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Rod Blagojevich explains why he will not testify “They proved my case”

Posted by iusbvision on July 21, 2010

I was ready to believe from moment one that Rod Blagojevich was a typical corrupt Chicago politician. I still think he is. However, I was also ready to believe that the government would not be able to prove its case righteously because the prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, has a history of prosecutorial misconduct, media grandstanding and manipulating prosecutions and the media to aggrandize himself.

Telling the court that it would have witnesses for months and then only having a couple of days worth of testimony and resting its case with the defense not having witnesses ready to testify is another example of that misconduct. They do this in hopes that some witnesses will be unavailable and if they have a biased judge he would allow the defense to get screwed.

Interesting note, the judge demanded that Blago testify himself or that the judge would refuse to allow Blago to put on several of his own witnesses. This is unheard of and is grounds for an immediate appeal.

After all of Fitzgerald’s grandstanding, he just didn’t “have it” as journalists who have been attending the trial have been stating on WLS Radio. Every day the government went on their case was shrinking they said.

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Richardson “Pay to Play” Probe “Killed in Washington”…

Posted by iusbvision on August 30, 2009

Change we can believe in…..


SANTA FE, N.M. — New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and former high-ranking members of his administration won’t be criminally charged in a yearlong federal investigation into pay-to-play allegations involving one of the Democratic governor’s large political donors, someone familiar with the case said.

The decision not to pursue indictments was made by top Justice Department officials, according to a person familiar with the investigation, who asked not to be identified because federal officials had not disclosed results of the probe.

“It’s over. There’s nothing. It was killed in Washington,” the person told The Associated Press.

A federal grand jury began an investigation in 2008 into a possible pay-to-play scheme in which lucrative work on state bond deals went to a Richardson donor. The federal probe derailed Richardson’s appointment as commerce secretary in President Barack Obama’s administration.

Richardson withdrew his nomination in January, saying the investigation would have delayed his confirmation although he said expected to be cleared.

Richardson and members of his staff traveled to Cuba this week for a trade mission. Richardson spokesman Gilbert Gallegos didn’t immediately respond to e-mail messages seeking confirmation that no charges were expected from the federal investigation.

A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s office in Albuquerque said he had no information about the Justice Department’s decision and couldn’t comment.

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Corrupt PMA Group Has Over 1/4th of the House on Their Payroll

Posted by iusbvision on March 15, 2009

For the list of who is taking money form PMA group, and the earmarks they have gotten for PMA clients, and PMA’s client list follow the link


Rod Blagojevich may have been taken down for alleged “Pay to Play,” but how far away were his actions from, as he asserted, “Politics as Usual”?

The PMA Group, one of Washington D.C.’s biggest and most influential lobbyist firms, has ties to more than one-fourth of the House of Representatives, members who appropriated $300 Million for the firm in the fiscal year 2008 Defense Spending Bill alone.

The eye of the storm is centered on the relationship between Rep. John Murtha and his former aide on the House Appropriates Committee, Paul Magliocchetti, who went on to found PMA in 1989.

SInce 1989 the PMA Group has established itself as a force on Capitol Hill, lobbying for 131 different companies and organizations ranging in everything from defense contractors to municipalities and universities. In 2007, when the $300 Million in one bill (PL 110-116) took place, PMA Group earned $16,470,132 in lobbying income.

The PMA Group was raided in November by the FBI as they investigate allegations of fraud and bribery, including reimbursing employees for campaign contributions made to congressional members who supported PMA Group interests. Since then the PMA Group has announced that they will be shutting down operations by the end of March, 2009.

While lobbying efforts by PMA Group were bi-partisan, one common feature of their highest donated to congressional members were their Membership in the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, including all five of their top contributed-to lawmakers.

Senator Tom Coburn introduced an amendment into Senate debate today barring any earmarks from going to current or former PMA Group clients, of which there is an estimated $10 million of more in the current Omnibus Spending Bill (HR 1105), which is in debate. The $410 Billion spending bill is a collection of all departmental spending and appropriations for the remained of Fiscal Year 2009, which has been operating under a Continuing Resolution that runs out March 6, 2009.

The Coburn Amendment was defeated 38-57.

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Illinois Income Tax May Jump 50 Percent

Posted by iusbvision on March 14, 2009

Great idea guys, tax the wealth so much that even more of if leaves the state. Blago said that part of his impeachment was because he refused to raise income taxes. Could it be there is some truth to that?

