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Wind power isn’t all it is cracked up to be.

Posted by iusbvision on February 17, 2011

In the winter a little ice can…….

Hat Tip Fausta.

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Progressivism Unrestrained: 9 of the top 10 jobless metro areas are in California.

Posted by iusbvision on February 17, 2011

As Governor Rick Perry of Texas has told us, 151 companies left California and moved to Texas in last year alone.

The recent census data shows us that people are voting with their feet. They are leaving progressive states and moving to “right to work” states.

Via Verum Serum:

Nine of the top 10 metro jobless rates in the nation are California, and seven are in California’s Central Valley:

  • El Centro, CA – 29.3% (east of San Diego near border with Mexico)
  • Yuma, AZ – 26.7%
  • Yuba City, CA – 17.8%
  • Merced, CA – 16.3%
  • Stockton, CA – 16.3%
  • Modesto, CA – 16.2%
  • Visalia-Porterville, CA – 15.9%
  • Fresno, CA – 15.7%
  • Palm Coast, FL – 15.5%
  • Hanford – Corcoran, CA – 15.0%

Hat Tip!

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Reason Magazine Reminds Us: Support and Keep an Eye on our Republicans.

Posted by iusbvision on February 17, 2011

Reason Magazine makes a good point. So far so good but we need to stay vigilant. The attacks on Republicans in the elite media are going to be grotesque. The sob stories about small cuts that are labeled draconian will be commonplace.

Support means just that. Send members who work to keep promises checks. Lobbyists don’t contribute much to those who cut spending so they will be paying a lot to the opposition. YOU need to send our members of Congress campaign money starting NOW. The public sector unions are already fund raising. Send five or ten dollars a month to your favorites. Send money to FreedomWorks, YAF, LI, Heritage Foundation etc. Also send money to the RNC. Becoming a member of your local, state and federal party gives you a voice. Make that voice count and it counts a LOT more even if there is a measly $25 dollars behind it.

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Dodge Truck Runs on 100% Water

Posted by iusbvision on February 17, 2011

Using moderate power these gents have found a way to convert water to H H O. H H O pumps H2 and O2 into the engine. This acts like NitrisOxide without the Nitrogen.

The concept is quite simple and the car companies have prototypes of similar systems. These gents have found a cheap, lower power way to do this which is what makes it so special. I just hope that this is not some kind of fraud.

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White House: Stimulus Goals Have Been Met …

Posted by iusbvision on February 17, 2011


Watch the video at Real Clear Politics. – LINK.

Is there any regard for reality in D.C. ?

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IUSB Vision Editor Chuck Norton Featured on Leadership Institute’s Front Page

Posted by iusbvision on February 17, 2011

This is very exciting!

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Bill to allow home-schoolers to participate in school sports advances

Posted by iusbvision on February 17, 2011

Our very good friend Tim Wesco is getting the job done.


FW Journal Gazette:

INDIANAPOLIS – Some home-school students would be eligible to play sports on their local high school teams under a bill that passed 12-1 out of the House Education Committee on Monday.

Rep. Tim Wesco, R-Osceola, said he was approached by parents of home-schoolers in his district whose children want the opportunity to play sports in high school.

“We pay all the same taxes as any other person in the community but are not allowed to play,” he said.

Wesco himself was home-schooled and would have liked to run track but couldn’t.

Rep. Phyllis Pond, R-New Haven, is also a co-author on the bill.

Currently, 21 states allow home-school students to participate in public school sports, including Arizona, Colorado and Florida.

The most famous example is Tim Tebow, Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback in college and now a quarterback in the NFL, who has become a symbol for the movement. He was taught at home by his mother and still led his high school football team to a state title in Florida.


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Carter Vouches for Muslim Brotherhood….

Posted by iusbvision on February 17, 2011

They are in with Hezbollah and Hamas and help control Gaza, but oh no they love freedom and secular Democracy…

…and you can fool some of the people all of the time. This is coming from the president that said the same thing about the Iranian Mullah’s when he helped them come to power in Iran.

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MSNBC host labels Congressman a “Tax Criminal” for sleeping in his office…

Posted by iusbvision on February 17, 2011

See the video HERE.



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Wisconsin Takes on Public Sector Unions – UPDATE: Unions portray governor as Hitler, put him in cross hairs, elite media silent. – UPDATE: Democrat Law Makers Flee State. Govt Union Demands Taxpayer Pay for Their Viagra! UPDATE! More Union Violence Elite Media Ignores! Wisconsin Assembly Passed Reform Bill, Dems Throw Tantrums! **Continually Updated! **Union Thugs attack Fox News reporter “There is hate in their eyes…..” ** Far left protester makes bomb threat against Wisconsin Governor

Posted by iusbvision on February 17, 2011

**Final Update On Wisconsin – See our Wisconsin/Indiana aftermath post HERE – Democrats lose. It is over. The elite media is having a hissy fit and is spinning it hard. So for a while it is “get Gov. Walker time”. 22 States and the federal government have stronger restrictions on government unions than Wisconsin and many others like Indiana have similar rules. The sky didn’t fall and it all worked out. Be sure to carefully look at this thread and not pass it over as there is a great amount of valuable information here. Firefox browser seems to work best.

Wisconsin Democrat  Gordon Hintz to Female Republican Michelle Litjens After Budget Vote: “You Are F*cking Dead!”

Via 620 WTMJ RadioDaily Caller has more details and video – LINK.

Fox News interviews Rep. Litjens, elite media mum on leftist/union threats and violence:

Laura Ingraham interviews Rep. Litjens:

Before you examine how this story unfolded below day by day let us examine just a small sample of the overt violence, thuggery, and racism of the union and far left organizations. Where is the elite media on any of this?


Special Update President organizing union agitation in Wisconsin and other states with GOP Governors – politico.comWash Post.

Obama organizing protests in Indiana too – LINK

Two-Thirds of Wisconsin Public-School 8th Graders Can’t Read Proficiently—Despite Highest Per Pupil Spending in Midwest LINK

More updates below!

