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IUSB Vision Editor Addresses Trump, Rezko, and the Birther Issue – UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on April 16, 2011

In light of the recent investigation by Donald Trump into the so-called “Birther” issue and Obama’s dealings with the felon Tony Rezko I have been getting more email asking me to look into this.

For a long time people have asked me to look at the “Birther” issue, but when the (admittedly Democrat) bureaucrat from Hawaii said that he has seen the long form birth certificate that was good enough for me. I only had a residue of skepticism because quite frankly, in recent years I have noticed that most Democrats running for office or who are in office will say anything. To them the truth is what supports their position and the ends justifies the means; that is a standard plank of the far left’s ideological makeup so I am rarely surprised when they lie. In fact I have almost  come to expect it (remember all of those doctors who went to Wisconsin to hand out fake sick notes to teachers who skipped out on work to protest?).

Before I go on let me stop right here and address Donald Trump. I have concerns about him, some of which I will name.

1 – Trump has a history of making statements that are contradictory. Carter was worst president, than it was Bush, than it was Obama is worst with Carter second etc. He is for national health care, than against it, and this list gets longer by the day as people look at his previous statements.

Now it is possible that his previous contradictory statements were made because in previous years he wasn’t serious about the political subjects and was only seriously paying attention to his business. Now that he is serious, or now that he sees that the country has been mugged by the Democrats is he really focusing like a laser beam on politics. If that is the case I can understand that and might be able to look past it. How many “liberals” became conservatives after 9/11? How many independents really weren’t paying attention and since 2009 have gotten themselves informed and joined TEA Party groups (millions)?

2 – Foreign Policy. That is right I said it. While certain aspects of foreign policy Trump clearly understands through experience in making business deals around the world, there are aspects of diplomacy in the strategic view and other areas he needs to get up to speed on quickly. He should hire a smart advisor for that role because if he doesn’t Trump is going to get taken to school during a debate by someone in the primary. If Trump is serious he needs to make sure that doesn’t happen.

3 – Trump used his influence with a local government to abuse eminent domain and try to get people’s homes for less than they were worth – LINK. To me such an abuse of power makes supporting him very difficult.

Let me start with Obama and Tony Rezko. Trump knows real estate law and how it is used to commit fraud. In this case they were used to make an illegal donation and get around federal election law and tax law. In short, Trump’s comments about Obama and Rezko are spot on accurate. I have known this for a long time and I am glad that Trump is bringing this up. Trump says to ask the reporter, why didn’t you guys investigate the Rezko issue. Trump is right to say that.

About the “Birther” issue. I have not worried much about this issue for some very good reasons.

1 – Many of the people pushing it just want to reverse an election. I said early on that if that was the purpose of it than it is silly on its face.

2 – There is no enabling legislation that really makes the “birth” requirement of the Constitution have the teeth it needs to enforce even if it is true. States are now passing such laws and are right to simply to take the issue off the table for good.

3 – I cannot envision a court that would have the guts to enforce it without enabling legislation and remove Obama from office even if the evidence that he was born in Kenya or elsewhere was rock solid, so again this is a non starter.

With that said, I have always thought that the “Birther” issue has legitimacy in one regard. President Obama said in the campaign that people hide things because they have something to hide. He lectured the country and the Republicans about “transparency” only to run an administration that is far less transparent than the last one (if anyone wishes to challenge me on that statement I invite you to try, but the facts are overwhelming and you will lose that argument handily).  Obama is spending millions in lawyer fees and resources to be less transparent. Not in just this issue but in areas of Congressional oversight, meeting lobbyists across the street from the White House so that their names do not appear in the White House guess log, persecution of whistle-blowers, illegal firing of IG’s, political review of FOIA requests,  etc; this is a long list.

Lately some things have come up that have moved me to take a second look at this issue; not because it can be used to ask the President to resign, but to further explore the transparency issue and a separate legal issue has also come up which I will explain in a moment.

1 – Hawaii Governor Abecrombie has stated to close associates that, despite Herculean efforts, he was unable to find the long form birth certificate. Abercrombie is a close friend of the Obama’s and has every incentive to clear this issue up for the president. While the associates later “recanted” it is obvious when you listen to the before and after what the truth is.

2 – Hawaii law. According to Hawaii law all it takes to get a Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) is a statement from a parent  saying that a child was born there. The Hawaii newspaper announcement was made eight days after his supposed birth date. Am I saying that this is a grand conspiracy to make a “Manchurian Candidate” from birth? Of course not. What I am saying, and what Donald Trump may be saying is that Obama MIGHT BE, on fraudulent paper after the fact, an anchor baby. This would have been necessary IF his mother had given birth outside of the United States since Obama Sr. was not divorced from his first wife when he married Ann Dunham and Obama senior was here on a student visa and was not a US National.

