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The left’s view of ‘truth’

Posted by iusbvision on September 5, 2011

By Chuck Norton

Bill Whittle makes some remarkable comments in his must see video and we expand on those comments below:

Lying and/or deception is a staple of leftist philosophy (like Radical Islam’s Taqiyyah concept) and anyone can read Saul Alinsky, Karl Marx, Mao, Goebbels, Van Jones, Piven, Hegel, Walter Lippmann, Stalin, ACORN materials, union activist manuals that have been leaked, etc and see that they advocate that the “truth” is anything that supports their position, the ends justifies the means, etc. I then remind them that our philosophy punishes those who lie or break their word – Just ask Bush 41 (read my lips).

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell says that bluedogs are just conservative and rhetorical cover so the socialists can get away with more.

While many politicians on both sides do spin and commonly lie when there is a scandal to attempt to get themselves out of trouble, for the left lying is calculated aggression.

For example:

Barack Obama says that government must live within its means and then puts forth a budget with 1.3 trillion to 1.6 trillion yearly deficits for as long as they eye can see, all while his budgets assume 4-5% economic growth.

When Obama goes to El Paso and says that he has done everything the GOP wants him to do with the border and now it is time to pass amnesty (laughable), or after he signed the Stimulus Bill he bragged about how it did not have one single earmark on national television, and then a few days later signed a $411 billion dollar omnibus spening bill with over 8000 earmarks in it, or how his Press Sec. claims that Texas Governor Rick Perry is lying about the federal government denying Texas disaster aid because of the wildfire problem there that has burned millions of acres “because the federal government is paying 75% of the bill” – but here is the rub, they are paying 75% of the bill for 25 fires out of 9000; a key fact he chose to omit. I could go on for 10 pages but I would not want to rub it in.

The truth is not neutral. Truth is demonstrated as truth when it can be demonstrated with a full body of evidence. That is why comments like “That web site isn’t balanced” are meaningless as the truth is not neutral.

What we are stating here was first recorded by Aristotle with his ‘Law of Identity’, also known as A=A; meaning that no matter how something is spun or misperceived truth is what it is and A=A no matter how many people say it equals Q. Aristotle had to break down rhetoric to this common sense level because of another school of rhetoric and ethics known as “The Sophists”. The Sophists prided themselves in their ability to defeat good arguments with bad ones and to use emotional pleas and deception to undermine truth whenever it suited them.

One Response to “The left’s view of ‘truth’”

  1. Don Broome said

    Very informative narration, and Bill Whittle states an unargueable “truth”; It was only a few years ago that an absolute truth was a given, and accepted in every argument, debate. The socialists/communists operatives began moving amongst us, most notably in the world of academia, and suddenly truth became “relative”; A no longer equaled A; if it felt good, you were to do it. No, if it felt good, you were obligated to do it, and in the process of self-fulfillment, you were instructed to “Trust no one over 30”. How do you suppose that came about? Well, no matter because it was followed by “Question authority”, and the beat goes on, ad infinitem. The simple fact is, when we have no absolutes as our foundation anymore, radio stations like this one in L.A. creep into our world, and consume the truth with their distortions – like maggots.

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