MUST SEE VIDEO – Chris Christie Blasts Union Leadership with Dire Truth:  Democrats promised union benefits no one could hope to pay for: 

It is time to talk to the American People like adults, they are smart and can handle it, it is time to lead and tell the truth: 

Union Busting!! Sounds so horrible doesn’t it? It does until you consider that public sector unions have over reached and used their political influence to get Cadillac benefits, large yearly raises and golden parachute like retirements that make one wonder why anyone would ever work in the private sector. Of course you and your children will have to pay for it all. Businesses get sick of carrying the economic burden and census figures show that people and wealth are voting with their feet and going to states that have more fiscal restraint.

Why is it that government is constantly asking us to sacrifice more and more while they are often completely unwilling to share in that sacrifice? States are going broke. The day of reckoning has come and we simply cannot afford public sector union over reach and the political corruption that comes along with it any longer.

Associated Press:

MADISON, Wis. – Protesters clogged the hallways of the Wisconsin state Capitol on Thursday as the Senate prepared to pass a momentous bill that would strip government workers, including school teachers, of nearly all collective bargaining rights.

The nation’s most aggressive anti-union proposal has been speeding through the Legislature since Republican Gov. Scott Walker introduced it a week ago. After clearing a major legislative hurdle Wednesday night, it was headed to votes in the Senate and Assembly.

Hundreds of protesters massed outside the Senate chamber on the second floor of the Capitol early Thursday, hours before the planned vote. Republican leaders said it has the votes to pass in both the Senate and Assembly.

The bill marks a dramatic shift for Wisconsin, which passed a comprehensive collective bargaining law in 1959 and was the birthplace of the national union representing all non-federal public employees.

Thousands of protesters, including children and teachers from more than two dozen schools forced to close due to high absences, were expected in and outside the Capitol for a third day of protests. Schools in Madison, the state’s second largest district with 2,600-union covered employees, closed for a second day.
Hundreds of people, many of them students from the nearby University of Wisconsin campus, slept in the rotunda for a second night leading up to the vote.

They chanted “Kill the bill!” and “Recall Walker!” early on Thursday. But there appeared to be little doubt the bill would pass.

The head of the 98,000-member statewide teachers union called on all Wisconsin residents to come to the Capitol on Thursday for the votes in the Senate and Assembly.

“Our goal is not to close schools, but to instead to remain vigilant in our efforts to be heard,” said Wisconsin Education Association Council President Mary Bell.

The Legislature’s budget committee passed the bill on a partisan vote just before midnight. Several opponents in the crowd broke into tears as Democrats on the committee encouraged them not to give up the fight.

“I’m sad. Scared. Disappointed,” said Kelly Dzurick, a 31-year-old fifth-grade teacher in Elkhorn, who came to the Capitol on Wednesday night. “Nobody’s listening to what people say.”

Democrats have been powerless to stop the bill.

“The story around the world is the rush to democracy,” said Sen. Bob Jauch, (D-Poplar). “The story in Wisconsin is the end of the democratic process.”

No Sen. Jauch, you got voted out of office, that is democracy in action.

Wisconsin is a liberal state by a big margin and yet the people elected Republican majorities who promised to take this very action. This shows that most Americans who tend to vote Democratic do not like being ripped off and stuck with the bill. The people are asserting themselves.

UPDATE – Check out the video with the violent union incitement HERE.

UPDATE II – More :

UPDATE III – Democrats are fleeing the state to prevent a vote on the budget cuts and public sector reforms – LINK.

More Video:

Teachers illegally bring students to protest – 

UPDATE IV – When the location of the resort in Illinois that Democrats legislators were hiding at was leaked they got in their cars and booked, but not before a Tea Party activist hunted them down with camera in hand (via Big Government): 

UPDATE V – WSJ – It is about power – LINK.


Commentary Via Ed Morrissey:

Suzanne Malveaux of CNN asks one question too many from a union activist in Madison, Wisconsin earlier today. Nancy Reisch insists that all she wants is to have Governor Scott Walker to “come to the table” to discuss a proposal that has been debated for months during the last election campaign. Malveaux asks whether the union would accept a deal that changed the contributions without affecting the public-union reforms in the bill, and Reisch says she would, but that Walker “will not come to the table.” However, when Malveaux asks Reisch what she thinks about Democrats running away from the table and out of the state, Reisch suddenly develops a hearing disorder (via Greg Hengler).

Of course they won’t come to the table. This is not about the kids and they are not there for them. See the talking points section as to why. This is not about not having a voice. Governor Walker’s modest proposal does not take away collective bargaining, it leaves it intact for wages and other areas, it simply restricts it on the contributions for benefits. The union says it will pay the modest contributions for their gold plated benefits and retirement plans for now, but the union wants to reverse those concessions at the next round of collective bargaining and make no mistake, that is exactly what they will do. The Governor and the Republicans say no way and right they should. Collective bargaining and negotiations should not always mean that cowed politicians give the Unions anything they want at the expense of the taxpayer. A taxpayer who makes less money and has to pay much more for far less impressive benefit plans. Sometimes negotiation means you have to give up things just like everyone else has had to.

UPDATE VII – Video: Wisconsin Gov. Walker to Obama…  LINK

UPDATE VIIIDaily Caller has the details of the Wisconsin Governor’s reform proposal. It really is quite modest.

UPDATE IX – More vitriol and Marxist hate mongering in Wisconsin via Ann Althouse. These people have unfiltered access to your kids folks:

UPDATE X – Average Milwaukee School teacher makes 100k in pay combined with benefits. Gold plated benefits yes, gold plated performance… well not so much:

UPDATE XI – Speaker Of the House Blasts Obama’s Greece Style Incitement. Speaker Boehner:

“The President of the United States has a unique opportunity and responsibility to lead this nation. President Obama has acknowledged the challenges we face, but – thus far – he has done nothing to offer solutions. Now, worse, his political organization is colluding with special-interest allies across the country to demagogue reform-minded governors who are making the tough choices that the President is avoiding.

“This is not the way to begin an ‘adult conversation’ about solutions to the big challenges facing our country. Rather than inciting protests against those who speak honestly about the challenges we face, the President and his advisers should lead.

