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The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. – Vladimir Lenin

How the left pushes attitude change propaganda on cable news.

Posted by iusbvision on June 5, 2011

This lesson is over hyped and uses humorous sarcasm in order to keep you entertained while they educate you, but the substance is essentially spot on.

The video uses Jehmu Green as an example of a leftist who engages in naked propaganda techniques but is not very artful at it as she is a newcomer to the propaganda business. So who is Jehmu Greene? Here is her wikipedia entry –

The group she founded with Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan is the Women’s Media Center. Gloria Stienem is an early radical feminist who has pushed points of view like marriage is oppression, all sex is rape, and her academic theories are designed to push the male behavior out of young boys.

Take these examples from Robin Morgan’s Wikipedia entry:

Robin Morgan (born January 29, 1941) is a former child actor turned American radical feminist activist, writer, poet, and editor of Sisterhood is Powerful and Ms. Magazine.

In the late 1960s she was a founding member of radical feminist organizations such as New York Radical Women and W.I.T.C.H.. She also founded the Women’s Media Center.

Wikipedia quotes her as saying


Essentially this “Women’s Media Center” Jehmu Green was president of is a racialist organization that is profoundly anti-men. It does not get much more extreme than that. If you ever find yourself being invited on a TV talk show demand to know who you will be appearing with in advance. If they will not tell you do not accept the invitation. If you get sandbagged and they spring three people on to debate against you nicely explain that you were sandbagged by the network who asked you to come and as a result you did not prepare to debate such points so you could have been ready to have the best participation possible.

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