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Tammy Bruce shuts down leftist professors at Bucknell.

Posted by iusbvision on April 14, 2011

Tammy Bruce the former leftist and NOW president is quite possibly the finest debater I have ever seen. Most academics talk to each other so their critical thinking skills atrophy. When they start to lose watch their behavior.

4 Responses to “Tammy Bruce shuts down leftist professors at Bucknell.”

  1. U. R. Acretin said

    It’s called “editing,” genius. And even in this edited version, the “debating” skills you so admire consist of simply saying inane things LOUDLY, and over and over and over again. Academics are used to rational discussion, not playground shouting, and this is likely why they decided it not worth their time to try to speak reason to this bellowing cave-woman.


    IUSB Vision Editor responds:

    If you really believed that why post anonymously?

    To be certain the video is edited for brevity, but your statement shows that not only were you not there, but you have never seen Tammy Bruce in action.

    The full length video is over an hour long. YouTube has a length restriction unless you have an account that costs money.

    C-Span made Tammy Bruce’s presentation about her book the “New American Revolution” available on DVD.

    C-Span also still has available her presentation at Florida State University, “Conservative Ideas and Minorities” from 2004. That DVD is the full length lecture she gave including the question and answer session. It is the best selling DVD C-Span has ever produced.

    Here is Tammy on C-Span in a 41 minute interview and as you will see she resorts to none of the tactics you falsely applied to her –

    And spare me with the “academics prefer rational discussion”. I recently graduated with new degree. I debated professors in front of an audience several times and most resort to making it about “me” and other logical flaws. Routinely professors I had debates/arguments with could not tell the difference between the sting that truth often brings in an argument and a personal attack. My favorite response of theirs after delivering a point they could not refute was “how dare you disrespect me that way” …

    Give me a break.

    Have you ever watched Prof. Niall Ferguson debate other academics? He destroys their logical flaws with a certain charming ruthlessness.

    While I was Chief Justice of IUSB student government I successfully defended students from false charges of hazing, sexual misconduct, academic misconduct and other charges that the evidence overwhelmingly showed to be without merit, yet in many cases I had to make it clear what the consequences would be (read threaten to expose the facts) if they did not start obeying the rules and the law. Is that a display of rationality?

    The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and the Alliance Defense Fund have countless examples where academics and university administrators knowingly violated the law, due process and academic freedom for all sorts of irrational reasons. In many cases it took lawsuits or public humiliation just to get such people to obey their own rules and the law. So much for “reason”. Several of these abuses can be found on this very web site in our “Academic Misconduct” category and our “censorship and indoctrination” category.

  2. U. R. Acretin said

    Did you learn those stellar argumentative skills at your fourth-rate university? You said not a single word about the actual object of the discussion in all that verbiage.

    I don’t give a rat’s behind about your fictional experiences with faculty or in student government, nor is your shilling for FIRE relevant to the issues of this case.

    Were you at the Lewisburg talk? No, of course you weren’t. You don’t even live in the correct state.

    I live in Selinsgrove, PA, a few miles from the Bucknell campus, and I was there. And this video distorts what happened there completely.

    Bruce was challenged by a faculty member who read some of her own statements to her (the bald guy in the video), and instead of trying to defend them, she simply cut him off and refused to allow him to speak. Some of this exchange is actually IN THE VIDEO YOU POSTED HERE, though it’s awfully funny that those who made the video do not bother to make clear what he is saying, though they were certain to provide subtitles for the ignoramus saying “Close your mind” to the guy who was addressing the most firmly closed mind in the room, Bruce’s.

    The second guy, the African-American professor, who walks out tried to intervene three different times to aid another audience member in asking questions based on those Bruce quotes the first guy had read–he had to intervene because Bruce kept loudly talking over the woman and would not allow her even to complete a sentence. Bruce responded to that second male professor by simply cutting him off too. Her last response to him is right out of second grade: he says “you’re still talking” after she has cut off the woman in the audience again, and Bruce says “yeah, that’s right and I’m gonna!!!”

    THIS is what you admire as masterful debating?! Simply cutting people off and shouting them down? You must ADORE the debating tactics of the Brown Shirts in Italy and the SS in Germany then. Same stuff.

    You see, on college campuses, debate means you get your say and then you shut up and let the other person respond, then when he’s finished, you get your response to the response, while he shuts up, and so on.