CBS 2 Chicago

Mar 13, 2009 1:44 pm US/Central

Illinois Income Tax May Jump 50 Percent

Gov. Pat Quinn Says Tax Hike Is Needed To Fight Deficit

Gov. Pat Quinn confirmed Friday that he plans to raise taxes on some Illinois residents to combat deficits in a difficult state budget, and called for broader tax reform.

Quinn said Friday that he plans to hike taxes for families that make more than $56,000 a year.

But Quinn contends his income tax proposal would amount to a tax cut for millions of Illinoisans by increasing the personal exemption to let them shield more income from being taxed.

“It’s very important that we raise taxes in a fair way for the people of Illinois in order to pay for important core priorities – whether it be safety, health, education, transportation, and so on,” Quinn said at a news conference at the James R. Thompson Center Friday.

He did not say exactly how much taxes would go up, but the Chicago Tribune reported Friday that he was looking for a hike of 50 percent, from a rate of from 3 percent to 4.5 percent.

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AWESOME: Geraldo Rivera Takes Same Position as IUSB Vision on Blago/Fitzgerald

Posted by iusbvision on January 26, 2009

It’s about time that Fox News caught up with us.

Since December 11th 2008 the IUSB Vision has been alone in saying that the way that the prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, has conducted the Blagojevich investigation has been shameful and incompetent. What is shameful is that Fitzgerald said that what he had would make Abe Lincoln roll over in his grave while showboating to the media (which is another violation of legal ethics because it was a clear attempt to taint any would be jury pool), only to see Fitzgerald produce NO indictments against Blagojevich. Fitzgerald even had the sitting governor arrested when he had no indictments. Now Fitzgerald is asking the court for special extensions to file indictments.

You don’t arrest a sitting governor and start a media fiasco unless you have it and it is clear that Fitzgerald didn’t have it on December 10th and doesn’t have it today. This is not the first time Fitzgerald has engaged in prosecutorial misconduct.

Geraldo (who is a lawyer) and another analyst at Fox News had much to say in the video below, including how the impeachment trial against Blagojevich is a complete sham designed to skirt due process, which is what we here at IUSB Vision have said from day one.

Geraldo: “this is a total deprevation of this man’s due process”

[Editor’s Note – On a personal note; as a writer and as a former IUSB Chief Justice, every time I have made a legal determination, my legal interpretation has won the day. I am glad to see that experienced lawyers are now coming to what I saw as obvious from day one. Blagojevich might very well be guilty, but due process has been thrown to the dogs in the worst form almost very step of the way of this story. It is about time that someone else besides us have finally spoken out. To see our detailed coverage of this case just click the “Blagojevich” tag at the bottom of this entry.]

Special thanks to Johnny Dollar for posting the video.

UPDATE – Here is Geraldo’s Interview with Blago – definately a must see.

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Blagojevich on His Due Process Rights Being Violated

Posted by iusbvision on January 23, 2009

Like him or hate him, Blago is dead right about this. He is not being allowed to even call any witnesses in his defense and we are talking about a man who has not even had an indictment leveled against him. Patrick Fitzgerald told the press he was guilty and Blago may be removed from office before even he sees the evidence.

Be sure to click the Blagojevich category link below to see all of our coverage on this. You will see that what is going on here is one of the most heinous violations of a mans constitutionally protected due process rights that I have ever seen in America. Blago may be guilty, but all of us, even he, has a right to fair due process. There is so much concern about the due process for prisoner of war Al-Qeada detainees at Guantanamo are getting (which no country on Earth has done to this degree before), yet Blago has become a political liability for the Democrats so his rights are violated right and left and only a few are honest enough to tell it like it is.

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Democrats Plan to Use Physical Force to Keep Burris Off the Senate Floor

Posted by iusbvision on January 2, 2009

They think they are above the law folks, they haven’t even taken office for the new term yet and the laws they are moving to violate are as fundamental as the Constitution itself.

We told you how the Democrats plan on breaking the law to deny Roland Burris his legally appointed Illinois Senate Seat and we also have told you about the lengths the Democrats have gone to deny Governor Blagojevich his due process rights. Blagojevich is a dirt-bag to be sure, but he IS innocent until proved guilty and these actions by the Democratic leadership are illegal and unethical.

(CNN)— Senate Democratic leaders think Roland Burris, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s pick to fill President-elect Barack Obama’s vacant Senate seat, will likely show up on Capitol Hill Tuesday for the opening day of Congress, according to a Democratic aide familiar with Senate Democratic leaders’ plans.

