Taliban which came from Pakistan in the early 1990’s….. and we all know hat that led to.

15 – START would never have been passed if it were not in a lame duck session. It was another slanted against the United States bad deal. I don’t care if you like Governor Palin or not, but she is right about the START Treaty. She correctly states that it undermines our missile defense which Reagan fought so hard for. This makes it harder for us to defend against rogue states.


Ambassador John Bolton explains why the New START Treaty with Russia is a bad deal for America

Palin to Senate: Vote NO on START

16 – So far it seems like SOTU is a repeat of many of the promises made and broken in 2008 (2).

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