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Trump realizes that government doesn’t always do things well

Posted by iusbvision on March 9, 2011

You know, like build a road.

In order to do this, if Trump would win, would take a structural change in the laws. Not that it can’t be done, but it takes more than just saying “It will be done right”. Eventually Trump is going to have to come out with a very serious legislative agenda if he wants to be taken seriously. Trump is a serious business man, no one doubts that. Trump can build things, no one doubts that. Government is a very different animal at the federal level. I am not saying that he doesn’t have a plan or know what he is doing, what I am saying is that he will have to convince voters he does.

With that said, Trump is correct about what he said previously about China, and what foreign leaders think about Obama and the Democratic Leadership. At the lower levels insiders talk among each other about these things. That kind of unofficial communication is not uncommon even in foreign policy. There are lots of things leaders say or are conveyed without using face to face or official channels.

Trump on Neil Cavuto talking how to get tough with OPEC and other matters.

Trump just won an NBC poll. The Apprentice is on NBC, so the poll is likely problematic. It is also problematic that NBC as a news organization, is not very impressive to put it mildly.

The House of Saud cannot survive without American protection. Of that there is really no question. We have troops there and the House of Saud with unlimited funds is not paying us for them? Granted we want them there for other reasons besides the protection of the current government, but they could give us something.

Trump is not at the top of my list for candidates, but this is why I want him in the debate. He will ask questions and bring up valuable points that no one else will. As Editor, I have said on the record that I am undecided and that I am waiting for candidates to make a case to try and win me over on the merits; that includes Donald.

We need a president who can make good deals and has a record of making good deals. Coming from Donald that has a certain appeal.

Speaking of making deals, here are The Donald’s political donations LINK. As you can see it is loaded with Democrats and some Republicans. This is going to hurt him and almost makes seeking the nomination a pipe dream. Trump could add to the debate like this, “This is what you have to do to have interstate business, if you don’t government will decide to start hurting you.  The only real solution to this is to take the power to give favors and take the power to engage in ‘pay to play’ away from politicians”.

On a side note. Donald’s daughter Ivanka could run for office and win. She has the smarts and tenacity of her father but without the baggage. I suspect that it is just a matter of time before she runs for something.

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