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Jewish Student Missing at IU Bloomington

Posted by iusbvision on June 5, 2011

Age 20
90-100 pounds
Blonde Hair
Blue Eyes
Small Frame

LAST SEEN: JUNE 3RD 4:30AM wearing black leggings, white shirt, no shoes

If you have ANY information please contact the Bloomington Police Department: 812-339-4477

This Facebook group is coordinating a search –

Concerns grow as in recent months there have been a string of antisemitic incidents at IU Bloomington.

Let us all hope and pray that Lauren is found safe.

UPDATE – Apparently she was walking home late after a social gathering about four blocks from her residence when she was last seen. There was a search today by a group of concerned citizens and there will be another search tomorrow. Use the Facebook page linked above for further updates.

UPDATE II – Police have a video, I suspect it is only a matter of time now before the boys in the video with her are identified – LINK.


UPDATE III – August 18. The case has gone cold, but Channel 6 News Indy reports:

Family members have pleaded with acquaintances of Spierer to come forward with information that could aid in the search and have said publicly in the recent past that they don’t believe some are being forthcoming. Friday’s statement reiterated that stance.

“There is no reason to think the people Lauren was last with wouldn’t do everything in their power to help us find her,” the statement read. “But, alas, there is deafening silence. “That silence compounds our frustration, our desperation and our grief in not having found Lauren.”

2 Responses to “Jewish Student Missing at IU Bloomington”

  1. Brent said

    While it is true that Lauren is still missing and people across this country are worried about her, it is also true that she was walking home alone after a night of partying (which I also use to do) in this amazing college town.

    When evil people take advantage of people who are not sober, they are not taking into account their ethnic religious heritage. This is not an antisemitic incident. We of all faiths will continue to pray for her safe return. Bloomington is a progressive city that celebrates diversity.

    Readers of blogs like this: do your research!

    [IUSB Vision Editor Responds:

    Brent, respectfully, you don’t KNOW anything unless you were there when what ever happened actually happened.

    When I posted this there was nothing in the press reports that said that she was drunk. At the time there was nothing that said she was partying. That came out after we saw the Facebook page that was created for her.

    You say that IU campus is progressive, perhaps you haven’t noticed that antisemitism is very popular among progressives, especially on campus. There have been eight incidents of antisemitic vandalism on IU Bloomington campus that have been reported in recent months, and two more incidents off campus.

    Brent, you must not have known about this because you haven’t “done your research”. To not be concerned about the possibility from minute one that the problem could escalate passed vandalism is to bury ones head in the sand. This is the first time I have had access to a computer since I posted this, we provided the Facebook link so people could get updates from there. No where did we say that we would be live blogging this or updating the story by the hour. – Editor]

  2. Missionary James said

    Yo Brent …….. let me share with you what I learned in Church this past Sunday:
    1) All Humans of ALL faiths or not, are SINNERS – (Progressives included!)
    2) We live in a FALLEN WORLD – – (Progressives included!)
    3) Opposition and Prejudice is alive and well in HUMANS OF ALL COLORS and RELIGIOUS/NON-RELIGIOUS BACKGROUNDS – (Progressives included!)

    Another Word for Progressive is LIBERAL and COMMUNIST and SOCIALIST …… All such Leaders of such Progressive Parties in times past were ANTI-SEMETIC and they MURDERED MILLIONS of JEWS and their OWN PEOPLE, especially if THEY DISAGREED with them……

    [IUSB Vision Editor’s Note: While I do not share James’s personal zeal and hyped ways of communicating, he has a point. Progressive thinkers such as Walter Lippmann and others say among themselves and in their writings that ultimately there is no difference between progressives, communists, socialists etc etc – ]

    Please save us the MALARKY and outright LIES that somehow PROGRESSIVES and/or PROGRESSIVE CITIES are ABOVE acts of ANTI-SEMITISM and MURDER and HYPOCRISY and PREJUDICE and MUCH MORE!!!!!

    WE THE PEOPLE are quite FRANKLY sick of your PROGRESSIVE UN-AMERICAN, HATRED-SPEWING IGNORANCE and DIVISIVE ACTS of VIOLENCE/CHARACTER ASSASSINATION against those who disagree with you! We know your goals to collapse and overthrow America! Problem is…..your not gonna win when PUSH comes to SHOVE. WE THE PEOPLE know where and WHO you Progressives are. We kicked your asses all the way back to ENGLAND in the REVOLUTIONARY WAR and we WILL DO IT AGAIN should you decide to TAKE THAT KING GEORGE TYRANNICAL OPPRESSIVE APPROACH with this country…….

    Spare us the Rants and Spew!!!

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