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The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. – Vladimir Lenin

Mark Steyn: Boehner has lost his nerve and turned into Bob Dole

Posted by iusbvision on March 18, 2011

Mark very well may be wrong.

If I was a cold political strategist <grin> I would say OK Dems lets get you to puff your chests all up and be ready to shut the govt down for taxpayer dollars for abortion mills that cater to child prostitution and underage rape victims without reporting it (its on video), NPR execs who are willing to launder known terrorist money to trash Republicans (Thank you James!), and to the Cowboy Poetry Festival and have that fight.

While mocking them and their sacred cows listed above, I would drag them through the mud and use the publicity to let everyone know about the hidden multibillion dollar slush finds in Obamacare that the Dems told no one about.

I would use a government shut down to get the media attention on all of this and be aggressive. THEN I would repeal it.

My reasoning:

1 – What the Democrats have done is sleazy in a big, big way. They need to pay a very severe political price for it; especially the hidden slush funds.

2 – Most people don’t know the nature of the slush fund problem. The more the public knows the better it is for the GOP.

3 – The Democrats want a govt shut down anyways. First they said they won’t stand for $100b in cuts so the GOP compromised and lowered it to $61b. Then the Democrats said, no the $61b is draconian (silly ins’t it) we will meet you half way with a $10b cut (in Democrat math 10 is half of 61), Than it was if you accept the $10b cut, we also want full funding for NPR and Planned Parenthood etc.  Do you see how Democrats keep moving the bar? They want a shutdown and seem hellbent on creating one so when it does that will be the time to wage a massive PR offensive.



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