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The Washington Post and New York Times ask for volunteers to go through Sarah Palin’s emails.

Posted by iusbvision on June 9, 2011

The Washington Post and the NYT are asking for 100 volunteers to go through Palin’s emails. Funny, I don’t recall them asking for help to read the 2000+ page ObamaCare bill. If they had perhaps they may have found the three multi-billion dollars slush funds that were hidden in it.

When CBS refused to release the video of Obama calling certain federal workers “scrubs” where was the NYT and WashPo to protest?

Our friend Nick Anderson says, “Maybe they should be reading Cong. Weiner’s email. I bet they would find more crimes in there.”


Republicans Find Multi-Billion Dollar Slush Funds Hidden in ObamaCare Bill – UPDATE: PolitiFact, FactCheck, WashPo Fact Checker, Heritage say Bachmann is Right

One Response to “The Washington Post and New York Times ask for volunteers to go through Sarah Palin’s emails.”

  1. Don Broome said

    I can save them tons of time and effort: Yes, she can see Russia from her home, but not the Arizona home; Both papers would be better served to have their volunteers go through the email of the guy next door, in Wasilla, if he’s still there; They will find that Sarah invented the internet – not Al Gore; Sarah has also been involved in a conspiracy with certain Japanese whale fisherman; It was because of PETA”s discovery of this vile act, and their threatened violent revenge, that Sarah, Todd and the rest of the clan determined it was time to “get the hell out of Dodge City”; Scottsdale, AZ, PETA learned was not too accessible by their chase boats.

    This vendetta against Sarah Palin by the NYT and Washington Post, I contend, has less to do with the possibility of her presidential campaign, than it does with her remark directed to these vicious dogs, following her 2008 V-P acceptance speec h, when somewhere in it, or at the close, she spoke dsirectly to the media and said “I’m not going to Washington to represent you, I’m going to Washington, represent the people of America”. Even today, in her bus tour, the so-called main stream media is following her like a pride of lions, hoping she will throw them a bone. She said, “Why should I talk to them?”

    It is very simple – the media loves to “control”; They didn’t care for Harry S. Truman; they don’t care for Sarah Palin; The media is also hell-bent on revenge.

    Today’s “journalists” remind me of Jack Anderson an “investigative reporter” in the Joseph McCarthy, Richard Nixon era. Anderson did not like the “witch hunts” conducted by Mr. McCarthy, of the House UnAmerican Activities Committee, so He said to his staff: “Lets do to Hoover what he does to others”. He had his people GO THOROUGH J.EDGAR HOOVER’S GARBAGE – sound somewhat familiar.. Jack Anderson also ruined Thomas Eagleton, the Democratic V-P nominee, with George McGovern; He erroneously reported Eagleton had numerous bouts with alcohol; He later retracted this report, but the damage had already been done. This is what the NYT and Washington Post desparately want. Their problem is – they know nothing about a “Momma Grizzly”

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