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Man of the Year: Hideaki Akaiwa

Posted by iusbvision on March 25, 2011

Hideaki Akaiwa

Who do you call when you need a hero? No McGuyver, no Bruce Banner, no Tony Stark, no John Rambo? Who needs em’. You call this guy. Ishinomaki, Japan was creamed by the tsunami. Akaiwa had gotten off work and was on his way home when it hit. Hi wife of 20 years was at home and so was his mother. When he got to the waterline he saw his town buried under at least 10 feet of water. An ordinary man would not know what to do, or would shout for help or panic or just collapse. Hideaki Akaiwa is no ordinary man. He made his way to a scuba shop that was abandoned but not swept away. He loaded up on scuba gear and as darkness was coming soon, he jumped in the water.  Dodging cars and debris he swam underwater with the breathing apparatus. Akaiwa makes it to his home where he finds his wife at the top level of their damaged home with just her head above water.

They share his breathing apparatus and he drags her underwater back to safety.

Wow pretty cool, not the average guy to be sure, but you didn’t think the story ended there did you?

His mother is still missing, they check the packs of survivors and the shelters because she wasn’t home at the time the tsunami hit. No luck. With thousands missing and dead one might think it was just too late for his mother. Not this guy. For days he dove into the water swimming from structure to structure and on the fourth day he finds his mother on the upper level of a tall house and drags her to safety.


This one’s for you.


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