“When the American people watched the people of Greece take to the streets to protest cuts to unsustainable government programs, they worried it might foreshadow events in our nation’s distant future – but today, we see the same sort of protests on the streets of Madison, fueled by President Obama’s own political machine.

“Rather than trying to ‘win the future,’ the President’s political allies are trying, desperately, to cling to a failed past by fighting reforms our nation needs to liberate our economy from the shackles of debt and create a better future for our children and grandchildren. The President should make it clear to his friends that the people of Wisconsin, and states across America, can handle their own affairs without Washington special-interest money and meddling.

UPDATE XII – Teacher Union Thug Violence in Idaho via Idaho Press Tribune

The pick-up truck belonging to Idaho Department of Education Superintendent Tom Luna was vandalized overnight outside his Nampa home. The superintendent and his family have been targets of threats as a reaction to Luna’s education reform plan. Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2011

UPDATE XIII – Threats – White House OfA organizer calls on SEIU/Teachers to “Bloody” the Tea Party:

Click to Enlarge

UPDATE XIV – Communist and Socialists Orgs All Over Wisconsin Union Protests calling for revolution:

UPDATE XV – Governor Walker makes the case. Its either modest contributions or mass layoffs: 

UPDATE XVI – Democrats may hide for weeks, shut down government: 

UPDATE XVII – Greta: Democrats Encouraging Anarchy – 

UPDATE XVIII – Bill O’Reilly –

UPDATE XIX – Phone Calls to State Senate 10-1 in Support of Governor Walker: Citizens are begging for parity –

UPDATE XXDo you want these loons teaching YOUR kids?

UPDATE XXI – Krauthammer: Debt bringing us to a cliff. Obama fighting for status quo – []

UPDATE XXIIMichelle Malkin – SEIU making its own employees pay more for benefits.

UPDATE XXIII – Gov . Walker – If Dems don’t come back soon funding to their staff will be cut off – LINK.

UPDATE XXIV – Michele Bachmann weighs in on Wisconsin teacher sickout strike: ‘It’s a dereliction of duty’. Republican’s homes under siege. Police blocking streets of Republican Lawmakers 

UPDATE XXV – Neil Boortz: You have seen the ugly face of government unions that are bankrupting states. They have declared war on the tax payer. Union demands taxpayer pay for their viagra:

*******Saturday Feb 19, 2011 – The Tea Party Answers Back! LINK *******

UPDATE  I – IBD’s Rimerez makes a cartoon:

UPDATE IIPalin Speaks:

Here we are still struggling to get out of a deep recession and coping with high unemployment, record deficits, rapidly rising food prices, and a host of other economic problems; and Wisconsin union bosses want union members out in the streets demanding that taxpayers foot the bill for unsustainable benefits packages. I am a friend to hard working union members and to teachers. I come from a family of teachers; my grandparents, parents, brother, sister, aunt, and other relatives worked, or still work, in education. My own children attend public schools. I greatly admire good teachers and will always speak up in defense of the teaching profession. But Wisconsin teacher unions do themselves no favor by closing down classrooms and abandoning children’s needs in protest against the sort of belt-tightening that people everywhere are going through. Union brothers and sisters: this is the wrong fight at the wrong time. Solidarity doesn’t mean making Wisconsin taxpayers pay for benefits that are not sustainable and affordable at a time when many of these taxpayers struggle to hold on to their own jobs and homes. Real solidarity means everyone being willing to sacrifice and carry our share of the burden. It does no one any favors to dismiss the sacrifices others have already had to make—in wage cuts, unpaid vacations, and even job losses—to weather our economic storm.

Hard working, patriotic, and selfless union brothers and sisters: please don’t be taken in by the union bosses. At the end of the day, they’re not fighting for your pension or health care plan or even for the sustainability of Wisconsin’s education budget. They’re fighting to protect their own powerful privileges and their own political clout. The agenda for too many union bosses is a big government agenda that only serves the union bosses themselves – not union members, not union families, and certainly not the larger community. Everybody else is just there to foot the bill; and if that bill eventually takes the form of thousands of teachers and other public sector workers losing their jobs because the state of Wisconsin can no longer afford to keep them on the payroll, that’s a risk the union bosses are willing to take as long as their positions are secure. Union brothers and sisters: you are better than this and you deserve better. Don’t be led astray.

UPDATE III – Presidential Candidate Herman Cain in Madison! If you haven’t seen Cain in action before you are in for a treat:

UPDATE IV – Media Mogul Andrew Breitbart in Madison – This is the battle of our time! :  

UPDATE V – Geraldo: Doctors handing out fake sick notes to teachers at protest: 

UPDATE VI – How The World Works: Wisconsin shows why FDR opposed government unions:

UPDATE VII -Bill O’Reilly Coverage of Wisconsin Debt Crisis: 

UPDATE VIII – Obama said that “We all must sacrifice” obviously he meant “all those who don’t grease Democrats with donations” to get gold plated benefits they don’t pay for.

*****Sunday Feb. 20, 2011 *****

UPDATE I – On my way home today I heard a radio news report that the highest paid city employee in Madison, WI. is a bus driver that makes $159,000 a year!

UPDATE II – Gregory Hilton on what can be done:

The National Battle Has Begun: Labor Approves an Emergency $30 Million Lobbying Budget.

The situation in Wisconsin is at an impasse because 14 Democratic State Senators are hiding out in Illinois. There are 19 Republican Senators, but 20 are needed (three fifths) to establish a quorum. Among the options being discussed are:

  1. Eliminate direct deposit of a Senators compensation, and require them to pick up their paychecks personally from the Secretary of State.
  2. Suspend absent employees without pay, and take appropriate disciplinary action for their dereliction of duty.
  3. Cutting off pay to the staff of lawmakers who refuse to return to work. Their offices could also be locked.
  4. The three-fifths requirement is for fiscal bills. For non-fiscal bills the necessary quorum is one-half, which the Republicans already have. They could introduce a stand-alone union reform bill which would not be tied to the Governor’s budget reform proposal.
  5. A recall campaign has already been launched against State Senator Jim Holperin (D) who was elected in 2008 with  51% of the vote. They need to obtain 25,000 signatures, and the goal is to get Holperin to come back to Wisconsin.
  6. Many believe unions are paying the Chicago hotel bills for the absent State Senators. It should be determined if this constitutes an illegal gratuity or contribution.
  7. If Walker’s collective bargaining reforms are rejected then massive lay-offs of state employees has to begin.

