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Attention Police: Use restraint, pick your battles….

Posted by iusbvision on May 28, 2011

There are times when you need to pick your battles, even when you are a police officer. These people were not even causing a disturbance. Now there is this video which has done more damage to the Park Police and Washington DC than letting three couples silently slow dance together ever would. What jury in a civil suit is going to look at this and side with the police?

By the way, notice the RT sign in the video, that is Russia Today. RT is not huge with the USA, but internationally it is very popular. Fair or not, now the world sees that the “Home of the Free” just isn’t.

2 Responses to “Attention Police: Use restraint, pick your battles….”

  1. Don Broome said

    The Park Police walked right into this “set up”; every action and word of these “protesters” was designed to antagonize the Police. Combine the RT sign(Russia Today)with T-Shirts saying “Disobey” and “Code Pink”, and you have all the necessary ingredients for trouble.

    [And if even they did not have those shirts, asking them to leave the memorial was more than enough, but to put on that display with multiple people filming… how could the police be that foolish? – Editor]

  2. Missionary James said

    Since when is Dancing or Couples holding one another in a public place a Crime? We the People need to study the Laws and Supreme Court Rulings that say Citizens can defend themselves from false arrest with physical force against police officers! It’s high time these out of control, arrogant, ignoramus Police Officers are put into their place, even by physical force and resistance. Ignorance of the Law and/or our Civil Rights is NO EXCUSE, for both CITIZEN and POLICE OFFICERS…..Notice in this Video, the Police Officer could not answer the Question as to WHAT LAW DID THEY BREAK BY DANCING? Most Officers of today need a REAL EDUCATION in CONSTITUTIONAL LAW and BILL OF RIGHTS 101, ans SOME of them need a good ASS-KICKING……

    [James, lets not advocate the beating of police OK, I feel your frustration and the lack of restraint among police seems to be a growing problem, and if it continues the push-back will not be pretty. I just hope that the next Justice Department pushes the lack of police restraint issue very hard – Editor]

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