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Priceless: Why I’m a Democrat – College Democrats of America 2011 Summer Conference

Posted by iusbvision on June 26, 2011

UPDATE – It looks like the DNC found this little post and removed the video.  I should have archived it.  I found an unedited version of the video.

In the video they all use slogans except three who mention policy positions. [Editor’s Note: In the video one person mentions NAFTA, which is just too long and complex of an issue to tackle in this post other than to say that here is a video of Bill Clinton’s comments at the signing]

1 – The Civil Rights Act – which Democrats filibustered and Republicans voted for by an 82% margin (eventually Dems caved). Democrats filibustered (successfully stopping the bills) all of the civil rights legislation in the 1950’s all of what was overwhelmingly supported by Republicans. One look at inner cities and inner city schools which are controlled by the Democratic Party show that the party is exploiting black Americans and has no real interest in empowering them.

2 – The Patriot Act – of which internal violations of using the act illegally have gone up exponentially under this administration. Through fast and loose “interpretation” Democrats have expanded the Act and Obama has been the worst administration when it comes to abuse of privacy rights that I am aware of.

Obama promised to put an end to warrantless wiretapping and do something about the Patriot Act. Where are the so called “far left privacy advocates” now? The Obama Administration (along with a willing Democratic Leadership in Congress) has consistently (1, 2, 3, 4, 5,) pushed for more domestic spying ability and extended the Patriot Act. More spying includes including wanting more wire taps on the internet and arguing that you have no reasonable expectation of privacy in email or cell phones or… well I think you got the point. Of course who was the first TV personality to speak out on these privacy violations. Clue: He’s the new Oprah.

Now we get to ask you if Obama is spying on YOUR library book list!


Patriot Act Warrants That Let Agents Enter Homes Without Owner Knowing Triple Under Obama

Google Comes Under Fire for ‘Secret’ Relationship with NSA. Cozy with Administration.

Obama Administration implemented policy to have political appointees review all FOIA requests….

Obama Administration wants more wiretaps on internet

Obama Administration Thinks Chicago’s Cameras Everywhere are Just Dandy

Obama Administration: You have no reasonable expectation of privacy in email or cell phones or…

3 – Because more women should be involved in politics – Wow that one is amazing. Shall we go through a list of Democrat misogyny hall of shame? While the first names that come up for sexual attacks, smears, lies, and name calling by Democrats are against Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and Nikki Haley – Let us NOT forget how Hillary Clinton was mistreated by her fellow Democrats which resulted in the creation of dozens of PUMA groups and websites such as Hillbuzz. Remember how the Obama thugs used threats and in some cases physically kept Hillary delegates out of some caucuses? Remember how the Democrats “super delegates” stepped in when it looked like Hillary was going to win the nomination?

In fact Hillary Clinton’s own Communications Director Howard Wolfson said that Fox News was the only place where her campaign could get a fair shake because the Democrat Media Complex, also known as the elite media, was so grossly unfair even this web site spoke out against it.

This video is one the GOP can use, as it demonstrates that Democrats count on ignorance and mobocracy like sloganeering.

5 Responses to “Priceless: Why I’m a Democrat – College Democrats of America 2011 Summer Conference”

  1. Greg said

    Can anyone get a link to the video that hasn’t been removed or maybe print a transcript of it, I would love to read it.

  2. Jeffrey Damien Cappella said

    Well Said Chuck, well said.

  3. Don Broome said

    Why did I have the distinct impression, while watching these “I am a Democrat because…”that I was really listening to empty, talking heads, taking their cue from the most ‘socialist democrat” of them all?

  4. If you really want the truth, dig deeper said

    The Republicans who take credit for civil rights legislation need to read their history books. The Democrats who were against it were Dixiecrats or Bollwevils, southern Democrats who ultimately became Republicans. Some morphed into the Blue Dog Democrats and now support the NRA and would deny a woman’s right not to bear children. It was a Texas Democrat, however, Lyndon Johnson, who signed the Civil Rights Act and made it law.


