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Video: Gov. Rick Perry and Speaker John Boehner go “On The Record”

Posted by iusbvision on March 4, 2011

Rick Perry talks Wisconsin, leadership, budgets, Obama, Americans killed in Mexico, cartel violence, and the border mess.

Also this video shows just how powerful a false elite media narrative can be. When Fox first started reporting this story they correctly reported that collective bargaining inst being stripped, it is just being limited on the benefit packages. Now some on Fox and Fox news Radio is saying the Democrat talking point, “stripping unions of collective bargaining” which is just not the case. This is crucial because even though the union has made a concession that it will pay a tiny fraction into their top of the line health and retirement benefits, without the new restriction it will just be undone and the next round of collective bargaining, or reversed and bumped up even more at such a time when the next Democrat governor is elected. We have seen the concessions movie before. Notice at about 3:30 in the interview Greta corrects herself.

You see here is the rub, Democrat governors can promise the world to these government unions who will in turn pump money into democrat campaigns, but when these union people retire like in Illinois where state workers are leaving with 10 million dollar retirements the states go broke and that governor is left holding the bag [note – and unions complain about disgraced CEO’s getting million dollar packages…]. This is exactly the situation that Illinois and New Jersey (and likely California)  are in right now.

Governor Christie went into the union halls in New Jersey and told them to their face:

[paraphrasing for brevity]Almost every governor you guys voted for in the last 20 years came in here and lied to your face by telling you that the state could afford these massive benefit packages. They knew they would not be in office when the day of reckoning came due, well now it has. The day of reckoning has come and I am the guy left holding the bag. I can tell you that in order to make sure you get a pension and have something you can count on we have to make some changes or it is just not going to be there. I am sorry that you were lied to, but respectfully you guys shouldn’t be booing me, as I am the first guy who came in to this hall and told you the truth.

Speaker John Boehner

This is a very good interview. Those who are interested in politics get a bit of an insider’s view of what it is like to be Speaker.

Speaker Boehner talks budgets, deficits, and his realization that like Gov. Christie, that the day of reckoning has come. We cannot do business as usual and expect to survive as a country and much of the Democrat leadership has not figured this out.

Speaker Boehner on Obama’s decision to just not enforce certain laws it doesn’t like like DOMA, border violence, Wisconsin, Ohio and more.

Here is the GOA report about the dozens of programs and agencies that are trying to do duplicate work.  – LINK.

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