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IUSB’s own Tim Richardson interviewed on Jason & Friends

Posted by iusbvision on March 9, 2011

Tim is a film maker, cartoonist, humorist and teacher. He is the creator of several films including the comedy spoof  “Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise“. The film has won multiple awards. The Facebook fan site is HERE.



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Israel, Hamas, and moral idiocy

Posted by iusbvision on December 31, 2008

[This is a letter to the editor of the Christian Science Monitor by Prof. Alan Dershowitz. It really hits a homerun with an eloquent explanation of the current situation. – Editor]

Much of the world’s response is a false moral equivalence that simply encourages the terrorists.

Israel’s decision to take military action against Hamas rocket attacks targeting its civilian population has been long in coming. I vividly recall a visit my wife and I took to the Israeli city of Sderot on March 20 of this year. Over the past four years, Palestinian terrorists – in particular, Hamas and Islamic Jihad – have fired more than 2,000 rockets at this civilian area, which is home to mostly poor and working-class people.

The rockets are designed exclusively to maximize civilian deaths, and some have barely missed schoolyards, kindergartens, hospitals, and school buses. But others hit their targets, killing more than a dozen civilians since 2001, including in February 2008 a father of four who had been studying at the local university. These anticivilian rockets have also injured and traumatized countless children.

The residents of Sderot were demanding that their nation take action to protect them. But Israel’s postoccupation military options were limited, since Hamas deliberately fires its deadly rockets from densely populated urban areas, and the Israeli army has a strict policy of trying to avoid civilian casualties.

The firing of rockets at civilians from densely populated civilian areas is the newest tactic in the war between terrorists who love death and democracies that love life. The terrorists have learned how to exploit the morality of democracies against those who do not want to kill civilians, even enemy civilians.

The attacks on Israeli citizens have little to do with what Israel does or does not do. They have everything to do with an ideology that despises – and openly seeks to destroy – the Jewish state. Consider that rocket attacks increased substantially after Israel disengaged from Gaza in 2005, and they accelerated further after Hamas seized control last year.

In the past months, a shaky cease-fire, organized by Egypt, was in effect. Hamas agreed to stop the rockets and Israel agreed to stop taking military action against Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip. The cease-fire itself was morally dubious and legally asymmetrical.

Israel, in effect, was saying to Hamas: If you stop engaging in the war crime of targeting our innocent civilians, we will stop engaging in the entirely lawful military acts of targeting your terrorists. Under the cease-fire, Israel reserved the right to engage in self-defense actions such as attacking terrorists who were in the course of firing rockets at its civilians.

Just before the hostilities began, Israel reopened a checkpoint to allow humanitarian aid to reenter Gaza. It had closed the point of entry after it had been targeted by Gazan rockets. Israel’s prime minister, Ehud Olmert, also issued a stern, final warning to Hamas that unless it stopped the rockets, there would be a full-scale military response. The Hamas rockets continued and Israel kept its word, implementing a carefully prepared targeted air attack against Hamas targets.

On Sunday, I spoke to the air force general, now retired, who worked on the planning of the attack. He told me of the intelligence and planning that had gone into preparing for the contingency that the military option might become necessary. The Israeli air force had pinpointed with precision the exact locations of Hamas structures in an effort to minimize civilian casualties.

Even Hamas sources have acknowledged that the vast majority of those killed have been Hamas terrorists, though some civilian casualties are inevitable when, as BBC’s Rushdi Abou Alouf – who is certainly not pro-Israel – reported, “The Hamas security compounds are in the middle of the city.” Indeed, his home balcony was just 20 meters away from a compound he saw bombed.

There have been three types of international response to the Israeli military actions against the Hamas rockets. Not surprisingly, Iran, Hamas, and other knee-jerk Israeli-bashers have argued that the Hamas rocket attacks against Israeli civilians are entirely legitimate and that the Israeli counterattacks are war crimes.

Equally unsurprising is the response of the United Nations, the European Union, Russia, and others who, at least when it comes to Israel, see a moral and legal equivalence between terrorists who target civilians and a democracy that responds by targeting the terrorists.

And finally, there is the United States and a few other nations that place the blame squarely on Hamas for its unlawful and immoral policy of using its own civilians as human shields, behind whom they fire rockets at Israeli civilians.

The most dangerous of the three responses is not the Iranian-Hamas absurdity, which is largely ignored by thinking and moral people, but the United Nations and European Union response, which equates the willful murder of civilians with legitimate self-defense pursuant to Article 51 of the United Nations Charter.

This false moral equivalence only encourages terrorists to persist in their unlawful actions against civilians. The US has it exactly right by placing the blame on Hamas, while urging Israel to do everything possible to minimize civilian casualties.

Alan M. Dershowitz is the Felix Frankfurter professor of law at Harvard Law School. His latest book is “The Case Against Israel’s Enemies: Exposing Jimmy Carter and Others Who Stand in the Way of Peace.”