    Morons like you and Tammy Bruce seem to think Fox News ‘debate’ style is compatible with a university. It isn’t. This is why, despite the fact that both of those male professors were LOTS bigger than Tammy Bruce and undoubtedly could have shouted her down in good fascist style if they’d been sufficiently uncivilized and barbaric to do so, they responded to being shouted over by leaving. It’s a way of showing someone that they have demonstrated they do not deserve to be addressed. Bruce had shown that she doesn’t know the first thing about discussion and debate, and she wasn’t about to even permit any questions to be asked, and those who left were, in leaving, effectively saying “Tammy Bruce merits no more of my time.”

    Tammy Bruce should hold all her subsequent talks in a bar, the obvious environment for such an approach. And there, she’ll get the response she richly deserves from other savages of her own species.

    [IUSB Vision editor responds –

    First of all, look at the venom and hate in which you post. You are obviously a loon (as even more demonstrated by your gratuitous Nazi reference). There is no reason to believe that you were actually at the lecture. Why should anyone believe you when you say where you live, when you post anonymously and wont even identify yourself? Your posts here have shown that you will say anything, and some of your comments are nothing but such vile personal attacks and name calling so bad they did not make it passed the automated filters.

    Secondly, you state that “when they tried to intervene” – well why intervene, why not simply have her finish her point and then respond? Tammy does not let people stop her mid thought. After all it is her lecture.

    IF you had ever attended university, you would know that you do not stand up or stop the lecturer to insert a counter point. Far left professors cant just wait for the person to conclude there thought before jumping in? Have they no manners? I don’t let people do that to me and it was not as if it was a three minute interview where time was short. Tammy is always willing to stay till all questions and answers are completed as her other college lecture videos show so well (which is another point that you ignored). I will try and get my hands on the complete video, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it will end up being just like her other videos and that you will be shown to be most incorrect.

    Here is an excerpt from the article from Campus Reform:

    During a question and answer segment, several faculty members – such as sociology professor Dr. Alexander Riley – interrupted to make speeches in opposition to Bruce’s presentation. Some chose to direct their comments to the audience while others shouted the speaker down. An entire group of professors, and students they brought with them, eventually left in protest. [Hey look Cretin forgot to mention that part, in fact very often when conservative speakers come to campus that is exactly the tactic the left engages in, to try and shout people down, and there are dozens of video examples of just that – Editor]

    “I was extremely disappointed by the adults (professors) in the audience,” said attendee and Bucknell alum Bob Harder. “Instead of asking a question, they started making speeches and being critical of her (Bruce’s) presentation.”

    Nice try.

    By the way, you also failed to address several of the arguments I provided to you in my last response, so apparently you accepted them as fact.]

  3. U. R. Acretin said

    The hole you’re digging yourself grows larger and larger. You rely on Campus Reform to inform you about the content of the talk? You do know who they are, right? Despite their efforts to distort (how can you “interrupt” someone if, as they admit, the speaker had finished her talk and was taking questions?), they admit all the comments came in the question/answer section at the end of the talk. But you weren’t at the talk, so you don’t know how they have distorted the event. No one interrupted her. She gave her entire talk uninterrupted, and anyone who says otherwise is lying. All the questions and comments came after the point at which she invited questions. And then Bruce interrupted and cut off those who asked questions she didn’t like. Of course, you’d know this if you were there, but you weren’t. Ask you Campus Reform buddies if I’m wrong. Make them produce the entire tape. Let’s wager on it. Or do you actually have the job and the income required to make a wager?

    [Look at the dripping hate coming form this nut. Readers this is just a small example of the unhinged haters that roam the net looking to cause trouble, and the sad thing is that some of them are paid by far left outfits to do it, They never identify themselves so nothing they say can be tracked back to them, so they can, and often will say anything. – Editor]

  4. U. R. Acretin said

    I’m waiting.

    Where’s your evidence that anyone at Bruce’s talk interrupted her in the midst of her talk? Where is it? And if you don’t have any (and you don’t, because it didn’t happen), where is your admission that you were basically talking out of your rear end when you said this is what happened?

    Whining and crying about “hate” won’t deceive anyone with a functioning brain.

    [You are going to be waiting a long time, if you want me, or anyone else to take you seriously you have to stop posting anonymously and demonstrate that you were there and that the claims you made are accurate.

    In short, you are an internet troll who posts hate around the web, You do that so you can say anything and not have it come back to who you are. Until that time, you can talk to the hand. There is no point in extended conversation with internet trolls. You may post again when you are ready to stop posting/trolling anonymously.

    By the way, you are the one who said that professors in the audience tried to intervene; so I was using your statement as an example. Its hard to keep your lies straight when you tell so many, like your false claim that you live in Selinsgrove. I ran a trace on your IP and that is not where it goes. So either you are driving miles and miles from home to go play internet troll, or…] – Editor]

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