[Note – If Obama was born outside of American borders with just his mother being a citizen and his father not a citizen then the child would not have citizenship from birth, he would have to be naturalized later.]

If Obama is an “after the fact” anchor baby is that really a big surprise? There are many, many thousands of pregnant women who try to sneak into the country every year and deliver a child so that the child is an American citizen and can enjoy the many benefits American citizenship provides. In Obama’s case it MAY BE possible that his family exploited a quirk in Hawaii law to do just that. In fact considering the number of illegal aliens who try to come here every day by all sorts of creative/devious means, one can be confident that such a loophole has been used to create citizenship for babies.

3 – There are other issues that offer up doubts such as the fact that part of his family says he was born in one place and other family members say he was born in another. The Kenyan government calls the town his grandmother claims he was born in “The Birthplace of Barack Obama”, there is some evidence that Obama’s social security number actually belonged to someone else as it is a Connecticut Social Security Number and not Hawaii one. I will be the first one to tell you that I have not explored this to the “Nth degree”, but I am understandably more interested in this story.

Does any of this matter in the here and now? No. Let us assume that Obama is an anchor baby based on fraudulent documentation; is that his fault? No. I suppose if he knew about it and ran for office when he was unqualified it amounts to another lie, but considering all he has lied about this is just one more lie to add to the list in 2012; there is no enabling legislation, and no court would remove him anyway.

So outside of a possible campaign issue in 2012, and another example of the President’s rather outrageous lack of transparency (come on folks, spending millions in lawyer fees just to keep your long form birth certificate from being seen is rather nutty), there is one legal issue that comes to mind. For the sake of argument, lets say that it is determined a year, or three years or five years down the road, that President Obama was not qualified to be president; what does that do to the status of every bill, executive order, etc that he ever signed? Are we really in the mood for another constitutional crisis?

As it stands for the here and now, this issue is little more than a hot button campaign issue for 2012, but IF the “Birthers” are shown to be correct it will expose Obama clearly as a liar to those who do not pay proper attention to civics and politics, which is a massive portion of the Democrat voting block.

So it all looks very nice and tidy doesn’t it? One problem. I still think President Obama was born in Hawaii. Why? In order for Obama to have been born in Kenya, his parents must have visited there in the summer break of 1961 because while his mother took a little over a year off from the Univ. of Hawaii to have her son. Barack Obama Sr. was still enrolled at the Univ. of Hawaii and attended classes from 1959 through 1962. The “Birthers” are going to have to show with some convincing evidence that the two of them visited Kenya at that time.

This would seem unlikely because Ann Dunham would have discovered on such a trip that Obama Sr. lied about getting a divorce from his first wife and that would be  a prescription for two women’s wrath. If this did happen though, I have to admit that it fits the timeline as in September 1961 (just weeks after Obama’s birth) Ann Dunham left Obama Sr. to live as a single mother and attend classes at the Univ. of Washington (why not continue in Hawaii and stay with Obama Sr?) while Obama Sr. continued at the Univ. of  Hawaii till 1962 and graduation. Shortly after Obama Sr. graduated went to Harvard for graduate school and in 1964 they were divorced. Early statement’s by Obama’s grandmother seems to support this narrative and some Kenyan officials obviously believe this as well.

While I am still not convinced, I have to admit that the closer I look into this, the stranger it gets. I used to pretty much dismiss this issue, but now I am forced to admit that while skeptical my curiosity is piqued.

UPDATE – President Obama releases the long form birth certificate?

Well actually it is a long form Certificate of Live Birth. This is very interesting and sort of makes me wish I had dug into this issue sooner.

If you read above you will see that I put forth my own theory on why Obama was hiding the “Birth Certificate” and this now document advances my hypothesis, which I find a bit disturbing. If you had read above I stated that the way Hawaii law works is that a parent can go to a state health official and sign a form saying that her child was born at XXX such a place and instant COLB and state recognition of ones existence. We all know what a long form birth certificate looks like. It will have the baby foot and /or hand prints, the name of the hospital and parents and doctors present who witnessed the birth. The document will be made on the same day the child is born. Yet on the long form COLB is not even applied for until several days after his birth.

So where does this leave the issue? Well it leaves it almost dead. While I have even more doubt now that President Obama was born in the country than before, even if the hypothesis described above is true, which it might not be, but annoyingly fits the evidence like a glove;  even if all true none of that is President Obama’s fault. One cannot control who one’s parents are or what they do. If he believes he was born out of the country than all this amounts to is another lie and quite frankly there are much more pertinent and substantive lies from this president to focus on. I was never invested in this issue and I remain in the same boat, but while so many are naturally curious I am also.

On a side note I also find it interesting that the two people who have benefited most from this issue are Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

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