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Obama’s Kenyan Birth Evidence to be Revealed January 2nd, Online

Posted by iusbvision on December 31, 2008

[Editor’s note – I was pretty surprised to see this headline in my email box this morning from Arlen Williams in his latest. It is pretty bold and since I am taking the risk at publishing this I certainly hope that they follow through on delivering the evidence. It is very important that this story be about the law, and not a partisan attempt to overturn an election. As editor, I decided not to publish this story until a lower court ruled that no voter has standing to to ask for someones Constitutionally mandated credentials to serve. A ruling that normal people are right to believe is preposterous, abandons the law and is politically motivated.

Also, why go through this dance in the courts for months, would it not be easier for Obama to just cough up a vault copy of his official birth certificate from Hawaii and just put an end to this? That is just another reason why this story is becoming more and more interesting and worthy of more serious attention.]

By Arlen Williams

A private investigator in Hawaii has uncovered the divorce decree for Barack Obama’s father and mother, which indicates they had “one child under the age of eighteen, born in Kenya.” That is the report of Ed Hale of, an Internet radio site which has focused upon the natural born Citizen challenges to Obama’s presidential eligibility.

Hale announced this during his evening Internet broadcast on, Tuesday, 12/30 and confirmed it with I.O. in an online interview, later that night. He reported that certified copies of this documentation have been sent from Hawaii by the investigator to himself and four others. Hale is to receive his copy today, Wednesday, 12/31 and plans to post it graphically on the site, during the day. He will also discuss this on a special Internet broadcast, between 6pm and 10pm Central Time, tonight. [I.O.,12/31, 2:30pm CT: Ed Hale has sent an email stating that his delivery has been delayed until Friday, 1/2. We wait another day for what he has to show. We can be patient in light of how long we wait for Barack Obama to admit the truth of his ineligibility per Article II (and show us the whole truth of his actual Hawaiian birth certificate, besides).] The site streams audio as soon as it is accessed via Web browser.

The Texan Internet entrepreneur relates he got fed up with the lack of documentation on Obama and decided to discuss ideas with his radio audience. His offer to hire an investigator was met with piecemeal sums of money from listeners to his broadcasts. Hale said some of the information one would expect to find was not available. For example, documentation from Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann’s divorce to her second husband, Lolo Soetoro had vanished. Hale speculates, the reason this forthcoming 1964 divorce decree had not also been “scrubbed” could be that the divorce had been filed not by Obama’smother, but by Barack H. Obama, Sr. Thus, it may have been overlooked by any plumbersfor Obama.

Hale does admit to incomplete certainty of his investigator’s work until he receives it, partially due to the PI’s accent, the telephone connection, and his slight hearing impediment. However, he is very confident of what he will receive during the day. Mark S. McGrew, who writes about Obama’s natural born Citizen problems for, accompanied Hale in his broadcast and also expressed confidence. McGrew had sought publication in numerous American news outlets, but they turned down his articles referring to Obama’s apparent ineligibility. Russia’s Pravda however, decided his effort to find and report the truth was not to be redlined.

As often related, Barack Obama, due simply to his U.K. citizenship at birth via his Kenyan father, is not a natural born Citizen of America, by definition and the original intent for that term in the Constitution. The Supreme Court has turned down cases which make this point, but according to a September decision in a lower federal court (regarding John McCain’s eligibility problem) this would be due to a question of jurisdiction, until Congress is to certify the Electoral College vote on January 8. Further action is to occur, after this date. You may read about this in previous I.O. articles and the sites linked in its sidebar.

Meanwhile, on the question of Obama’s place of birth, professionals dealing with documents and forensic evidence have testified that the online “certificate of live birth” provided by Obama is not identifiable evidence of American birth. Now, if Obama’s parents’ divorce decree states that he was born in Kenya (as his Kenyan grandmother has repeatedly stated) the second epistemological wheel is coming off his vehicle to the White House.

Will Congress pay attention and do its Constitutional duty?

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Taking The Lead on Campus

Posted by iusbvision on November 16, 2007

Many students every year come to a visit day at IU South Bend before they started attending classes. These visit days involve prospective students having a chance to talk with admissions office personnel, receiving information about the campus, hearing guest speakers and most importantly taking a tour of campus. These events are vital in the recruitment process of bringing new students to our campus and now you can help.

The Office of Admissions is currently seeking students who have a passion about IU South Bend and would like to help in these campus visit days. The primary responsibility is leading the tours. Guides take groups of 10-15 students on 45 minute tours of campus that highlights each building and the new housing. Tour guides are provided training, an IU t-shirt and free lunch.