They have prepared a contingency plan in case he does, the aide added.

Burris will not be allowed on the Senate floor, according to this aide and a Senate Democratic leadership aide.

The aide familiar with Senate Democratic leaders’ plans said if Burris tries to enter the Senate chamber, the Senate doorkeeper will stop Burris. If Burris were to persist, either trying to force his way onto the Senate floor or refusing to leave and causing a scene, U.S. Capitol Police would stop him, said the aide.

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Democrats Throwing Government Into Constitutional Crisis Over Willingness to Violate Due Process – UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on December 30, 2008

The coverage of the Rod Blegojevich scandal at the IUSB Vision has been more fair, informative and educational than any other coverage we have seen.

We told you the evidence against Blagojevich and we have also told you how the Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is engaging in prosecutorial misconduct and is using the media to manipulate the jury pool in a way that is highly unethical. The Democrats, not wanting to take on Fitzgerald because he have them the Valerie Plame nonscandal to use against Republicans, and wanting to make sure that the investigation was cut short so as not to include other Democrats; have begun an active campaign to deny Governor Blagojevich his due process rights, including starting impeachment hearings against him while refusing to allow him the witnesses he needs for his defense. (See links HERE, HERE,  HERE and HERE).

The latest act of abandoning the time-honored right of innocent until proved guilty, the Democrat leader in the Senate, Harry Reid, says that he will not allow Roland Burris,whom Governor Blagojevich has nominated to replace Senator Obama in the Senate, to sit. Such an act is a blatant violation of the law.

The Constitution says that as long as a person is a citizen of the United States, a resident of the state that he represents and is over the age of 30 they may serve in the Senate. No other standards may be used to keep a person out of the Senate. Blagojevbich is the Governor and he is innocent until proved guilty and he is well within his powers to appoint Burris to the seat. Period.

These Democrats are the same people who said that Bush was violating Al-Qeada’s due process rights by holding them at GITMO (which was a lie) and now they feel free, because it is politically expedient, to trample the due process rights of Governor Blagojevich even if it means violating the written word of the Constitution to do so.

These same Democrats, who said that you are a racist if you judge Barack Obama by his close associations with radicals and criminals such as Tony Rezko, William Ayers, Rev. Wright, Minister Farrakhan, Pfleger, Khalidi and the list goes on and on are saying that Roland Burris, who has had a long political career in Illinois politics is not allowed to sit in the Senate because he is a Blagojevich ally. Talk about your guilt by association hypocrisy.

These same Democrats who claimed that Republicans would use the race card against Obama in the election (and didn’t by the way) are now using the race card as a blunt weapon. See the video below (thanks to for posting the video):

Update: Nope… no race card here…. (Hat Tip Allahpundit for the video link)

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Blagojevich Due Process Rights Violated by Democrats

Posted by iusbvision on December 29, 2008

Well the first impeachment hearing has begun in the Illinois State House and with ethical rigor that rival’s soviet standards of justice, the leadership of the Democratic Party have denied Governor Blagojevich the right to have witnesses in his defense.

If the shoe were on the other foot and it was Republicans impeaching a Democrat they would be crying about due process. The media would be having a field day about what fascists the Republicans are and how your due process are next “because that is just how Republicans are” etc.  In the face of Blegojevich’s basic due process rights being violated to help other Democrats, the word from the elite media now is silence.

Don’t get me wrong, any politician from the “Chicago Democratic Machine” is going to be tainted with corruption, if not full blown political scum,  but even scum deserve proper due process. This just goes to show how basic rights don’t mean crap to those in the Democratic Party leadership when it comes to preserving their power. All of you secular leftists at school who lie to yourselves and others by calling each other “liberals” should try to justify this in the comments section below. I am dying to see what excuse you come up with to justify this.

Has it gotten to the point where basic due process rights have to be written into the Constitution itself and into the constitutions of the several states because those in power like to make it up as they go for their own convenience and situational ethics?

Illinois House committee agrees to U.S. attorney’s request; criminal case was called at risk
By Rick Pearson | Tribune reporter
December 28, 2008

Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s attorney will not get to call key aides of President-elect Barack Obama to testify at impeachment hearings after U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald told an Illinois House panel doing so would “significantly compromise” his ongoing criminal investigation of the governor.

