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Dr. Clare Spark: Inflaming minorities in the universities

Posted by iusbvision on March 15, 2011


Dr. Spark:

We can’t talk about schools and teachers unions without inspecting the current curriculum, which is negative about America NOW, as opposed to a straightforward account of achievements and failures.

I have written extensively about the master narrative that dominates the teaching of U.S. History in  post-civil rights America throughout this website. The mobilizing of pro-government workers unions has put this issue front and center. The purpose of this blog is to remind our visitors that the humanities curriculum as it was adjusted after the assassinations of MLK Jr. and Malcolm X could have done nothing else but to intensify already existent divisions in our country, thence to under-educate the students most in need of high quality education that would prepare them to compete in the job market in fields where there is high demand for skilled labor.

I refer of course to the focus on Native Americans as victims of westward expansion; the Mexican War; slavery, the slave trade, the Civil War and Reconstruction; the Chinese Exclusion Act; the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII; and the exclusionary policies of labor unions until the establishment of the CIO. Not only these events were and are deployed by leftists and liberals to insure the hatred of “the dominant culture” (including the “racist” white working class), but these events that did of course happen, are said to linger in the present, despite a congeries of government programs at all levels, including preferential treatment in the race for college admissions, hiring in government employment, separatist ethnic studies programs in universities and colleges, and in corporations.

1960s activists against the Viet Nam war and “the system” have taken over the command posts of education and media, always in the name of a higher law than those “bourgeois” rules that constitute the basis for our democratic republic. Such high dudgeon is then used to justify lawless actions against “the system” that has tortured and dispossessed the minorities who comprise so much of the base of the Democratic Party.  So although we see mostly white faces in the Wisconsin protesters, I suggest  that their “civil disobedience” is experienced by them as a link to abolitionists and others who argued for “the higher law” that abrogated the Constitution, seen as a slaveholders’ document. OTOH, recall that Charles Sumner, the antislavery Senator from Massachusetts and a founder of the Republican Party, did not appeal to a higher law, but rather argued that the case for antislavery lay in the Declaration of Independence and in the Preamble to the Constitution; that the individual States were akin to Republics that should insure the promised equality in our founding documents, hence could not use “state’s rights” to justify slavery and its expansion. After the Civil War, he pleaded that the hatred must stop. For this, along with his “radical” proposal for compensating the freedmen with land and full civil rights, I have inferred that he has been diminished by some key academic authorities as harsh and extreme.

Already, government and other unions are mobilizing across the nation to strengthen their collective hands against an insurgent Republican Party. It is to be hoped that the public will use this opportunity to examine every phase of our educational system, including the demoralizing curriculum that is hurting everyone, indeed, that in tandem with much of the mass media, is inspiring cynicism on a massive scale, threatening to bring down the Republic, a Republic that is our “last best hope” for the future of our species.

Dr. Spark received her Bachelor of Science from Cornell, Masters in Teaching from Harvard, and her doctorate in U.S. & European Intellectual History form UCLA.

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Trump Blasts Obama on Energy Policy, Playing Golf During Crisis.

Posted by iusbvision on March 15, 2011

Trump is right about the messages Obama sends with his hubris and indifference. Who will get his endorsement?

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Video: Liberal Universities Explained

Posted by iusbvision on March 15, 2011

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Dick Morris Reports: Consumer Confidence Collapses

Posted by iusbvision on March 15, 2011

If you want to know what is going on with the economy today, Dick Morris has a very good explanation here.

Dick Morris was the political strategist for Bill Clinton for many years.

Speaking of the former President, Bill Clinton seems to have had enough. He is openly criticizing Obama’s mis-steps with the economy, especially the illegal offshore drilling ban, the yanking of coal permits etc.

This may have also been a political shot across the bow. The Obama Administration has been jerking Hillary around. The State Department thinks it has agreement across the administration on  Middle-East policy makes a cautious but sensible statement on the position of the United States and Obama comes out the very next day and contradicts it. This kind of thing happens too much. Niall Ferguson asked if we have two foreign policies and mocked the administration. That shows a great immaturity at the White House. It also confuses and undermines the confidence of our allies.

This has happened too many times to be an accident.

Being a cabinet Secretary is a brutal job. It is often seven days a week and 13 hours a day. Most Cabinet Secretaries last around 20 months. Obviously there are exceptions but that tells you how brutal the job can be. I have seen recent pictures of Hillary lately and she is not looking well.

I am not saying that Hillary resign because she is doing a bad job, although she is not among the best who had held the position, she should resign because the situation in the administration is intolerable and may be designed to do her political damage.

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