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The House passes 6 T-t-t-t-trillion dollars in Spending cuts over ten years

Posted by iusbvision on April 15, 2011

Via Bob Schneider:

The House passes 6 T-t-t-t-trillion dollars in Spending cuts. Of course, Ron Paul and his RINOs didn’t vote for the plan, because there isn’t an extra trillion to shut down the Pentagon. That’s “conservatism”? None I’ve ever heard of, or would be affiliated with.

It trims the budget by 6.2 trillion dollars over ten years and sets us on the path to stop stacking onto the deficit and actually start paying the thing off. It has to be done. If it is not done, as Moody’s has warned (read promised), the United States will lose its AAA credit rating. If that happens, and rest assured it will in just a few years if we do not change course, it will make the Great Depression look like a walk in the lilies.

Democrats say that they don’t like it because it turns Medicare into a voucher program. I am not familiar enough with the Ryan plan to give all the details but if their spin is anything like what the said about Social Security reform than that is a huge amount of spin. But for the sake of a thought exercise, lets say that the Democrats complaint is true for just a moment.

School voucher programs work very well both here and in Europe where some countries use them on a large scale. The main reasons that Democrats would oppose such a program are these:

1 – It would eliminate the need for most of them massive bureaucracy that runs it now and eats up large portions of your Medicare dollars before they help anyone with a medical bill. That would mean a lot less government union dues that go to fill Democrats campaign coffers.

2 – It would give you more control and the government much less. Remember that today’s Democrat leadership are not “liberals” at all. They are arch leftist central planners

Doubt me?

Watch these – NO I mean really watch it!

One Response to “The House passes 6 T-t-t-t-trillion dollars in Spending cuts over ten years”

  1. CL Edwards said

    7 trillion lets have a celebration for chipping a crumb off the 100 trillion dollar pie.

    [It is 100 trillion if we do not get spending reform and entitlement reform. The Ryan plan helps to address this – Editor]

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