The chairman of the House impeachment committee, state Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie (D-Chicago), will respect Fitzgerald’s request and not issue the subpoenas for incoming White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and close Obama friend and adviser Valerie Jarrett, panel spokesman Steve Brown said Saturday. Ed Genson, Blagojevich’s attorney, sought their testimony before the impeachment panel.

Don’t let the “it may compromise a criminal probe” excuse fool you. If it suited the political leadership they would tell Fitzgerald to cram it and subpoena them anyway, but for the sake of argument, let’s say that the Illinois House really was interested in preserving the criminal probe (that has already been tainted by a corrupt and self serving US Attorney who is leading the probe). In order to preserve the due process rights of the accused you delay the impeachment hearing, or you let the accused have his witnesses, but you do not violate the rights of the accused. Without those witnesses any impeachment hearing is a sham.

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New RNC Blagojevich Ad – Blago Declares His Innocence

Posted by iusbvision on December 16, 2008

UPDATE: 12-19-2008 – Blagojevich had a press conference where he declared his innocence and has vowed to fight. He may think he has a shot at beating this, or since the machine is abandoning him he plans on taking others down with him as punishment. Your guess is as good as mine. Also, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, had direct talks with Governor Blagojevich about who would fill the Senate seat…. just like we told you from minute one. covers the story HERE.

UPDATE: Here is the very latest on this story. Be sure to examine the posts below for previous updates. The Illinois Supreme Court has rejected a highly publicized motion by the Illinois Attorney General (Lisa Madigan) to have Gov. Blagojevich declared “unfit to govern”. The court rejected the motion without comment and right they should. Blagojevich is not medically impaired and has not been found guilty of anything yet. Ironically, it is the Illinois Attorney General whose job it is to DEFEND the governor when he stands accused. Madigan is from a long time Illinois political family in the democratic machine. Madigan wants to be governor, so she broke tradition and protocol and innocence until proved guilty, to better herself politically to run for the Governor’s Chair herself….. and what is so pathetic is that people fall for this kind of obvious propaganda because they are ignorant of the proper roles of basic government officials like an attorney general.  In short, Blago has abused his power, Fitzgerald is abusing his power and Madagin is abusing hers. What a circus. – Editor

Editor’s Note on the Blago Investigation:

As we mentioned previosly HERE and HERE in our Blago coverage – the US Attorney investigating Blagojevich is not to be trusted and has a history of media showboating and prosecutorial misconduct in order to advance himself. His name is Patrick Fitzgerald and I would like to add on to my list of his misconduct.

When he had that big press conference before the ink was try on the charges – that was merely to trash Blagojevich’s reputation and to attempt to taint the jury pool should this go to trial. It is behavior like that which compels judges to impose gag orders so that the jury pool is not tainted by trying the case in the media, which is exactly what Fitzgerald has set out to do.  Think about it, how often do you see a US Attorney having a media spectacle like that? What if Blago is found not guilty or the case is technically flawed and Blago walks? Can he ever make a living again?

Fitzgerald released edited portions of the tapes, but was it “pay to play bribes” or was it the typical “you scratch my back and I scratch yours” way of doing politics (which is still corruption but to a lesser degree) and all we got was the most salacious parts of the recordings for play in the media? Think about it, with all those hours of tape there had to be some exculpatory evidence and parts of the conversations, why aren’t we hearing those…because Fitsgerald didn’t release those parts.

Don’t get me wrong, the Chicago Democratic Machine is corrupt, and needs to be cleaned out, but this investigation, in the way it is being handled, is more about Fitzgerald than it is about Blagojevich and this is the most under-reported aspect of this entire scandal. Governor Blagojevich should face trial and Fitzgerald should be fired by President Bush.

…and the rest of the daily roundup…

Time Magazine’s Chief leaving after 20 years to go work for Biden:

Jay Carney is leaving Time magazine after 20 years to be Vice President-elect Joe Biden’s communications director in the White House, astonished magazine and gleeful transition sources said.

Carney’s title will be assistant to the vice president and director of communications.’s “The Page” first reported his new job.

Carney, the magazine’s Washington bureau chief, is one of Washington’s best-known talking heads, with regular appearances on ABC’s “This Week,” “The McLaughlin Group” and MSNBC’s “Hardball.”

Now remember the elite media and the DNC arent one in the same right lefties? Remember Time claims to be objective.  Under Clinton Time’s Chief left the magazine to become Clinton’s Deputy Sec, of State. His name was Strobe Talbot. It’s institutional folks.

