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The Bully Victim Who Fought Back – Exclusive ACA Interview with Casey Heynes

Posted by iusbvision on March 22, 2011

If the school has a zero tolerance policy for violence where was the school when he was being hit and kicked and tied to a pole? Administrators do not want to admit that such things go on in their school, and since the victim is often isolated anyways it is easier to blame him, dismiss him and ignore the zero tolerance policy as long as he is the victim and pretend it isn’t happening. If there was ever a case against govt bureaucrats running schools this is it.

Now the government is considering a form of the Clery Act for grade schools. I fear this may do more harm than good. Universities now do what they can to not report crimes, convince people not to press charges, take down video cameras in university parking garages etc so that they will have less to report. Schools will not want to report bullying to the government, so the incentive will be to paint the victim as the instigator and a liar.

Says one commenter:

The skinny kid hit him repeatedly, the heroic part is Casey not beating him into a bloody pulp after the slam. If you can’t see that, you are willfully blind or more likely just an idiot.



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