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FLEECED: Six-figure salaries double at University of Michigan-Flint over four years

Posted by iusbvision on March 18, 2011

Michigan Live:

FLINT, Michigan — You don’t have to be the boss to make six figures at the University of Michigan-Flint — and sometimes you can even make more than your boss.

As the number of deans, associate deans and program directors grew at the Flint campus over the last five years, so have administrative paychecks.

Six-figure salaries more than doubled on campus since 2006, according to the newest faculty and staff salary information recently released by UM.

Nearly 50 of the roughly 1,000 employees made $100,000 or more at UM-Flint, compared to about 20 four years earlier.

Budget constraints also didn’t prevent raises. Among the top 30 earners, the average raise hovered around $3,000 with the highest raise being $10,000. The campus paid out nearly $95,000 total in raises among the top 30, according to a Flint Journal review.

Critics argue that at a time when layoffs and pay cuts elsewhere have made it harder for families to afford college, big raises and paychecks don’t help the case of colleges that continue to hike tuition every year.

“The hiring trend has unmistakably gone toward hiring far more non-teaching employees than teaching employees,” said Matthew Ladner, vice president for research at the Goldwater Institute, an Arizona-based public policy research organization that studied administrative expenses at top universities last year. “You start throwing around six-figure salaries like it’s nothing because everyone else is doing it but the status quo doesn’t work anymore. Administrative bloat is driving up costs.”


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