    IUSB Vision Editor Responds:

    Actually it is YOU that needs to crack open a history book

    [And Pamela, did you really think you or your friends could fool us with another fake name and email? We are expert IT people here so you are going to have to do better than that. Her comment came from a City of St. Petersburg owned computer network, this is your tax dollars at work Florida]

    Most Dixiecrats stayed in the Democratic Party their entire life, well beyond the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

    -Dixiecrats thats stayed in the Democratic Party (16)

    Orval Fabus
    Benjamin Travis Laney
    John Stennis
    James Eastland
    Allen Ellender
    Russell Long
    John Sparkman
    John McClellan
    Richard Russell
    Herman Talmadge
    George Wallace
    Lester Maddox
    John Rarick
    Robert Byrd
    Al Gore, Sr.
    Bull Connor

    -Dixiecrats that later joined the Republican Party (2)

    Strom Thurmond
    Mills Godwin.

    Linked below is the Official GOP Platform from 1960

    Civil Rights
    This nation was created to give expression, validity and purpose to our spiritual heritage—the supreme worth of the individual. In such a nation—a nation dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal—racial discrimination has no place. It can hardly be reconciled with a Constitution that guarantees equal protection under law to all persons. In a deeper sense, too, it is immoral and unjust. As to those matters within reach of political action and leadership, we pledge ourselves unreservedly to its eradication.

    Equality under law promises more than the equal right to vote and transcends mere relief from discrimination by government. It becomes a reality only when all persons have equal opportunity, without distinction of race, religion, color or national origin, to acquire the essentials of life—housing, education and employment. The Republican Party—the party of Abraham Lincoln—from its very beginning has striven to make this promise a reality. It is today, as it was then, unequivocally dedicated to making the greatest amount of progress toward the objective.

    We recognize that discrimination is not a problem localized in one area of the country, but rather a problem that must be faced by North and South alike. Nor is discrimination confined to the discrimination against Negroes. Discrimination in many, if not all, areas of the country on the basis of creed or national origin is equally insidious. Further we recognize that in many communities in which a century of custom and tradition must be overcome heartening and commendable progress has been made.

    The Republican Party is proud of the civil rights record of the Eisenhower Administration. More progress has been made during the past eight years than in the preceding 80 years. We acted promptly to end discrimination in our nation’s capital. Vigorous executive action was taken to complete swiftly the desegregation of the armed forces, veterans’ hospitals, navy yards, and other federal establishments.

    We supported the position of the Negro school children before the Supreme Court. We believe the Supreme Court school decision should be carried out in accordance with the mandate of the Court.

    Although the Democratic-controlled Congress watered them down, the Republican Administration’s recommendations resulted in significant and effective civil rights legislation in both 1957 and 1960—the first civil rights statutes to be passed in more than 80 years.

    Hundreds of Negroes have already been registered to vote as a result of Department of Justice action, some in counties where Negroes did not vote before. The new law will soon make it possible for thousands and thousands of Negroes previously disenfranchised to vote.

    By executive order, a committee for the elimination of discrimination in government employment has been reestablished with broadened authority. Today, nearly one-fourth of all federal employees are Negro.

    The President’s Committee on Government Contracts, under the chairmanship of Vice President Nixon, has become an impressive force for the elimination of discriminatory employment practices of private companies that do business with the government.

    Other important achievements include initial steps toward the elimination of segregation in federally-aided housing; the establishment of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, which enforces federal civil rights laws; and the appointment of the bi-partisan Civil Rights Commission, which has prepared a significant report that lays the groundwork for further legislative action and progress.

    The Republican record is a record of progress—not merely promises. Nevertheless, we recognize that much remains to be done.

    Each of the following pledges is practical and within realistic reach of accomplishment. They are serious—not cynical—pledges made to result in maximum progress.

    1. Voting.

    We pledge:
    Continued vigorous enforcement of the civil rights laws to guarantee the right to vote to all citizens in all areas of the country.

    Legislation to provide that the completion of six primary grades in a state accredited school is conclusive evidence of literacy for voting purposes.

    2. Public Schools.

    We pledge:
    The Department of Justice will continue its vigorous support of court orders for school desegregation. Desegregation suits now pending involve at least 39 school districts. Those suits and others already concluded will affect most major cities in which school segregation is being practiced.

