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The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. – Vladimir Lenin

Obama using the EPA to ignore Congress and enact new energy taxes with the stroke of a pen

Posted by iusbvision on May 26, 2011


End the Regulatory ‘Train Wreck’ at the EPA!

You already know how the Obama Administration’s EPA has been working to enact a backdoor cap and trade scheme through greenhouse gas regulationthat would further drive up already sky-high energy costs.

Conservative, limited government activists like YOU from all over the country have helped us deliver a powerful message to Congress on this issue. So far,FreedomWorks members have sent over 153,000 letters and emails and made over 2,300 phone calls urging targeted lawmakers to pass legislation that would put a halt to EPA’s cap and trade nightmare. This groundswell of grassroots pressure has helped push the House to pass H.R. 910 — The Energy TaxPrevention Act of 2011; legislation that would strip EPA of its ability to use theClean Air Act to regulate greenhouse gases.

As this bill awaits action in the Senate, FreedomWorks will continue to ramp up activity and aggressively push for a vote. Unfortunately however, EPA has a host of other regulatory abuses on its agenda and we need Congress to act fast in order to keep this “train wreck” from further spiking energy costs and devastating America’s economic recovery.

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Specifically, it is important that conservative leaders in Congress come forward to address the following actions that EPA has undertaken and that threaten to cost millions of American jobs and billions of dollars in lost GDP:

1. New taxes that will impact thousands of businesses—large and small…By increasing complicated regulatory standards, the EPA is hitting American businesses with a brand new tax. Facilities ranging from factories to churches that can’t afford to upgrade their equipment would be forced to close!

2. Massive new regulatory taxes on electricity…Expensive new standards targeting coal fired power plants—the source of most of the nation’s electricity—would raise costs for consumers and businesses. Billions in new costs would be passed on to energy consumers and the energy security of millions of Americans would be put in serious jeopardy!

3. Costly new regulations on cement plants…Our nation’s cement plants are perhaps in the most precarious position due to the EPA’s aggressive new regulatory agenda. A recent Southern Methodist University study estimated in excess of 15% of plants would be forced to close, costing thousands of jobs, raising costs, and dramatically hurting investments in U.S. infrastructure!

4. New restrictions effecting common household products and materials…The EPA wants to re-define coal ash as a hazardous material. In doing so, they will eliminate the use of this product in the making of many thing s we rely on including building materials like cement and drywall — in turn, driving up the cost of these products!

5. New regulations on emissions that would force many communities to impose costly new restrictions on consumers and small businesses…New ozone standards would put many out of reach, triggering extensive new regulations that would have sweeping and devastating new economic consequences affecting virtually all consumers and businesses, with new standards for everything from car tailpipes to factory smokestacks—and everything in between!

If steps are not taken to prevent EPA from pursuing this agenda, the Obama EPA nightmare will become a reality for American consumers, businesses, and the economy as a whole.

CLICK HERE to contact you legislators and urge them to support legislation aimed at stopping the EPA’s regulatory train wreck!


Armey Signature
Dick Armey
Chairman, FreedomWorks

P.S. As anyone knows, a train wreck is devastating, and also very costly to clean up. Unfortunately, the same is true of cleaning up the EPA’s regulatory “train wreck.” If you can, please chip in $25 or more here to help FreedomWorks foot the bill to undo the damage.

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