UPDATE III – SEIU/White House protest schedule –

Indiana Rally

Time: 9 A.M.

Location: Indiana State Capitol

Address: 302 W Washington St – Indianapolis, IN

UPDATE IV – Presidential Candidate Herman Cain: President Obama could learn from Governor Walker – LINK.

UPDATE V – Gov. Walker to Chris Wallace: I Won’t Back Down

UPDATE VI – Tea Party Member Talks Protest in Wisconsin: 

UPDATE VIIHeritage Foundation Takes on Government Union Talking Points (read lies) 

UPDATE VIIIObama: We will paint the country in SEIU purple

UPDATE IXMore Teacher Union Threats and Violence – 

UPDATE X – Michael Savage Argues with Wisconsin Teacher: 


UPDATE  Teacher Union Hate Signs Pictorial (where are the lectures about civility now)

*****Monday Feb 21, 2011*****

UPDATE I – More communists at rally. Union protesters engage in “substance fueled” rave: 


UPDATE III – Steven Crowder: What if Parents Acted Like Teacher Unions? What About Union Thuggery? Rich Unions are Organized Against the Taxpayer:

UPDATE IV – FDR on public sector unions – LINK.

UPDATE V – Michelle Malkin: Teacher union sick out will cost take payers at least $6 million! (As if demanding that you pay for their Viagra wasn’t enough) – LINK.

UPDATE VI Leftist Twitter users wish death on Gov. Walker

UPDATE VII – Republican State Senator Glenn Grothman smacks down “completely misinformed” Chris Mathews.

CBS News also blew this one. They just took the union talking point and ran with it without checking (Via the Media Research Center)

WRAGGE: You say this is a modest request. Now some state workers have been hit harder than others. Your teachers union, which votes Democratic under normal circumstances, hit very hard. Yet your police, state trooper, firemen unions, who all supported and endorsed you, did not get touched in any of this. Why is that?

WALKER: Well, Chris – Chris that actually is not true. There are 314 fire and police unions in the state. Four of them endorsed me. All the rest endorsed my opponent.

Even the left leaning and often wrong Politifact got this one mostly right. One could have also found the information on the union web sites, but I guess this talking point was too good to check even by just using an internet search engine. The media research Center at the link above has a list of links they were able to find within minutes.

UPDATE VIIIHerman Cain on Cavuto: “What part of we are broke don’t they understand?”

UPDATE IX – Presidential candidate Herman Cain all over Wisconsin. Where is Mit Romney? Great video.

UPDATE X – AWOL Wisconsin Democrat Speaks Out. State Sen. Lena Taylor.

This video is a great reminder that politicians LIE. See how she says that they are losing their right to bargain on work conditions and goes on about saving lives. The Governor has made his position clear. You can collectively bargain on everything BUT your contributions to their gold plated benefit packages. The concessions they made now mean nothing because the union will have those concessions reversed when their contract runs out and they go back to negotiate and if they don’t get them reversed they will go on strike. States have seen this movie before. When one leaves out such crucial details it is the same thing as lying. Isn’t that what you tell your children? 

UPDATE XI Gov. Kasich of Ohio Speaks Out:

UPDATE XII – Daily Caller: Wisconsin  teachers on TV being deceptive about what they make – LINK.

UPDATE XIIIBrit Hume on the AP lying about Governor Walker’s reform proposal

UPDATE XIV – Far Left Losing PR Battle in Wisconsin. New York Times Lying About It.

*****Tuesday Feb. 22, 2011*****

UPDATE I – Griff Jenkins at Fox News Confronts Doctors Handing Out Fake Work Excuses: 

UPDATE II – Wisconsin ends direct deposit for statehouse employees. Must pick up checks in person – LINK.

UPDATE III Unions put misleading emotional ads on TV to sway public. Tammy Bruce debates leftist who says “Gov. Walker Doesn’t Care About People”.

Sorry Tammy, luv ya, but when the leftist said that Walker wants to take away their rights you should have smacked her down with the facts. Walker only wants to take off the table from collective bargaining the ability to reverse the concessions at the end of the next contract, which is exactly what the unions will do. We have seen this movie before. When unions use their money to control politicians who have an interest in giving them gold plated pay and benefits for kickbacks, who is negotiating for the taxpayer? This is why FDR opposed government unions.

The leftist misrepresented the facts, made emotional appeals and personal attacks. The left knows full well that they cannot win the argument on the merits, but hey you conservative pundits out there, you need to know what their talking points will be and be ready to nuke them. Tammy just was not as prepared as she should have been.

UPDATE IVMUST READ – James Turanto: The Means of Coercion – The Privileged Are Revolting:

Collective bargaining in the public sector thus is less a negotiation than a conspiracy to steal money from taxpayers. The notion that this is “in the economic interests of the middle class” for government employees in Wisconsin and elsewhere to get above-market wages and extremely lavish benefits is just laughable. Sure, government employees are “middle class,” but so are the vast majority of taxpayers who don’t enjoy the special privileges that come from owning the means of coercion.

UPDATE V Shocking Level of Influence: Trumka Talks to White House EVERY DAY and Visits a Couple Times A Week…

UPDATE VI – Govt. Unions to Ohio taxpayers-F#*k you, Racists! These are your public school teachers folks.

UPDATE VII – MacIver: Parents getting sick of the sickout – LINK.

UPDATE VIIIGovernor Walker’s first “Fireside Chat” to Wisconsin


*****Wednesday Feb 23, 2011 – Democrats Flee Indiana*****

Indiana is not Wisconsin. Indiana is much more conservative/traditional than Wisconsin. Hoosier Democrats are taking a huge gamble to put it mildly. Mitch Daniels said that this is not the year for a full blown right to work legislation debate. While some may disagree on principal, he is right about the politics of it. It would be better to debate this after ’12.

