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AWESOME VIDEO: CAIR Activist Confronts Allen West and ……

Posted by iusbvision on February 21, 2011

…lets just say he picked the wrong guy to try and intimidate and BS.

The elite media fears West. To say he is rhetorically gifted is an understatement. Having seen West in action in person the best way to describe his rhetorical ability is to mix Ronald Reagan and General Patton.

This is not something I say lightly or easily, but it happens to be the truth. West is so brilliant and so gifted that the White House is his for the taking. I have never said that about anyone before.

CAIR’s executive director Nezar Hamze confronts Allen West thinking he can intimidate and use PC pressure tactics, only to get schooled by Allen West on Islam and its history.


UPDATE – Better video of same incident. The fireworks start a 3:10 –  

One Response to “AWESOME VIDEO: CAIR Activist Confronts Allen West and ……”

  1. Don Broome said

    Excuse my choice of words, because they are not politically correct, nor do they represent the “new civility”, but if C.A.I.R is going to take on Col. West, they best come out with “guns ablazing”!!! This was a magnificant confrontation.

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