Another Obama Big Shot: Former Gov. Bill Richardson Investigated for Pay to Play Bribes:

Dec. 15 (Bloomberg) — A federal grand jury is investigating how a company that advised Jefferson County, Alabama, on bond deals that threaten to cause the biggest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history, did similar work in New Mexico after making contributions to Governor Bill Richardson’s political action committees.

The grand jury in Albuquerque is looking into Beverly Hills, California-based CDR Financial Products Inc., which received almost $1.5 million in fees from the New Mexico Finance Authority in 2004 after donating $100,000 to Richardson’s efforts to register Hispanic and American Indian voters and pay for expenses at the Democratic National Convention in 2004, people familiar with the matter said. (Hotair comments on this story HERE.)

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This is How People Get Suckered into Voting for Crooks

Posted by iusbvision on December 14, 2008

They are uneducated in the classics to help them spot people like this, so they fall for the most obvious political propaganda like the video below.

Rod Blagojevich Flashback 2006 “I’ll Never Take Bribes, It Would Be illegal”

Lofty rhetoric…. sound familiar?

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Latest on Blagojevich-Emanuel-Obama-Rezko

Posted by iusbvision on December 12, 2008

By Chuck Norton

The post by Arlen Williams below is a good summary of the evidence up to a couple of days ago and it is a good read.

The lastest is that Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is in hiding so that he will not have to face reporters (Link Here). This is because he does not know all that he is caught saying on tape. If he talks to reporters it is possible he will say something inconsistent that is on the tape and he will be exposed as a liar. Rahm Emanuel is very close to Blagojevich and Obama aggressively campaign for Blagojevich in spite of the fact that he gave minority reserved contracts to white owned businesses. Obama stated that he  had no contact with Governor Blagojevich about who would replace him in the Senate is looking to likely be an obvious lie. Any president would have an active interest as to who will be in the Senate.

2016 Selection Politics

Obama :  I am confident that no representatives of mine would have had any part in any deals related to this seat.

With such obvious lies, why does the press and those who vote Democrat stand for it? Rahm Emanuel, as Chief Of Staff, is the second most powerful man in the administration and no one is more representative to a president than a Chief of Staff.

The investigation got underway with the conviction of Tony Rezko. Rezko, former big fundraiser for Obama, who also helped him buy his mansion (in a way that is likely illegal) has been spilling the beans to get a reduced jail time.  

Rezko, a 53-year-old developer, was convicted in June of 16 criminal counts, including fraud, money laundering and abetting bribery. He is in custody awaiting sentencing.

Prosecutors depicted Rezko at trial as a fixer for Blagojevich and the man to see to secure a high-level appointment with the governor’s administration. Rezko had been a longtime fundraiser for Blagojevich and other Illinois politicians, including Obama.  

Of course, the Chicago Tribune has been reporting about the “pay to play” corruption in Chicago for years and the voters dont seem to care:

In 2001, for example, Obama steered $75,000 to a South Side charity called FORUM Inc., which promised to help churches and community groups get wired to the Internet. Records show five FORUM employees, including one who had declared bankruptcy, had donated $1,000 apiece to Obama’s state Senate campaign.,0,3860794.story

Here is an ad from 2006 from Judy Topinka who ran againts Blagojevich in 2006.

Thanks to our friends at Hillbuzz, the famed Hillary Clinton Blog, for the little reminder on the Topinka ad. I just wish that Hillary fans would remember the hundreds of times she testified “I don’t recall” to cover up corruption in Arkansas and in her husbands administration.


Blogojevich’s Chief of Staff John Harris has resigned reports and now its on the AP. Now we know why:

New York Times:

The complaint said Mr. Blagojevich’s chief of staff, John Harris, had suggested to a service employees official that the union should help make the governor the president of Change to Win, a federation of seven unions that broke away from the A.F.L.-C.I.O. The complaint said Mr. Blagojevich, a Democrat, was seeking a position that paid $250,000 to $300,000 a year.

In exchange, the complaint suggested, Mr. Blagojevich had expected the service employees union and Change to Win to seek to persuade him to name President-elect Barack Obama’s first choice, Valerie Jarrett, to succeed Mr. Obama in the Senate. The union would also receive help from the Obama administration, presumably for its legislative agenda.


Chicago Tribune– Jesse Jackson Jr. fundraisers were raising $1.5 Million for Blagojevich in exchange for appointing Jackson to the Senate seat. Jackson is alleged to be “Senate Candidate #5”. comments HERE.