UPDATE I – Indiana Legislator’s featured on Greta:

Of course “Right to Work” legislation makes mandatory union membership illegal as a condition of employment and 22 states already have such legislation. There is an argument to be made that such legislation forces unions to be responsive to and earn the respect of the rank and file.

I have several union members in my family. One is in the Communication Workers of America (CWA). When CWA went on strike against Ameritech the union claimed it had no money for striker pay. That year the same union gave tens of millions of dollars to billionaire Presidential Candidate John Kerry. CWA union stewards have repeatedly been caught abusing their positions and taking paid time off for non union activities.

If you are a known Republican and a member of a union in many cases you can forget about any union help at all. In fact the union will often help administrators in getting rid of you. This happened to me when I was in the Teamsters.

UPDATE IIMust See Video – Bill Whittle: Public Sector Unions Can’t Stop Devouring Taxpayer Money. VodkaPundit: “Rights” and “collective”  go together like “Lohan” and “MENSA”. 

UPDATE III – Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch: If Democrats fail to come back to work and pass reforms by Friday mass layoffs of government union employees will result.

Democrats will say that this is a lie because the unions have made the contribution concession, but what they don’t tell you is that, as it has been in other cases, when the next round of collective bargaining comes they will insist on having the concessions reversed or  they will strike.  We have seen this movie before.

UPDATE IV – Ed Morrissey: The real threat to democracy in Wisconsin –  LINK. This is a really good intellectual take down and is a must read, especially page two!

UPDATE V – Great interview with Governor Walker via the Heritage Foundation. He addresses the collective bargaining issues directly: 

*****Thursday Feb 24, 2011 – Gov.  Daniels Speaks & Unions Get More Violent*****

UPDATE I –  Mitch Lays Down the Law:

The Democrats will need a re-branding effort because this action is about as undemocratic as behavior can be.

If we have to we will have special sessions from now till new years we will hold them and we will send the bill to (former) Speaker Bauer and the Democratic Party of Indiana.

UPDATE II –  Gov. Daniels with Neil Cavuto: Every year they (Democrats) spend money they don’t have – We did what Wisconsin did back on 2005 [Note and the unions aren’t destroyed and all is well].

Note – The Indiana Republicans have taken the “Right to Work” legislation off the table. Democrats are still not coming back because they don’t want education reform. Here is the rub, if schools start to improve there will be no excuse to pump more money into failing schools and the Teachers Union. If Charter Schools do better or if a voucher program works, it will be good for the kids but bad for the union, hence the Democrats don’t want to come home.

UPDATE III – Union Thug Attacks Tabitha Hale

Tabitha Hale is tiny and only about five feet tall. Fortunately she was not seriously injured. Notice he is wearing a Communications Workers of America sign (see our CWA comments above).

Hale said after:

It’s one thing to be called a violent teabagger. It’s another to be called a violent teabagger while you’re being assaulted. They’ve been comparing themselves to the Egyptians ousting Mubarak. Looks like they’re not too far off, given that they share the tendency to assault women with cameras.

Tabitha Hale

Tabitha Hale

Same Protest at FreedomWorks: Union Thugs on “Bad Jews”

UPDATE IVMore Union Thuggery

UPDATE V – Union Thugs Attack in R.I. – Associated Press Fails to Report Thuggery (Special Thanks to Michelle Malkin) –

The attack happens at 7:35 in the video, but the mindless class warfare rhetoric is worth watching.

UPDATE VIMore Union Thuggery (Warning Vile Language) – 

UPDATE VIISEIU and Teacher Union thugs try to intimidate black man, “Do You Have Any Children That You Claim?” as if all black men impregnate women and don’t claim them so the mother can go on welfare.

These people are teaching YOUR children folks. You can bet this won’t be on the evening news.

UPDATE VIII – Dr. Victor Davis Hanson on Wisconsin: The Rise of the Adolescent Mind – LINK.

UPDATE IX Elite Media Double Standard on “Civility” – 

UPDATE X – Herman Cain: Merely taking a position is NOT leadership – LINK.

UPDATE XI Indiana Democrats May be in Violation of New Lobbying LawLINK. If union money is being used to help pay the bills for Democrats it could mean trouble.

UPDATE XII More Union Violence:

In yet another shocking example of union violence, congressional candidate Marty Lamb is seen on video being thrown to the ground by another “free speech-loving” union tough-guy.  This video was shot at the duel Pro-Walker/Pro-Union Rally at the Massachusetts State Capitol Building on Beacon Hill in Boston, Tuesday- LINK.

*******Friday Feb 25, 2011 Wisconsin Assembly Passes Reform Bill. Dems Throw Tantrums.*********

Wow what a parochial display.

UPDATE II – Karl Rove on Wisconsin’s Budget Mess – LINK.

******Saturday Feb 26, 2011******

UPDATE I – Kevin Jackson from THE BLACK SPHERE educates an Obama Youth Member.

Kevin Jackson is brilliant. Trust me lefties you do NOT want to get in the “Democrats help blacks” convo with him or he will take you to school just like he did this poor sap:

UPDATE IIUnion protester: Gov. Christie is just like mass murderer Ghadaffi –


UPDATE IV – AFL-CIO Union Chief: The Best Way To Create Jobs is to Raise TaxesLINK. This is from the same man who said that government should take over all private business, who speaks in front of communist revolutionary groups, and has a long history of violence. Trumka talks to the White House every day and visits twice a week – LINK.

UPDATE V – Wisconsin union protesters disrespect WI Veterans Memorial: 

UPDATE VI – Gov. Rick Perry of Texas comments: 


Shortly after the this video of the union thug screaming “fascist” he attacked a Tea Party protester, pushed him by the throat, hit him with his bullhorn injuring his hand and was sited for assault by police shortly after.

Via Chuck DeVore:

I spoke to Stanhope, as he drove to the hospital for x-rays and treatment for the injuries sustained at the rally, and asked him what happened.  Mr. Stanhope said that he was with a group of about 150 Tea Party activists across the street from the union rally.  A union man with a bullhorn, Richard Andazola, 28, was yelling across the street at the Tea Party activists, calling them “fascists.”

