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MSNBC A Welcome Relief from Reality

Posted by iusbvision on March 19, 2011

Bob Schneider served on Ronald Reagan’s National Security Council. He is a recognized expert on Middle-Eastern policy and a respected consultant on international business, foreign affairs and politics. Schneider is also a humorist whose writings are popular among the politically savvy.

By Bob Schneider

Tired of watching all the bad news on TV these days?  Millions are turning to MSNBC in what psychologists call “a harbor away from reality”.

Fred Stimple, from Old Forge, NY, a school teacher reported he was really getting depressed with all the bad news about the economy, wars, unrest in the world, but found a safe haven at MSNBC.  “I was sitting there in front of the TV, sort of like a zombie, channel surfing when all of a sudden I hit MSNBC.  There was a sorta manly looking woman, Rachel something…like ‘Mad Cow’ or a name similiar, with all this brainless made up stuff she was babbling.  I just sat there transfixed, thinking about how funny it was she thought anyone would take her seriously.  It was a nice break, sort of like a lobotomy.”

Stimple has become a regular, and says he appreciates MSNBC running the show many times a night, so he can catch up on absolutely nothing that’s going on in the world.  “I even found a major new comedian, someone named Barney Frank, on MSNBC.  He’s hilarious!”

The phenomena seems to be spreading, and not just to MSNBC; CNN is also benefiting offering absolutly nothing in the way of information.   Tracy Adams, a pole dancer from Houston Texas tunes in CNN often.  “I was trying to find something on cable that wasn’t news, and I found this programs with a guy named Wolf Blitzer, who’s obviously ADD.  Since I’m also studying psychology during the day, it’s thoughtful of CNN to help me with my homework by putting a textbook case of ADD, and who knows what other abnormal behaviors, right on cable TV for me, daily.  I like it when he gets himself all worked up, then they have a break, and he’s all calm again.  I wonder if on the break he twists up a big fat doobie?”

Mr Stimple says he has to be circumspect when watching MSNBC: “I do have kids around the house, and you wouldn’t want someone under the age of 12 watching MSNBC, due to possible impairment of their mental development.  But for an adult with a firm grasp on reality, while less intellectually stimulating than the Cartoon Network, at least it is in color, unlike old Three Stooges episodes.”

More as this develops.


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