Commentary –

Do you see how all the Democratic operatives are just going on as if “pay to play” corruption were the norm? If 1.5 million was what Senate Candidate #5 had to pony up for consideration, and the SEIU union was going to pony up with patronage for one of their people to get the seat, what were the other candidates doing and or willing to do?

We reported previously that had reported that tough but fair questions about this scandal were being removed. Now our friends at have some of the details:

Questions removed from the site:

  • Given the current corruption charges involving Blagojevich, will ’serious’ campaign finance reform that takes money completely out of politics through publicly funded elections be a priority in the first term?
  • In light of the recent corruption scandals (Blagojevich, Rangel, Jefferson, Stevens, etc) that have dominated the political scene,is there any ethics legislation being crafted to actually curb corruption and prevent another wave of nixonian cynicism?
  • Is Barack Obama aware of any communications in the last six weeks between Rod Blagojevich or anyone representing Rod Blagojevich and any of Obama’s top aides?

I sit back and still marvel at the glaring hypocrisy of it all, Democrats pretending to be shocked, no one in the elite media calling out Obama for the lie about how his people never even talked to Blagojevich about the vacant Senate Seat. Democrats calling for Blagojevich’s head and trying to force him to resign using the courts in an effort to shut this down early before it spreads in spite of the fact that Governor Blagojevich maintains his innocence.

Hmmm isn’t that interesting – using the COURTS to force him to resign even though he has not been found guilty of anything. Isn’t a Democrat Governor entitled to the same “rights” that Democrats insist that prisoners of war at GITMO are entitled to?….talk about your situational ethics.

The Chicago Tribune is the only elite media outfit to consistently report the truth about all of this corruption for an extended length of time. The rest have presented us lopsided pro-Democrat coverage. Even now most of the elite media talking heads are saying “well it seems Obama has nothing to do with it” – but when Republicans are asked ethical questions its “what did the Republican President know and when did he know it”.

There is no question that Emanuel will be yanked in front of the grand jury and you should not expect him to speak with the press until such a time or even after. Emanuel has several choices. He can lie to the grand jury, pleade the fifth, tell half truth’s, or simply pull a Hillary and say “I don’t recall”. Emanuel could also ask for immunity in exchange for testimony, but to expect Emanuel to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth would be a fools expectation.

Will the Kool-Aide drinkers make the case, as they did with the Clinton’s, that while dozens of the people surrounding them were corrupt, were indicted or went to prison or were forced to resign, the smartest people in the the world, the Clinton’s, simply had no clue that all of this corruption swirling around them was happening…. or will people have finally be able to except, that when you lay with dogs, your going to get fleas. Only time will tell, but remember that this is coming from the guy who sat in the pew at church for 20 years and didn’t hear the preacher speak.

Updates to this post are still incoming so stay tuned.


UPDATE – Emanuel had a list of names that Obama found acceptable that he was working with Blagojevich with. Chicago Tribune reporting link HERE:

Emanuel delivered a list of candidates who would be “acceptable” to Obama, the source said. On the list were Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, Illinois Veterans Affairs director Tammy Duckworth, state Comptroller Dan Hynes and U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky of Chicago, the source said. All are Democrats.

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Law Enforcement Never Sleeps – and in Chicago the Feds Can Hardly Catch a Nap

Posted by iusbvision on December 11, 2008

By Arlen Williams

Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich is under arrest. It’s the Rezko investigation, which led to much more, a “political corruption crime spree.” This includes trying to sell Barack Obama’s seat on the U.S. Senate. And this, along with fresh evidence of attempted manipulation of the Chicago Tribune by Blagojevich, apparently triggered the arrest in an otherwise, long, arduous effort of collecting evidence, the kind for which Fitzgerald is famous. What I.O. has noted throughout the day follows. On Illinois Review“Source: Feds take Gov. Blagojevich into custody” (The FBI took him from home shortly after 6am CT.) This is also subject matter that HillBuzz covers. And let’s give John Kass a day or two and see what he says. And, the I.O. sidebar should be interesting to watch. On CBS-2 News Chicago, via Drudge “CROOK COUNTY: GOVERNOR, YOU’RE UNDER” ARREST 11:30am CT, on TVPatrick Fitzgerald is giving a press conference. He credits the Chicago Tribune, which found key information (in its lap) held it from the public for awhile at the request of federal investigators, then published it Friday. This apparently led to even further evidence via bug or “wire,” and wiretap. Instances of pay to play in state contracts are also in the complaint.