Then one of the Tea Party activists, also bullhorn equipped, replied, “We pay your salary!” This enraged Andazola, who, according to Stanhope, rushed the Tea Partiers, chanting “Fascists go home! Fascists go home!”  He violently shoved Stanhope twice, the second time apparently striking Stanhope in the throat.

Notice the union protester’s Teamster jacket is clearly visible.  The jacket identifies Teamsters Local 439, Stockton.

We will be posting more footage and further coverage once it becomes available. Stay tuned for an in-depth write up from an eyewitness on the scene.

UPDATE VIII – TV Ad supporting Gov. Walker

UPDATE IX – Democrats passed rules on federal government unions that are far more restrictive than what Wisconsin is proposing:

UPDATE X – Rasmussen Poll: 67% Disapprove of Democrat Legislators Fleeing Wisconsin to Avoid VoteLINK.

******Sunday Feb 27, 2011******


UPDATE I – Wisconsin Union Thug Assaults Fox Reporter During Live Shot!

Daily Caller:

“One thing I think should make clear – the people coming after us from every live shot here,these people hate,” Tobin said. “These are people who don’t respect diverse viewpoints. In fact, they’re so afraid I’ll present a diverse viewpoint, that’s why they try to heckle me and shut down every live shot. They’ve made it clear, that what they want to make it harder for me to do my job. They are proud of that when they disrupt a live shot, when they really trample over the First Amendment rights or the First Amendment’s obligations of a reporter. Now, I am not saying that’s all of the people. Those are the people that come here and heckle and try to disrupt things. I look in their eyes – there is hate in their eyes. They don’t want to hear any kind of viewpoint that is different from their own. That’s why they do what they do.” [Emphasis by the Daily Caller]

And no, your eyes weren’t fooling you. That was a man holding a purple SEIU sign behind Tobin.

UPDATE II – Union Thug to Fox Reporter, “I’m Going To Break His Neck”

UPDATE III –  At what point did collective bargaining combined with the political fix become a form of price-fixing that should run afoul of anti-trust laws?

More updates coming soon.

***** Thursday March 3, 2011 Wisconsin missing Dems fined $100 per day – Indiana Dems fined $250 per day. Dems also face bill for state expenses*****

UPDATE I – Indiana Newspapers Turn Against Democrat “Fleebaggers”   – INDY STAR and three other Indiana papers put out editorials like THIS:

It becomes harder by the day to take Indiana House Democrats seriously.

First, they went on strike to protest legislation they didn’t like — the so-called right-to-work bill. Then they fled the state, holing up in an Urbana, Ill., hotel, where they continue to draw paychecks courtesy of Indiana taxpayers but do no real work.

And now, after Republicans gave in and agreed to pull the right-to- work legislation from the agenda, House Minority Leader Pat Bauer and his caucus have demanded that as many as 10 other bills be killed. Their demands are so absurd that they even included one bill that the General Assembly already has approved and sent to Gov. Mitch Daniels for his signature.

What’s next? Asking Daniels to personally deliver room service?

Whatever arguments House Democrats had going for them, principally that Republicans had sprung the right-to-work legislation on Hoosiers by surprise, they’ve now squandered.

No matter how much they dislike charter school legislation, or the school voucher bill, or merit pay for teachers, Democrats can’t honestly claim that Indiana voters didn’t have the opportunity to weigh those issues before the November elections. The governor and Republican leaders in the General Assembly made clear the planks of their education reform platform well ahead of Election Day.

Voters rewarded the GOP with a landslide victory that included a supermajority in the state Senate and 60 seats in the House. Bauer, who decried the reform efforts, was resoundingly dumped as Speaker.

Now, after having been swept into a distinct minority in the Statehouse, those Democrats who remain in office are trying to block through childish antics what they couldn’t win through democratic action.


UPDATE II – Daily Caller: Tea Party Activists Everywhere Send in Tips – Wisconsin Legislators Constantly on Run and Cannot HideLINK

UPDATE IIICNN: Ohio Union reform Bill PassesLINK.

UPDATE IV – Union Activist: Abolish capitalism, bring back Soviet style global socialism, take property, revolution now!

Oh yes, this is too good to miss –

UPDATE V – ROFL: Unions place ad on Craigslist for paid protesters at $7.50 an hour no benny’s

Via Capitol & Washington:

UPDATE VIIf unions hate the Kock Brothers so bad, why does the Wisconsin Union own $5.5 million in Koch stock?LINK.

UPDATE VII – Government Unions Gone Wild (warning violence and adult language):

UPDATE VIIIVideo: Gov. Rick Perry and Speaker John Boehner go “On The Record” – LINK.

*****Friday March 4, 2011*****

UPDATE I – Governor Daniels Scolds Democrats For Walkout – LINK.

UPDATE II – Leftist Protester Makes Bomb Threat Against Governor Walker

Gateway Pundit:

Patrick J. Knauf

Far Left protester Patrick J. Knauf, 43, of Eau Claire was arrested on Wednesday for the violation of making a bomb scare under state statute 947.015. On Wednesday a bomb threat was made at an aviation business in Eau Claire just hours after Governor Scott Walker spoke there. Police brought in a man who was protesting this week against the Republican governor.

UPDATE III –  Government Union Collective Bargaining 101

What FDR understood and what the left does not want you to figure out is that “The Man” is the taxpayer because with Democrats in charge government unions are essentially negotiating with themselves, it is not adversarial at all, and the politicians are not negotiating to preserve their own money, they are negotiating (wink wink, nod nod) with YOUR money.

UPDATE IV – 71% Believe Government Workers Get Better Pensions Than Those In Private SectorLINK.

UPDATE V – NPR and PBS execs make more than the President! They are funded by taxpayers! – LINK.

UPDATE VI – Gov. Kasich on Buckeye State Budget Battle:

UPDATE VIIIndianapolis School Board gives failed superintendent $1 million retirement. District has a 30.5% graduation rate. – LINK.

