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Glenn Beck K-12 School Special: Talking With Teachers

Posted by iusbvision on May 13, 2011

Via The Daily Beck:

There was a report out this week that only 22% of 8th graders passed a basic civics test. The conclusion? Millions of young Americans will be unprepared to be informed and engaged, which is required in a healthy democracy. When the news last Sunday came out of Usama Bin Laden’s death, the number five search on Google was “Who is Usama Bin Laden?”. 25% of all searches overall came from those under 24. That, and much MORE on indoctrination tonight!

The audience is almost all teachers tonight. This is very interesting to see, as some of the teachers have bought some of their union propaganda. Some don’t understand the cultural problems in public schools that help create the larger issues, some don’t understand that a public school that isn’t very good results in the people who care and the wealth fleeing, which lowers property values and exacerbates the problem. Bad schools create bad neighborhoods, which makes bad schools worse. But some do get it.

One teacher says that it is a values problem, unions and government have drummed the values out of public education.

See what happens when Beck asks the audience if they have seen their union and such push blatantly Marxist propaganda on the kids.

This is very interesting.

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