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Christian convert from Ohio faces honor killing from father

Posted by iusbvision on February 27, 2011

Islamic Sharia Law mandates that anyone who leaves Islam must be killed.

Rifqa Bary was raised in a devout Muslim home in Columbus, Ohio but at age 13, she attended a Korean Methodist church at the invitation of a classmate.  As a result, she had a significant conversion experience and secretly committed herself to the Christian faith.  Eventually her faith was discovered on Facebook by leaders of the Noor Mosque in Columbus where her parents attended.  In the summer of 2009, she fled her home in Columbus for Orlando after her parents threatened her life for not renouncing Christianity.  After a number of court battles in both Orlando and Ohio, Rifqa was declared a dependent of the state of Ohio and then a permanent US Legal Resident before she turned 18 on August 10, 2010.  The legal case made international headlines and brought the rarely discussed  practice of Muslim honor killings (or apostate killings) to the public eye.

Now the Islamic groups have filed a series of frivolous lawsuits in Ohio and Florida against her attorney to try and bankrupt him. Please donate HERE.

Notice that only one network seriously followed this story.

One Response to “Christian convert from Ohio faces honor killing from father”

  1. Don Broome said

    Several leaders of European Countries have recently denounced “multi-culturalism”, as a failed philosophy. One of many complaints voiced, in these United States, as regards the influx of immigrants, is their complete failure to assimulate into our “way of life”,i.e.,culture, language, dress, etc. This is especially prevalent among Muslims. Not only do these people refuse to assimulate,they are beginning to demand they be made subject to Sharia Law. How can that be? We are a Representative Republic, and The Constitution is the foundation of our legal system.

    I’ve never believed that Islam was a religion; I believe it is a theocratic idealogy, with sub tenets of Sharia Law and the Q’uran. For what other reason, or purpose, could one say to his daughter, “I love you, but I must kill you”, and with not a cry of protest from her mother?

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