On Obama – Fitzgerald said that the complaint makes no allegations about the him, “and that’s all I can say,” an interesting way to put it. (See exact quote, below.) Fitzgerald also stressed, “I encourage people to talk to us… to let us get to the bottom of what has happened here,” and later reiterated, “…we need people, in the public, to stand up and say ‘enough.'” Later – Talking Democrat heads are starting to play Blago as a nutty oddball, while Obama tried to stay away from it all, yada, yada, “aloof,” yada. 2:21pm CT. on TV– Obama: “saddened and sobered” about Blago, but since there is an ongoing investigation, he does not want to comment. (Instead, he focuses on spreading Al Gore’s ploy for man-made global socialism, now inconveniently relabeled “climate change,” as if this is news to the Earth.) Reporters lunge. Obama: “…sad day… …won’t comment…” 4:46 CTThe Patriot Room is requesting information about which Obama advisers were communicating to Blagojevich. 5:19 CTA video of the entire federal investigator interview is on the video, the first question and answer I find, specifically about Obama occurs at about 18:07. He is asked if he would address whether or not “Obama was aware that any of these things were taking place.” Fitzgerald replied, “I’m not gonna speak for what the president-elect [sic]was aware of. We make no allegations that he is aware of anything and that’s i-as simply as I can put it. ” The second Obama Q&A occurs at 32:19. Fitzgerald was asked a question in an interesting way:

“You spoke before about if senator – you didn’t know the awareness that senator – president-elect Barack Obama knew about this [I.O., he did not say this. The reporter seems to be grappling for words to put in Fitzgerald’s mouth, prone to clear Obama.] so is it safe to say he has not been briefed and can you also tell us if any phone calls were made to president-elect Obama that you intercepted or to Rahm Emanuel.

Fitzgerald responded:

I’m not going to go down anything that’s not in the complaint and what I simply said before is I’m not gonna — I have enough trouble speaking for myself — I’m never gonna try and speak in the voice of a president or a president-elect. So, I simply pointed out that if you look at the complaint, there is no allegation that the president-elect — there’s no reference in the complaint to any conversations involving the president-elect, or indicating that the president-elect was aware of it and that’s all I can say.

What does this mean for Barack Obama, regarding any matters such as: the Rezko land deal, the Broadway Bank loan and the odd favor of anointing Alexi Giannoulis, his man for IL Treasury Secretary? Did Obama or his staff know of Blago’s senatorial shakedown and come cleanto the Feds? Have Obama and Blago been in touch, lately, as David Axelrod has stated, but Obama and staff later denied? There are many allegations in the federal complaint and it has taken a great deal of time for the FBI to collect all the evidence it, so far, has in its ongoing work. One does wonder how much they have learned about Obama during this time and why Fitzgerald continues to plea to citizens in the know, to come clean.

[Editor’s Note –

I will be blogging about this situation shortly and a few things are worth pointing out on both sides. David Axlerod, who is Barack Obama’s “Karl Rove” stated shortly after the election that they were in contact with the governor’s office about who would replace Obama. Now Obama says that there was no contact and Axlerod said that he “misspoke”.

Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, worked for the Illinois Governor, replaced him in Congress when Blagojevich assumed the governor’s seat and is very close to the governor, so to believe that Obama’s office had no contact with the Illinois Governor about this issue is almost impossible to believe.

Obama became a political force in the “Chicago Machine”; we all know how corrupt that system is and the indictments over the years speak for themselves. Can we really believe that, like the Clinton’s, it was everyone else around them that was corrupt and not the “man” himself? There is an old saying, “when you lay with dogs your going to get fleas.”

On the other side of this issue the prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, has a history of deceptive media manipulation in high profile cases such as the Scooter Libby case, it was worse because no law was broken by talking about Valerie Plame and the record shows that under the circumstances it was the right thing to do, yet Fitzgerald continued his “investigation” for months after he knew that no law was violated. The Scooter Libby prosecution stands as one of the most high profile instances of prosecutorial misconduct designed to raise the profile of the prosecutor as I have ever seen. I wrote about this case at length at the time. Fitzgerald is not to be trusted. 

In the mean time, bloggers and others are reporting that people asking tough, yet fair questions about this scandal are being removed from the “” web site.

 – Chuck Norton, Editor]

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