UPDATE VIII O’Reilly: New York Times publishing bogus polls about unions and lying about the budget crisis

*****Sunday March 6, 2011 – Are Wisconsin Teachers Overpaid??*****

Watch this video and you tell me:


UPDATE I – Right to Work on Fox Business: Mark Mix Discusses Ohio, Wisconsin, and Public Sector Unions

UPDATE II – Unions trashed the Wisconsin capitol. They even wrote on the marble with sharpy’s. One estimate said the cost would be $7 million. Tea Party activists went to help clean up today. The same thing happened at the inauguration, the grounds were trashed, the same thing happened to the mall at the John Stewart “liberal rally”, the Mall was trashed. The grounds after the biggest event in DC history, the Glenn Beck rally, the grounds were virtually spotless. The Rush Limbaugh event “Dan’s Bake Sale” (don’t let the name fool you it was a huge event) in Fort Collins was left clean.

*****Monday March 7, 2011 Wisconsin May be over. Gov Walker has extended press conference to “Set the Record Straight”*****

Democrat leadership says that the Republicans aren’t willing to negotiate. Gov. Walker calls this out as a straight up lie and is going to release all of his communications with the Democrat leadership to prove it.  Walker says that he is being jerked around by the Dem Leadership and is now negotiating with some senators individually. In either case, some Democrats are telling the media that this standoff will be over by Wednesday.

UPDATE I – Union thug to cameraman: I will break your freaking neck!

The man is wearing a jacket with the Teamsters Union logo:  

UPDATE IIO’Reilly: Unions paying their leadership outrageous salaries, give millions to politicians… (and they underfund their retirement obligations).

UPDATE III – AOL News Op-Ed: Elite Media Whitewashing Wisconsin’s Protests – LINK.

*****Wednesday March 9, 2011 White House Behind Wisconsin Recall Effort*****

Via Real Clear PoliticsLINK.  Have we ever seen a White House take direct action to have local elected officials recalled? Is this change we can believe in?

Talking Points:

1 – How many of you pay at least 12% or your health insurance? At least 5% of your retirement? Most of you pay more and this is what Governor Walker is asking the public sector union to do.  And at 12% donation they are still paying $100 a month less than the average Wisconsin worker for the gold plated benefits they get.

2 – The unions have made it clear that the state should raise taxes and go into more debt to make you pay for their gold plated benefits and fat yearly raises. The reason that the state is moving to limit the bargaining on the benefits is because the union is willing to take a temporary increase in partly paying for their benefits for now, but will negotiate all of it back next year and they expect you, who are suffering in this recession, to pay for it. The state cannot afford that and neither can the people.

3 – The public sector unions are trying to thwart the will of the people as expressed in the last election. The Wisconsin Republicans ran on getting this problem under control. Wisconsin has a shortfall of $4 billion dollars that they have to make up.

4 – Now the public sector union is waging an illegal strike and in some cases are illegally bringing students with them. The kids are missing school. The kids are paying the price so the union can politic on your dime as they are using paid sick days to do it.

5 – It would be one thing if the government union was giving you a superior product and service, but well all know that public schools do not offer a superior result and the union resists most efforts at reform. So instead of working to merit getting more of your money willingly, they want to politic to force government to take it from you.

6 – The Democrats have walked out and fled the state so they do not have to vote and the police cannot bring them back. Every one of these office holders has taken an oath to faithfully execute their office; instead they are kicking it fat at a resort in Illinois. I wonder who is going to be paying that bill? You don’t defend democracy by running away from it. Now Democrats have fled that resort because they got caught.

7 – Did Wisconsin try to pass these things with bribes or in a lame duck session at Christmas while no one was looking? We now know this is pure astroturf. The White House is organizing these protests and the shutdown of Wisconsin schools. When Obama introduced his latest budget busting and taxing budget he said that “We need to start living within our means”.

8 – If the public sector unions were poorly paid the elite media would have what they are paid all over the place. Instead they are silent on it.  The public sector union employees including the teachers union receive an average pay of $89,000 a year (some numbers show average $77,000) … and they are comparing the very modest proposals to get them to pay just a small portion of their benefits and retirement to Egypt.

9  – SEIU is making its own employees pay more for their benefits  – LINK.

10 – Health costs for public employees have doubled in just the last few years. The cost of their gold plated health and retirement benefits is 46% of their compensation. That is why the union cannot be allowed to reverse the modest concessions in the collective bargaining process.

11 – Some of the local and elite media are not showing quite as much of the the usual dishonest zeal in their bias on this issue. Could it be because most journalists do not make nearly as much as a Wisconsin government union teacher or bus driver? Could it be that those same journalists are paying MUCH more of their pay for benefits that aren’t nearly as good?

12 – On the media; why are they not pointing out that these union crowds and minimum wage hired protesters are almost exclusively white? If that is relevant for some of the the Tea Party gatherings why isn’t that relevant here? If a LaRouche Democrat bringing a Nazi sign to a tea Party event is not welcome why is that national news as if all Tea Party people even like LaRouche (which they don’t)? But here we are with Nazi characterizations and cross hairs, threats and such the elite media has nothing to say?

13 – Remember this is not about not having a voice which is the primary lie that the govt. unions are pushing. Governor Walker’s modest proposal does not take away collective bargaining, it leaves it intact for wages and other areas, it simply restricts it on the contributions for benefits. The union says it will pay the modest contributions for their gold plated benefits and retirement plans for now, but the union wants to reverse those concessions at the next round of collective bargaining and make no mistake, that is exactly what they will do. The Governor and the Republicans say no way and right they should. Collective bargaining and negotiations should not always mean that cowed politicians give the govt. unions anything they want at the expense of the taxpayer. A taxpayer who makes less money and has to pay much more for far less impressive benefit plans. Sometimes negotiation means you have to give up things just like everyone else has had to.

14 – A similar lie the left is pushing is that Gov. Walker wants to take away their guarantees for working conditions. This is pure BS. Most all working conditions are set in state law and are no longer negotiated. The limits on negotiation in Gov. Walker’s  proposal only go so far as keeping the government unions from reversing the concessions on the gold plated benefits at the next round of collective bargaining, which rest assured they will do.

15 – Two-Thirds of Wisconsin Public-School 8th Graders Can’t Read Proficiently—Despite the Highest Per Pupil Spending in Midwest LINK

16 – Right to Work Legislation –

Of course “Right to Work” legislation makes mandatory union membership illegal as a condition of employment and 22 states already have such legislation. There is an argument to be made that such legislation forces unions to be responsive to and earn the respect of the rank and file.

