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March 16 Video News!!

Posted by iusbvision on March 17, 2011

National Rifle Association letter to President Obama chastising him for using AZ to push for more gun laws and do nothing about mental illness. Also blasts Obama for his ATF encouraging the vioilation of federal law:

Gun Control Advocates Express Strong Support for Second Amendment, While Calling for New Restriction

Rush Limbaugh – An Open Letter To Sarah Palin:

Morgan Freeman reminds us that brilliance is often just the courage to state the obvious:

James O’Keefe releases NPR tape number three. Uncovering George Soros has been giving megabucks to NPR on the hush… oh and they talk about those terrible conservatives: 

“If Glenn Beck found out what we were doing it would be bad for NPR and us….”   O’Keefe fed them every stereotypical “left hates America, loves America’s enemies” etc narrative in the book and they lapped it up like my cat going for a saucer of milk.  Go James!!! Daily Caller has more LINK.

American Thinker Blog: Miami-Dade voters recall big-spending mayor by 9 to 1 margin

Observation: Interesting how networks of neo-marxist groups give each other all of these impressive sounding awards and titles that would teach Orwell a thing or three about doublespeak. Eric Foner’s awards list might have you believe he is the second coming of George Washington as opposed to a 1960’s era propaganda apparatchik.

Michigan Democrats charged with multiple felonies in forging fake “Tea Party” candidate documents.  – LINK (with video)

Why Doesn’t FIRE Condemn This Viewpoint I Hate? – LINK

Russia Today – Police Tyranny/Brutality on the rise in the United States: 

I would like to comment on this. First of all it should be said that RT likes to portray America in a negative light as this is nothing new for them. It should also be said because they have a foreign angle, it gives them a perspective and sometimes even a clarity that domestic media lacks. While I believe that they tackled this story because it makes American look bad, in this case they did not have to stretch it much. Police brutality is on the rise and the problem with police tyranny is also something I have noticed, but what is not reported is that many of the police are not happy about it.

I am in the unique situation of having contact with many police and many people who get tickets for minor technical violations regularly, and while there are bad apples in the police, most I speak with are NOT happy about quotas for pulling people over, most are not happy about being pushed into writing full blown tickets for having just one of your two licence plate bulbs out etc, but this is what local and state governments are pushing them into. The result is bad, people are starting to resent the police. The push to suck revenue out of citizens has gone too far. Soon I expect this to become a political issue.

Bottom line, this RT piece is spot on, but for the wrong reasons.

Mike Pence: It’s Time To Pick A Fight – – Palestinian Wall of Lies

GOP HQ in DC Windows Shot Out – LINK

Giuliani On Energy Independence, Nuclear Power, and Japan:

FreedomWorks Ad:

Just a reminder: TARP still at least $123 billion in red. Via Ed Morrissey

Wisconsin School Officials Back Walker Budgets. It allows them to not have to fire teachers. 

Donald Trump Says the “Whole Thing” about Obama’s Birth is “Very Strange”. And it is the issue here is not “birther”, the issue here is transparency and Obama’s associations through his life with revolutionary Marxists are a great concern, which has been heightened by his long time minister  Rev. Wright saying that communism and black liberation theology and all that he did before are the same thing:  

Trump on the list of people running and he likes Palin (because he looked at her record) : [youtrube=]

Glenn Beck on the Heroic Daughter of Slaughtered Israeli Family and the Strength Shown by the Japanese: 

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch on The Dennis Miller Show. A no miss interview: 

British Islamic Conference: We Will Destroy America… We Will Destroy Britain!

Saudi Islamic Scholar: The Day Is Coming When Islam Will Rule the World Again: 

Dan Hannan on EU Govt Media Manipulation. “Nakedly Propagandist”:  

India Welcomes Governor Palin:  

Teachers Bring Children to Wisconsin State House to Have Them Chant. This is child abuse in action folks: 



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