    It will use the new authority provided by the Civil Rights Act of 1960 to prevent obstruction of court orders.

    We will propose legislation to authorize the Attorney General to bring actions for school desegregation in the name of the United States in appropriate cases, as when economic coercion or threat of physical harm is used to deter persons from going to court to establish their rights.

    Our continuing support of the President’s proposal, to extend federal aid and technical assistance to schools which in good faith attempted to desegregate.

    We oppose the pretense of fixing a target date 3 years from now for the mere submission of plans for school desegregation. Slow-moving school districts would construe it as a three-year moratorium during which progress would cease, postponing until 1963 the legal process to enforce compliance. We believe that each of the pending court actions should proceed as the Supreme Court has directed and that in no district should there be any such delay.

    3. Employment.

    We pledge:
    Continued support for legislation to establish a Commission on Equal Job Opportunity to make permanent and to expand with legislative backing the excellent work being performed by the President’s Committee on Government Contracts.

    Appropriate legislation to end the discriminatory membership practices of some labor union locals, unless such practices are eradicated promptly by the labor unions themselves.

    Use of the full-scale review of existing state laws, and of prior proposals for federal legislation, to eliminate discrimination in employment now being conducted by the Civil Rights Commission, for guidance in our objective of developing a Federal-State program in the employment area.

    Special consideration of training programs aimed at developing the skills of those now working in marginal agricultural employment so that they can obtain employment in industry, notably in the new industries moving into the South.

    4. Housing.

    We pledge:
    Action to prohibit discrimination in housing constructed with the aid of federal subsidies.

    5. Public Facilities and Services.

    We pledge:
    Removal of any vestige of discrimination in the operation of federal facilities or procedures which may at any time be found.

    Opposition to the use of federal funds for the construction of segregated community facilities.

    Action to ensure that public transportation and other government authorized services shall be free from segregation.

    6. Legislative Procedure.

    We pledge:
    Our best efforts to change present Rule 22 of the Senate and other appropriate Congressional procedures that often make unattainable proper legislative implementation of constitutional guarantees.

    We reaffirm the constitutional right to peaceable assembly to protest discrimination in private business establishments. We applaud the action of the businessmen who have abandoned discriminatory practices in retail establishments, and we urge others to follow their example.

    Finally we recognize that civil rights is a responsibility not only of states and localities; it is a national problem and a national responsibility. The federal government should take the initiative in promoting inter-group conferences among those who, in their communities, are earnestly seeking solutions of the complex problems of desegregation—to the end that closed channels of communication may be opened, tensions eased, and a cooperative solution of local problems may be sought.

    In summary, we pledge the full use of the power, resources and leadership of the federal government to eliminate discrimination based on race, color, religion or national origin and to encourage understanding and good will among all races and creeds.

  5. 30 years in Government said

    I have not heard any “sexual attacks, smears, or lies” aimed at Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, or Nikki Haley (whoever she is) by Democrats. As for “name calling,” well, we call ’em as we see ’em. If someone is a fool, a liar, incompetent, disingenuous, misinformed, uninformed, or just plain silly, and they are wanting the job of representing me and making laws to govern me, then they should be named appropriately whether they are male or female. Just because the Democrats point out the stupidity of a Republican or Tea Party woman candidate, it is not a “sexual” attack. Have you noticed that Republican lawmakers and candidates are becoming increasingly thin-skinned? If they really have the courage of their convictions, they need to stand up, publically justify their actions and not whine so much.


    IUSB Vision Editor responds:


    Thanks for reminding us that the “truth” to a leftist radical is anything that pushes your ideology. We have reported the sexual attacks, sexist attacks, etc complete with links, quotes etc. I would also like to remind you that hate is not a family value so I suggest that you get some therapy, because your comments are way passed untrue and border on the unhinged.

      Here is just a residue of the evidence for a candid world to review.

    Democrats repeatedly accused South Carolina Governor Candidate Nikki Haley of having multiple affairs, but never offered proof to support it.