So if you enjoy meeting new people and talking about your university, call the Office of Admissions and get involved. You can reach Mike Renfrow at 574-520-4839 for more details. To see upcoming visit days visit

Article Contributed by:
Mike Renfrow

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Preserving the Past Preparing the Future

Posted by iusbvision on October 22, 2007

The Indiana University South Bend Archives, located in the Franklin D. Schurz Library, is the repository for materials that document the history of Indiana University South Bend as well as the histories of the larger Michiana area.

“The Archives collects, preserves, and makes available for researchers campus records of historic or administrative value, as well as special donated collections.” This is part of the greeting you receive upon entering the IU South Bend Archives webpage, on the Schurz Library website. One can access this page by clicking “Archives / Special Collections” under the “Library Collections” heading on the Schurz Library webpage. This tiny link will connect the viewer to the very tip of the iceberg that is the massive collections housed in the Archives. 

On this site, viewers will find the histories of IU South Bend, the Schurz Library, and also inventory lists and collection summaries of people, places, and events that have influenced not only IUSB as we now know it, but also the entire Michiana area. 

At first glance, especially to those people who do not have much of an interest in history, the idea of reading through inventory lists and collection summaries sounds dull, lifeless, and like a complete waste of perfectly good time. If one takes a closer look, however, they will see that these lists serve as an outline for those wishing to find hidden treasures amidst a shore seemingly bereft of treasure.  

For those interested in the history of campus and club events, or wish to gain ideas for their own campus events, the IUSB Archives offers you the opportunity to take a look at our photograph collection which contains images of events, buildings, and even professors dating back to the mid-1960s. 

For those interested in the history of our campus publications, Archives invites you to search through our collections containing past issues of The Vision, The Preface, and other publications from years past.

For those interested in IU South Bend students’ stances on past wars and conflicts, Archives encourages you to contact IUSB Archivist Alison Stankrauff about our wide variety of anti- and pro- war documentation throughout the decades. These documentations include publications, photographs, and even a letter written by Chancellor Les Wolfson to President Nixon with concerns of student strikes . . . . as well as a letter directly from Nixon himself, in response.

The largest collection, by far, housed in the IU South Bend Archives is that of James Lewis Casaday, a drama teacher in the South Bend Schools system for nearly fifty years, who “mounted or participated in some 500 performances of school and community theatre groups”, and whose grandfather founded the South Bend Chilled Plow Company (

These are not the only collections! Also housed are collections such as that donated by the Civil Rights Heritage Center, collections concerning each IU South Bend Chancellor, a multi-faceted collection from the local Torrington Company, Labor Studies collections and much more! 

The IU South Bend Archives has lots of unique trinkets and treasures. The Archives needs to keep collecting and gathering more great stuff! It calls on the aid of the students and faculty of IUSB. There is a great interest embedded in mankind to know where one came from and what one’s past consists of. It was the interest of those before us and it the interest of many of us now. It only makes sense to believe that this interest will continue on for those in our future.

Archives is asking for donations about club events, campus events, fundraisers, and anything and everything else that makes IU South Bend what it is today and what it will be. Please help preserve today what many inquiring minds may learn from tomorrow!

To donate or inquire about viewing a collection, contact:
Alison Stankrauff, IUSB Archivist / Assistant Librarian
Phone:  (574) 520-4392

Article Contributed by
Kristi J. Dunn
Archives Student Worker

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Dear Chuck Norton: A Reader’s Response

Posted by iusbvision on September 25, 2007

Dear Chuck,

It is unfortunate that your “editorial” opened with commentary concerning an incident that was an attack on an unfortunate fellow male’s ego, (Who was this poor unfortunate fellow? You? Maybe?) by a decidedly “uncivil” act perpetrated by an obviously immature, poorly educated, ill mannered, egocentric, young “lady” ( “young” is an assumption, since I cannot imagine a mature women acting like this, and “lady” is used in deference to the over used description of a female dog usually embraced by these so-called ladies ).

Chuck you asked, “What is it with so many people today?” I guess maybe the answer is whether you only see the ones like the aforementioned young lady or the ones who unlike her go out of their way to be nice to their fellow human beings. I would prefer that we see and hear about those whom return smiles and have a nice thing to say to the clerks at the local super market, or to passersby on the sidewalks of campus. Then again that was not the intent of your editorial now was it? No your editorial became a rant against the so-called left-wing. A description used to label any person who is not in line with the ideologies of the right-wing activists.

You use the word “tolerant”, a blatant dig at those whom you call left-wing activists, when you make the claim that, “…the more “tolerant” among us repeatedly vandalized it.” “It” being the College Republican display board. You have made an assumption that only those with left leanings would “defile” the said board, the implication being that a “heavy” burden was put upon the College Republicans. I do not know what was done to the board but your “vandalism” may have been the perpetrator’s version of the “right to free speech”, a tenet of the U.S. Constitution the “Vision” rightfully spoke up about and defended in its first edition. I in no way condone vandalism of a destructive nature but if a specific branch of the so-called left-wing were to acquire their own display board I am sure they would have to put up with “extremists” of the right-wing “vandalizing” it.

