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Note to our great readers!

Posted by iusbvision on August 31, 2011

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IUSB Vision Web Log reactivated to bring you this very important story – IUSB Vision proved correct once again – IAC: Previous IPCC Reports failed to meet basic academic standards; Participants “too political” – LINK

UPDATE – IUSB Vision Editor Chuck Norton has opened a NEW web site at

As many of our 40,000 readers know, Chuck has been responsible for over 90% of our content since mid 2008.  Chuck is moving to the Washington DC area and will be giving first hand accounts of happenings in DC.

Chuck’s new site is still under construction and here is the schedule for it’s completion.

Chuck Norton:

The web site is still under construction. I have about 50 articles in my head that I need to post there. This is the schedule I have worked out for getting the site where readers will expect it to be.

Set up web domain and have it propagated through web hosters – Completed

Set up basic web theme, search tools, links, widgets, and comments functionality – 85% complete.

Import permalinks, blogrolls etc 90% complete.

Out of my previous nearly 3000 web posts and articles, I am transferring about 260 to the new site – 70% complete.

Start posting new content on the happenings of the last three months – Expect completion by September 31st.

Install special sections of the site for global security reports and news, economic reports and news, and campaign 2012 News – Expect completion by October 30th.

Transfer domain to a new hoster that allows for a more robust back end, a more robust and visually appealing theme, better ads, files, and HD Video – Expect completion in January.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The last members of the IUSB Vision staff have now graduated.  After all these years of informing the students and the general public,  none of the few students who we deemed qualified were available to take the reigns here at IUSB Vision so soon we will be posting our final post [Update, we spoke too soon. We might have a new student candidate who is brilliant and spot on intellectually – Editor].

We would like to thank Professor Ernest Goforth for taking the heat from the administration for us. We would like to thank our founding editor Craig Chamberlain, our second editor Jarrod Brigham and all of the staff who have contributed to the IUSB Vision for so long.

We would also like to thank the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Adam Kissel, Peter BonillaStudent’s for Academic FreedomThe Wall Street JournalDr. Mike AdamsProf. Donald Alexander DownsNational Review, and the Indiana ACLU for helping to guard our First Amendment freedoms and watching our backs.

We are very much aware that our 40,000 readers and dozens of other blogs have come to count on us so we would like to let the readers know that IUSB Vision editor Chuck Norton has purchased a terrific root domain and will be launching a new web site very soon which will be posted here so be sure to check back (the back-end is being developed as we speak). The IUSB Vision archives will forever be available.

On behalf of the entire IUSB Vision staff both past and present we would like to thank you all for reading IUSB Vision. It is the goal of every student publication to have an impact and we have the satisfaction of knowing we did.

Faculty Advisor – Prof. Ernest Goforth.

Editors in Chief – Craig Chamberlain, Jarrod Brigham, Chuck Norton.

Contributors – Stacy Rummel, Ed Hellig, Ed Lima, Gerry Rough, Marcus Vigil, Heather White Vigil, Larry Browning, Andrew Filmer, Sandy Brigham, Sarah Chamberlain, Sydney Chase, Naoko Fujimoto, Misty Perrin, Joanna Reusser, Rashida Vindic, Bo Lowman, Carlie Barr, Rachel Wesner, Ryan Hill, Stacie Jensen, Maria Pirrie.

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