    Salon Publishes MULTIPLE Calls for Torture, Murder of Sarah Palin

    And Patheos Magazine asks:

    Why, then, does every Sarah Palin item at the Huffington Post fill up with thousands or tens of thousands of hateful comments? Why have we seen, ever since she appeared on the national scene, articles like, “Why They Hate Her,” “Why They Hate Sarah Palin,” “Why Some Women Hate Sarah Palin,” “Why Elite Women Hate Sarah Palin,” “Why Feminists Hate Sarah Palin,” “Why Do Liberals Hate Sarah Palin,” “Why Jews Hate Palin,” “Why Do Jews Hate Sarah Palin So Much,” and even “Americans Hate Sarah Palin”? Why do we find “Hate Sarah Palin Days” at The View and t-shirts professing hatred for Palin and not for Bobby Jindal? The mere sight of her is enough to raise the hackles of most progressives, and the recent success of her daughter on Dancing with the Stars drove many to fits of apoplexy.

    More Sexist Attacks from Left: Lefty blogs start rumor that Palin has implants and elite media runs with it. Tennessee Democrat, “You have to lift their skirts to find out if they are women”


    The Huffington Post put on its front page, “PHOTOS: Did Sarah Palin Get Breast Implants?” This included a poll.

    Fox TV in Boston actually asked people on the streets if they thought Palin had gotten implants. [Editor’s Note – to see the video of what Fox25 did just follow the NewsBusters link; it is truly disgraceful. Honestly if that reporter had come up to me and started enquiring about any politicians boobs I would have thrown my drink in her face. That reporter is demeaning the profession. When I learned journalistic ethics the questions asked are: Does the story really matter. Does the story do more harm than good. Is it relevant? Is it true, if so can we prove it?]

    Of course JWF has the evidence to show that they are NOT fakeLINK

    Michelle Malkin has a great post on what the left does to disqualify women as candidates:

    The first stage of Conservative Female Abuse by the Left is infantilization. Right-wing women can’t possibly believe what they believe about the sanctity of life, self-defense, free markets, or foreign policy. They must be submissive little dolls of the White Male Hierarchy. Or, as a far Left (is there any other kind of Left in San Francisco?) San Francisco Chronicle columnist wrote of First Lady Laura Bush, they must be put in their place as “docile doormats” with no brains of their own.

    The second stage of CFA is sexualization. A conservative woman is not merely a sellout. She is an intellectual prostitute. Unable or unwilling to argue with them on the merits, detractors resort to mocking the physical appearance of their ideological opponents in skirts and denigrating them with vulgar epithets. MSNBC hosts insulted former GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson’s accomplished wife and mother of two, Jeri Thompson, as working the stripper pole. Newspaper cartoonists Ted Rall, Pat Oliphant, and Jeff Danziger caricatured Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as a mammy, thick-lipped parrot, and Bush “House Nigga” armed with “hair straightener.” New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd derided former GOP Florida secretary of state Katherine Harris for applying “her makeup with a trowel.”

    True to form, Dowd was first out of the box to snicker at Gov. Palin’s beauty pageant past, ridicule her “beehive and sexy shoes,” and compare her path to the vice presidential nomination as a “hokey chick flick.” Joe Biden backhandedly praised her as “good looking.” And left-wing bloggers worked overtime on lurid photoshops of Palin as a bikini model and porn star. At the Democratic Underground, a highly trafficked liberal website raising money for Barack Obama, members held a contest to come up with nicknames and posters to slime GOP Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. [Editor’s Note – the names they came up with are not safe for work. One of the nicer ones was VPILTF (VP I’d like to F**K)].

    The third stage of CFA is demonization. When the Left tires of hurling whore insults, it turns conservative women in the public eye into nefarious creatures. Bill Maher called Laura Bush “Hitler’s dog.” George Carlin attacked Barbara Bush as “the Silver douchebag.” A Huffington Post website member wrote of Nancy Reagan: “Like her evil husband, she has lived far too long. Here’s hoping the hag suffers for several weeks, then croaks in the tub.” Another added: “I feel no pity for the bitch who took delight in watching thousands die of a horrible disease and watching the poor having to eat out of dumpsters because of her husband’s political beliefs.” True to form, rumors of Palin being a crypto-Nazi surfaced on the Internet and the fringe media. And liberal critics used her gun-rights record to smear her as bloodthirsty.