Chuck you then spoke to us about the “hate mail” you receive that spews, “…a litany of warm and fuzzies…” and “…the myriad of colorful metaphors…” WAHH!! (read here’s your pacifier). I don’t want to read about your whining because people are sending you hate mail, if you continue to write exclusively right leaning dogma expect those who disagree with you to write emails full of vitriol back. What I care about is the infinite number of email that piles up in my “spam” file of Viagra ads, Nigerian scam lotteries and the like. Why doesn’t somebody filter these before they get into my email files? My Yahoo account does not seem to have a problem doing that? Oh, and by the way, isn’t suspending the posting privileges of any person to the Vision a form of restricting their right to free speech? (I know, I know I’m arguing semantics here.)

It was unfortunate that your editorial became a rant against the media and even though you did not come out and say it, the “liberal” media. Right, Chuck? I noted this at your displeasure of the awarding of a Pulitzer to the AP. You stated, that an AP reporter was only a few feet away from the murder of three Iraqi election workers by insurgents. Before I am willing to fully accept your version of the events described I would have like to know your source for the information that the AP was tipped off and were in complete safety. You imply that the AP reporter should have done something to prevent the atrocity, but you did not say what it was he should have done. Should they have alerted the U.S. military to the actions of the insurgents? As a journalist, are you saying if you were in that particular reporters position you would have alerted the military? Do we know the full story about the how’s and why’s the reporter did not tip off the military? You mentioned previously that newspapers, “argued in a lively manner as to why their point of view was correct and the other papers were wrong.” Resulting in the, “average citizen that was exposed to debate…with an applied critical thinking process…” Then you expect me to take at face value your displeasure of the actions of a AP reporter. Where’s the other side of the story?

Chuck and in an almost ironic twist, your last narrative is about a professor who was censured by Ashland University where he was employed because of his work, writings, etc. related to his research concerning objectivism. But yet you expound about the suspension of the posting privileges of a professor on this campus. (I know, I know we have already gone here.)

Chuck if you must rant about the “wonderful” life of the right-wing, do not couch it in an article supposedly about the incivility of society. Society is not uncivil albeit there are individuals within society whom are uncivil and as such do need to be reported, reprimanded, etc. by their fellow human beings and they must be reminded that we are a community of people and as  such

“C’mon people now 
Smile on your brother   
Ev’rybody get together
Try to love one another right now Right now, right now.”
– Youngbloods
Or is that too liberal for ya?

Rick Kiefer

For the record and in the interests of full disclosure there is no Rick Kiefer enrolled at IUSB this school year – IUSBVision

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Are You Ready For Re-Accreditation?

Posted by iusbvision on September 12, 2007

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) is coming to IU South Bend November 12th, 13th, and 14th and you need to be ready.

Accreditation is important to your university, but it is also important to you. An accredited college, according to the U.S. Department of Education, is prepared fiscally, academically, and physically to meet the needs of its students.

Without accreditation your degree may not be recognized by employers, or you may be ineligible for federal student loans and government positions. IU South Bend is an accredited university and this fall the campus will undergo the rigorous process that will enable IUSB to remain accredited.

A working group of IU South Bend faculty, administrators, staff, and students have been preparing for the visit over the last few years. Co-chaired by Drs. Bender and Torstrick, they have put together an extensive self study document entitled Bridge to the Future you can see it in its entirety by accessing the HLC website .

The document focuses on five criteria that the HLC deems necessary for a university to be an affective learning institute. It covers such areas as 1) Mission and Integrity 2) Preparing for the Future 3) Student Learning and Effective Teaching 4) Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge, and 5) Engagement and Service.

The main purpose in creating the self study document is to take an in-depth look at the university. It is important for us to understand how we assess our programs, what our future plans and goals are, and whether or not we are upholding those future (strategic) plans and our mission.

In November a team of “Consultant Evaluators” representing the HLC will visit the campus after reading the self study. They will look for evidence that supports the claims of the self study; they will be having formal meetings with groups and individuals, they will also be speaking informally with people on campus including students. The team consists of seven people who are administrators and faculty of other colleges and have been trained by the HLC in accreditation.

It is important to you to know and understand all you can about this significant event. There will be many opportunities over the next few months to educate yourself about the reaccreditation process. There will be round table discussions and other public forums, articles in several papers, professors may talk about it, or maybe you’ll see a podcast or other media event. At the website you will also find links to important campus documents like the mission statement and strategic plan. So take a few minutes and get prepared, but most important of all, be here November 12th – 14th.

Article Contributed by:

Terri Vega
Student Research Assistant to the HLC Self-Study Committee

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