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My thoughts on Herman Cain

Posted by iusbvision on June 17, 2011

Herman Cain

Political Analysis by Chuck Norton

I have followed Herman Cain’s career for many years and I am going to tell you up front that I like him. He is a nice man who is very smart and he is a legendary problem solver and economic wiz. He is also a great manager. Cain has a reputation for fixing companies that fall into bad shape and thus save a create jobs. Herman Cain is an easy man to admire.

Cain as a presidential candidate has some problems.

Cain has no foreign policy experience, but in fairness lots of governors and other candidates had no foreign policy experience to speak of either. Some did great (Reagan) and some were so bad that they have resulted in countless lives lost (Carter). Perhaps the key to a successful foreign policy lies in the candidates philosophy. Reagan had a foreign policy philosophy which was very simple, “We Win They Lose”. Cain speaks too frequently about differing to advisers and generals. This excuse will not work much longer. Cain says that he cannot have an opinion on some of these issues because there is information at the White House he must see to have a fully informed opinion. While there is some truth to this, Cain could hire some experts and craft a basic policy strategy. If he doesn’t do that he will be seen as “un-presidential”.

[Editor’s Note: Sarah Palin does not have access to the secret information that is available to the White House, what she does have is access to a foreign policy expert in John McCain, and she has hired foreign policy consultants to get her up to speed. She has also been making overseas tours. Palin has a rather detailed policy position on most every issue foreign or domestic – LINK. Sarah Palin is not even a candidate and she has done this; soon Herman Cain will have no excuse. If Cain does not get up to speed we can expect a major foreign policy gaff from him. Newt Gingrich seemed to be watching Cain’s back in the first CNN debate, which is interesting.] 

In spite of Cain’s positive attributes and charisma, his candidacy is a longshot at best. Cain has never held office before and very few people are willing to vote for someone with no government experience. Will voters,  after having an unknown quantity like Obama being such a disaster, be willing to vote for another?

Cain’s candidacy has already had missteps. Cain’s presentation seems to indicate that he believes that ALL wisdom is outside of Washington, while this may be the case in many things depending on your point of view, it is certainly not always the case. Cain has made some mistakes in his messaging plan so far that indicate a naivety that concerns me. For Example elite media journalists trip him up and get him off message rather easily. They also bait him into answering certain social hot button issues that are always a lose/lose when you attempt to answer them.

With that said Cain will be an asset in this primary because he explains economics well and he is great at critiquing and explaining President Obama’s bad policy choices. Cain does not have to be the nominee to be effective in helping conservatives win in 2012 as he will be a good asset to who ever the GOP nominee ends up being.

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