    The final stage of CFA is dehumanization. Conservative women aren’t real women according to the liberal feminist establishment’s definition. Remember when Gloria Steinem called Texas Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison a “female impersonator?” Or when curdled NOW leader Patricia Ireland instructed Democrats to vote only for “authentic” female political candidates? Or when Al Gore’s fashion consultant Naomi Wolf described the foreign-policy analysis of Jeane Kirkpatrick as being “uninflected by the experiences of the female body?”

    Echoing the bottom-feeders in the liberal blogosphere, mainstream journalists and Obama water-carriers now question Palin’s commitment to motherhood and even challenged her pre-natal care decisions in an effort to destroy her.

    So lets take a walk down sexist memory lane shall we?

    Attacks on her womanhood –

    SLEAZE POLITICS: Democrats Accuse Palin of Faking Her Pregnancy

    Democratic State Chair: McCain had chosen a running mate whose primary qualification seems to be that she hasn’t had an abortion…

    Lawyer on Obama’s National Finance Committee – Audio: Palin Should Be Home Taking Care of Her Kids

    More Media Bias to the Point of Laughable Stupidity – This one is amuzing as CNN and the Washington Post attacked Palin for saying her husband Todd is a close advisor. Umm how many male presidents and politicians have said that their wife is thier most trusted advisor?

    What Did the New York Times Say About Geraldine Ferraro in 1984 When She Was a Young Member of Congress with Three Kids?

    Latest Palin Smear: Palin Charged Rape Victims for Rape Kits as Mayor… but when the truth gets out the elite media and the Democrats will have egg on their face again

    It’s the Palin Stay at Home Sexist Double Standard

    TROOPERGATE RESULTS: Branchflower finds Sarah Palin “Guilty” of not Keeping Her Husband Todd from Defending His Family from a Maniac State Trooper

    Newspaper apologizes for calling Palin a “broad” – LINK

    The David Letterman Attacks

    Letterman calls Gov. Palin’s daughter a prosititute. Makes rape joke about Palin’s 14 year old. – UPDATED!

    Video: Palin Responds to Letterman

    Letterman Lied: He Knew His Rape Joke About Willow Palin Was About a 14 Year Old – UPDATE: Letterman Apologizes

    Elite Media just taking rumors and/or reporting as true without a basic fact check:

    New York Times makes up quote from Palin hairdresser in hit piece

    Hey Gibson! About that Bush Doctrine: There are SIX of them. Palin was right again.

    Washington Post Smears Palin Again, Gets Facts Wrong Again, Doesn’t Check CNN or Youtube – Even Better, Idiots at Huffington Post Don’t Fact Check Either and Run With It

    Newsweek Publishes Lies About Palin Already Debunked Three Days Ago.

    Speaking of NBC-Washington Post-Newsweek’s That Published Lies About Palin Days After They Were Debunked…They Made This Video to Tell the World Exactly What They Think About Palin and You.

    Busted: Washington Post, Lefty Media and Blogs Said Palin Cut Funding to Aid Teen Moms… Now the Charity Involved Issued a Press Release…

    Democrat Bloggers Spreading False Rumor of Palin Divorce. Palin Considers Lawsuit.

    New York Times Out With Another Palin Hit Piece – The Local Press Has a Different Take – UPDATE: NYT Didn’t Fact-Check Again, Debunking Already In Full Swing!

    Another Palin Smear Debunked: $27 Million in Earmarks the Press and Democrats Say..

    Politico gets it wrong on Palin again. Published the $27 million earmark lie (From the Washington Post) after bloggers and ABC News wire debunked the story.

    ABC’s Jake Tapper Not Giving the Full Story on Alaska Earmarks – Update Tapper lied.

    The Latest Accusation on the Left Wing Blogs and Media: Palin is a “Book Banner” and She Spent the City Into the Ground as Mayor… (but what’s the truth?)