I have several union members in my family. One is in the Communication Workers of America (CWA). When CWA went on strike against Ameritech the union claimed it had no money for striker pay. That year the same union gave tens of millions of dollars to billionaire Presidential Candidate John Kerry. CWA union stewards have repeatedly been caught abusing their positions and taking paid time off for non union activities.

If you are a known Republican and a member of a union in many cases you can forget about any union help at all. In fact the union will often help administrators in getting rid of you. This happened to me when I was in the Teamsters.

17 – Indiana passed these reforms in 2005. All was well and the world didn’t burn.

18 – Democrats passed rules on federal government unions that are far more restrictive to what Wisconsin is proposing – LINK.

19 – At what point did collective bargaining combined with the political fix become a form of price-fixing that should run afoul of anti-trust laws?

SPECIAL UPDATE – Top 100 state government employees in Illinois have nearly  ONE BILLION DOLLARS in taxpayer funded pensions just for them!!!!LINK.


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New Documents: The ACLU’s Stalinist Heritage

Posted by iusbvision on February 17, 2011

Via the Daily Caller:

Noted author Paul Kengor has unearthed declassified letters and other documents in the Soviet Comintern archives linking early leaders of the ACLU with the Communist Party.

Kengor found a May 23, 1931 letter in the archives signed by ACLU founder Roger Baldwin, written on ACLU stationery, to then American Communist Party Chairman William Z. Foster asking him to help ACLU Chairman Harry Ward with his then-upcoming trip to Stalin’s Russia.

The letter suggests Ward intended to visit the Soviet Union to find “evidence from Soviet Russia” that would undermine the capitalist profit motive.

Baldwin wrote the letter at a time when Stalin was deporting 1.8 million Ukrainian peasants to Siberia under his policy of the forced collectivization of agriculture, which resulted in the deaths of up to 10 million Ukrainians in the two years that followed.

The Ukrainian government considers this to have been an act of genocide.

Foster was a key figure in the early years of the American communist movement who belonged to the ACLU’s National Committee in the 1920s, according to FBI documents. He later wrote a book titled “Toward Soviet America” in 1932 and also testified under oath before Congress that  he opposed American democracy.

Another letter on ACLU letterhead Kengor found in the Soviet archives dated Sept. 2, 1932 asks the Communist Party of America for a schedule of Foster’s trips around the country and offers to help keep the police at bay. It also asks for the names and addresses of Communist Party representatives in the cities where Foster was speaking.

Kengor also found a flier from 1933 advertising ACLU board member Corliss Lamont as the headline speaker for “Soviet Union Day,” which its organizers hoped would “answer lies and slanders of enemies of the Soviet Union.”

The documents found their way into the Soviet archives because the Communist Party sent all of its correspondences to the Comintern in Moscow for safekeeping, according to Kengor.

Other documents released in the 1990s by KGB defector Vasili Mitrokhin show the American Communist Party was under the Moscow’s direct control until 1989.

“These guys were advocating a regime that arguably was the biggest mass murderer in all of human history,” Kengor said. “Where is the moral authority in that?”

Kengor told The Daily Caller he found numerous other documents in the Soviet Comintern archives that also show a close relationship between the Communist Party and the ACLU.

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Stimulus Bill Two Years Old – Happy Birthday

Posted by iusbvision on February 17, 2011

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Univ. of Cal. at Davis Speech Code: It is OK to discriminate against Christians

Posted by iusbvision on February 17, 2011

We know full well how leftist academia hates Christians, but rarely do they get so bold as to simply make it crystal clear in an illegal campus speech code. Sometimes academics are so stuck in their cocoon that they begin to feel that said cocoon is the entire world.

This one is priceless.

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education:

by William Creeley

In my nearly five years with FIRE, I’ve seen a lot of terrible campus speech policiesincredibly restrictive speech codes, tiny free speech “patios”, wildly overbroad harassment policies, and more. But just when I thought I’d seen it all, along comes a school that infringes on student rights in an altogether new and fascinating way.

Congratulations, University of California at Davis: You’ve impressed me.

As Casey Mattox of the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) documents here, until yesterday, UC Davis’ Office of Community Campus Relations defined “Religious/Spiritual Discrimination” as:

The loss of power and privilege to those who do not practice the dominant culture’s religion. In the United States, this is institutionalized oppressions toward those who are not Christian.

The implications of this definition are obviously deeply problematic. Where to start? For one, UC Davis apparently was comfortable with defining the United States as a Christian nation. That’s sure to be shocking news to all UC Davis students, regardless of faith.

Even more shocking is the fact that under this definition, Christians cannot be the victims of religious discrimination. No, because Christianity is “the dominant culture’s religion,” UC Davis maintained that Christians cannot themselves be subject to discrimination. The fact that students of a certain faith were simply expected to keep a stiff upper lip when subjected to what would otherwise be religious discrimination is sure to come as quite a jolt to Christian students at UC Davis.

In a letter (.PDF) sent by ADF allied attorney Tim Swickard to UC Davis yesterday, Swickard notes that under the school’s definition, “it would be an affirmative defense to a charge of religious discrimination for the perpetrator to prove that the victim was a Christian.”

Thankfully, in response to the letter and the press coverage that immediately ensued, UC Davis quicklypulled down the webpage that had contained the definition, and disavowed the definition itself:

Raheem Reed, an associate executive vice chancellor at UC-Davis, said he received the letter and removed the definition Wednesday afternoon.

“I certainly can see how a Christian student reading that definition might feel and that’s why it was immediately disabled and taken down,” Reed told Fox News Radio. “This is not how we define religious discrimination.”

We’re happy to see that UC Davis has quickly seen the error of its definition and has committed itself to protecting the First Amendment freedom of religion rights of all students, regardless of their faith.

My take, now UC Davis will have to go back to selectively enforcing and breaking the rules to discriminate against Christians, what a shame…..


ADF Made a video about this case in late February:

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Michele Bachmann on 2012, Tax Code and Egypt

Posted by iusbvision on February 17, 2011

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