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Elite media speculation on Glenn Beck is about to backfire.

Posted by iusbvision on April 8, 2011

First of all, lets talk about the “fringe”. Beck was right about ACORN, Apollo Alliance, Chicago Climate Exchange, SEIU, Soros, Van Jones, bias in school text books, Maoists like Anita Dunn and the list goes on.

They called him names, called him a liar, and then people quietly admitted that he was right. His presentation is unorthodox, I mean he taught economics and history and got ratings doing it.

While Glenn wasn’t perfect, who is? The problem is not that Glenn is fringe, the problem is that we have fringe leftist academics extremists who live in a rather nutty world of theory in power. Since Glenn was right about all of the things I mentioned above and more. If he is fringe what does that say about the stories he got right on?

Glenn, like Rush Limbaugh, is not a “conspiracy theorist” he is prescient. He sees the trajectory the facts are moving in and makes judgments about what he sees is coming. When Glenn said early last year that inflation was coming and to get food built up and get out of debt the “non fringe” people said he was nuts, well look at who was right.

How many times has Rush Limbaugh made jokes about the left and predictions about them and been shown correct time and time again?

Secondly, when Glenn said, “Oh they will wish I was back on at five when they see what is coming”… and when you see Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier get this “cat that just ate the canary” grin when they talk about Beck’s future it seems rather obvious that they are holding back and just dying to say what “it” is.

Third, Matt Lewis’ analysis leaves out the key factor in all of this, Roger Ailes. Ailes’ history is to find good talent and let them do whatever they want as long as they backed up what they said. Beck installed the red phone and dared others to try to prove him wrong, he put out a data sheet worth each show so people could look the facts up for themselves. Ailes is not afraid of risk or being different, so I find it very hard to believe that Roger wanted Beck out.

Beck’s detractors call him names, create false narratives about him with carefully edited clips (like ABC News did recently), but what you do not see is anyone even attempting to take him on fact per fact, or debate him Lincoln-Douglass style etc.

Lastly, Beck is a huge star and the second most popular host on television. Leaving Beck at the bummer time slot of 5pm is the only thing that was impossible. One does not park a superstar like Glenn Beck in the 5 pm time slot. Change is coming to Fox alright, but you can be sure that between the creative genius of Roger Ailes and Glenn Beck, the fringe progressive secular left isn’t going to like the change one bit.

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