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Oregon State Univ Moves to Expell Republican Candidate’s Three Children

Posted by iusbvision on March 13, 2011



On Nov. 4, 2010, as soon as the election results were in and they were sure their candidate had won, faculty administrators at Oregon State University gave new meaning to the term “political payback.”

They initiated an attack on my three children – Joshua, Bethany and Matthew – for the purpose of throwing them all out of the OSU graduate school, despite their outstanding academic and research accomplishments. OSU is a liberal socialist Democrat stronghold in Oregon that received a reported $27 million in earmark funding from my opponent, Peter DeFazio, and his Democrat colleagues during the last legislative session.

Thus, Democrat activist David Hamby and militant feminist and chairman of the nuclear engineering department Kathryn Higley are expelling four-year Ph.D. student Joshua Robinson from OSU at the end of the current academic quarter and turning over the prompt neutron activation analysis facility Joshua built for his thesis work and all of his work in progress to Higley’s husband, Steven Reese. Reese, an instructor in the department, has stated that he will use these things for his own professional gain. Joshua’s apparatus, which he built and added to the OSU nuclear reactor with the guidance and ideas of his mentor, Michael Hartman, earned Joshua the award for best Masters of Nuclear Engineering thesis at OSU and has been widely complimented by scientists at prominent U.S. nuclear facilities.

Meanwhile, faculty member Todd Palmer notified four-year Ph.D. student Bethany Robinson (OSU grade point average 3.89) that he was terminating her thesis work and taking all of her work in progress for himself. Some of Bethany’s graduate work has already been used, withoutcreditto Bethany, in the thesis of another favored student now recently hired on the department faculty.

My children and I attempted to counter all these actions against us as they unfolded, but were initially uncertain as to their ultimate intent. All became clear, however, when OSU faculty administrators abruptly took a further and very serious prejudicial action toward Joshua. At that point, OSU Professor of Nuclear Engineering Jack Higginbotham, who was privy to all of the meetings and actions, warned us and came to our defense.

Professor Higginbotham, who also serves as president of the OSU Faculty Senate anddirectorof the Oregon NASA Space Science Consortium, has been a member of the OSU faculty for 24 years. He has held many responsible positions in the university and has received numerous professional awards. Moreover, he is very widely admired for the many instances in which he has given special help to students at OSU. This is a man who thinks always of his students and never of himself.

Professor Higginbotham warned us that faculty administrators at OSU were working to make certain that Joshua, his sister Bethany and, if possible, his brother Matthew never receive Ph.D. degrees in nuclear engineering from OSU, regardless of their examination, academic and research performance. Professor Higginbotham then reviewed with us the details of the plan to destroy the education of these students and advised me to do anything I could to protect my children.

Since November, a remarkable battle has been raging within OSU. I considered an immediate public exposure of this plot and warned the faculty of this possibility, but instead my family and I decided to try to prevent a scandal at OSU and save the students within the confines of OSU. We fought these unprincipled academics on their own ground and held them off for four months. That effort is, however, now failing, and Joshua and Bethany are both slated for dismissal from the department of nuclear engineering very soon. Also, unless action is taken immediately, Professor Higginbotham’s career will be completely destroyed.

Read on at the link above.


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Solar and Wind receive 20x the govt subsidies of most other energy. China builds coal plants to make wind and solar tech to sell to us.

Posted by iusbvision on March 13, 2011

Solar and Wind are very expensive, harder to transmit, and inconsistent. Solar is so expensive that solar panels plants in the United States are closing and the work is going to China. China builds a coal plant every week.

All of this money going to these subsidies cannot be used for other things. Mandates on electric companies to get more energy from wind and solar are next to impossible to meet so those companies are fined, which forces energy companies to pass those fines to their customers, which helps to send more jobs overseas.

Reason TV asks, if all of these green energy mandates are going to make all of these 21st century jobs, how come in California that has totally backfired. The reasons above explain why and they are reasons that are explained in any first year macroeconomics class.

If you want to see lower energy costs and business to start coming back home there is only one solution. Throw out Democrats en mass. We have trillions in natural gas, oil and other resources that are off limits that we could use to help pay off the national debt and rebuild the economy. We also need a government that costs less than $2 trillion a year instead of the nearly $4 trillion it costs now.

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Nine Army officers reprimanded for failing to spot signs of radicalism in Fort Hood shooter – Elite Media Silent

Posted by iusbvision on March 13, 2011

[IUSB Vision Editor’s Note – Even though I agree with the reprimands (a letter of reprimand (LOR) is a slap on the wrist), I also understand that these officers were put between a rock and a hard place. If they would have moved against Hasan he would have made a stink. Social Actions in the Army likely would have sided with him. How do I know this? I know this because I served two tours in the military and have seen Social Actions at work. If you are accused you are guilty unless you can prove otherwise. Even in basic training the Military Training Instructors (Drill Sergeants) feared the female recruits. The officers who feared speaking out were right to. Odds are it would have been bad for their careers. As far as giving Hasan an undeserved good performance review, it is no secret that in the military, your performance review is about anything and everything before your actual performance.

The military, just like the Federal Government, does not treat whistle-blowers well and that goes double if the whistle-blower is right.  That is also something I have seen first hand.

Here is the rub, an LOR is MUCH preferred over a Social Actions investigation or an accusation of bigotry against what is perceived as a far left, PC protected group. So just giving these officers an LOR will encourage other officers faced with a similar circumstance another reason to behave exactly the same way. There are several levels of LOR. The “counciling letter”, “admonition letter” and the standard “LOR”. Each is considered more serious than the other and can be removed by a serviceman’s sitting commander. For officers they can get a letter of censure which is still more serious and usually comes as a directive above that officer’s immediate commander. A letter of censure sometimes means that future commands or promotions will be slower coming or not available. ]

We have just searched the ABC News, NBC News, CNN, and CBS News  web sites. There is no mention of this story.

The Daily Mail UK:

Nine Army officers are being reprimanded for failing to spot signs of radicalism in the gunman who went on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood.

Major Nidal Malik Hasan allegedly killed 13 and injured 29 in the massacre at the Texas military base on November 5, 2009, and had a track record of mental instability as he moved along his medical career.

Saying that although no single event directly led to the tragedy, Army Secretary John McHugh found that certain officers failed to meet expected standards, an Army statement said yesterday.

The officers – all lieutenant or above – will receive punishments ranging from an oral reprimand to the far more serious written letter of censure that is considered a career-ender.

A Pentagon review last year found that 40-year-old Hasan’s supervisors at Walter Reed Army Medical Centre where he worked expressed serious concerns about his questionable behaviour and poor judgement but failed to heed their own warnings.

It said the Army psychiatrist’s supervisors continued to give him positive performance evaluations that kept him moving up through the ranks despite worries about his strident views on Islam and worries about his competence.

In one episode, Hasan reportedly gave a class presentation questioning whether the U.S.-led war on terror was actually a war on Islam.

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