    Dear Chicago Sun-Times: Why do you have hate merchants like Mary Mitchell, who don’t fact-check, on your pay roll?

    If You Ever Doubted Leftist Media Bias, I Present You With This Total Joke of a Hit Piece From the Washington Post: Palin Billed State for Nights Spent at Home

    Washington Post Starts to Reverse Itself After Pressure From Obama – But Long List of Palin Lies and Smears From the WashPost Still Go Unretracted…

    Reactions by foreign press and honest pundits:

    Foreign Press Slams Sexist Media Bias Against Palin

    More Foreign Press Appalled by the Sexual Attacks Against Palin and Conduct of the American Media Elite Starts Debunking the Lies That Washington Post and Other Outfits are Trying to Pass Off as Journalism….but… says: Hey Obama Let’s Take a Trip Down Sexist Memory Lane…

    Michelle Malkin Knows Something About Racism and Sexism & Calls Out the Media On Sexist Attacks Against Palin

    Australia Herald-Sun Slams Elite Media and Democrats Reaction to Palin Interview

    Clinton Political Strategist Mark Penn on Biased/Sexist Palin Coverage: ” Media on very dangerous ground” – Slams Media for Going Over Palin’s Daily Expense Reports While Not Doing So on Other Candidates!

    Hillary Clinton Blogs Furious Over Sexist Attacks on Palin and Media Love Fest with Obama

    More Hillary Backers Come to Defense of Palin

    Retired CBS Newsman Bernard Goldberg: The media attacks Sarah Palin with malice and forethought.

    White House Reporter: We took sides against Palin in the election, straight & simple.

    The Boston Herald Took A Poll About Media Bias and Palin – Radio Host Howie Carr Explains – You must understand printing lies about Republican candidates is OK. It’s called “vetting.” Printing the truth about liberals – that’s called “swift-boating”

    Newsbusters Mocks Washington Post’s Biased and Ridiculous Palin/Biden Coverage

    Other stories of Palin media bias results:

    VP Biden’s daughter on film with cocaine. ABC, CBS, and NBC offer no coverage. When “Biden” and “Cocaine” are searched on the NBC site it gives you a picture of Bristol Palin….

    Biden’s Son Involved with Hedge Fund Crook

    [Note – We included these because one should compare how the coverage of Sarah Palin’s children is totally outrageous yet Joe Biden’s kids have all sorts of troubles and the elite media has next to no coverage.]

    MSNBC: Palin’s Book Will Do Well If She Can Read.

    How Media Bias Works: The John Ziegler Interview

    Ignorance in Action: Obama Supporters Cannot Answer Basic Questions About Government or About Their Own Candidates…But Look at What They Did Know…

    And last but not least ABC’s Charles Gibson – Questions asked of Palin vs. Obama vs. Edwards

    Obama interview:

    How does it feel to break a glass ceiling?
    How does it feel to “win”?
    How does your family feel about your “winning” breaking a glass ceiling?
    Who will be your VP?
    Should you choose Hillary Clinton as VP?
    Will you accept public finance?
    What issues is your campaign about?
    Will you visit Iraq?

    Will you debate McCain at a town hall?
    What did you think of your competitor’s [Clinton] speech?

    Palin interview:

    Do you have enough qualifications for the job you’re seeking? Specifically have you visited foreign countries and met foreign leaders?
    Aren’t you conceited to be seeking this high level job?
    Questions about foreign policy
    -territorial integrity of Georgia
    -allowing Georgia and Ukraine to be members of NATO
    -NATO treaty
    -Iranian nuclear threat
    -what to do if Israel attacks Iran
    -Al Qaeda motivations
    -the Bush Doctrine
    -attacking terrorists harbored by Pakistan
    Is America fighting a holy war? [misquoted Palin]

    John Edwards Gibson Didn’t Pound Edwards in 2004; Asked Him If GOP Attacks Made Him Mad:

    GIBSON: You speak with such equanimity this morning. Didn’t they make you mad last night?

    GIBSON: Did you get mad, though?

    More – Look at the portions of the interview ABC edited out of the Palin interview. Much of what was edited out was substantive answers that showed she had mastery of the issues – LINK

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