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Note to our great readers!

Posted by iusbvision on August 31, 2011

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IUSB Vision Web Log reactivated to bring you this very important story – IUSB Vision proved correct once again – IAC: Previous IPCC Reports failed to meet basic academic standards; Participants “too political” – LINK

UPDATE – IUSB Vision Editor Chuck Norton has opened a NEW web site at

As many of our 40,000 readers know, Chuck has been responsible for over 90% of our content since mid 2008.  Chuck is moving to the Washington DC area and will be giving first hand accounts of happenings in DC.

Chuck’s new site is still under construction and here is the schedule for it’s completion.

Chuck Norton:

The web site is still under construction. I have about 50 articles in my head that I need to post there. This is the schedule I have worked out for getting the site where readers will expect it to be.

Set up web domain and have it propagated through web hosters – Completed

Set up basic web theme, search tools, links, widgets, and comments functionality – 85% complete.

Import permalinks, blogrolls etc 90% complete.

Out of my previous nearly 3000 web posts and articles, I am transferring about 260 to the new site – 70% complete.

Start posting new content on the happenings of the last three months – Expect completion by September 31st.

Install special sections of the site for global security reports and news, economic reports and news, and campaign 2012 News – Expect completion by October 30th.

Transfer domain to a new hoster that allows for a more robust back end, a more robust and visually appealing theme, better ads, files, and HD Video – Expect completion in January.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The last members of the IUSB Vision staff have now graduated.  After all these years of informing the students and the general public,  none of the few students who we deemed qualified were available to take the reigns here at IUSB Vision so soon we will be posting our final post [Update, we spoke too soon. We might have a new student candidate who is brilliant and spot on intellectually – Editor].

We would like to thank Professor Ernest Goforth for taking the heat from the administration for us. We would like to thank our founding editor Craig Chamberlain, our second editor Jarrod Brigham and all of the staff who have contributed to the IUSB Vision for so long.

We would also like to thank the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Adam Kissel, Peter BonillaStudent’s for Academic FreedomThe Wall Street JournalDr. Mike AdamsProf. Donald Alexander DownsNational Review, and the Indiana ACLU for helping to guard our First Amendment freedoms and watching our backs.

We are very much aware that our 40,000 readers and dozens of other blogs have come to count on us so we would like to let the readers know that IUSB Vision editor Chuck Norton has purchased a terrific root domain and will be launching a new web site very soon which will be posted here so be sure to check back (the back-end is being developed as we speak). The IUSB Vision archives will forever be available.

On behalf of the entire IUSB Vision staff both past and present we would like to thank you all for reading IUSB Vision. It is the goal of every student publication to have an impact and we have the satisfaction of knowing we did.

Faculty Advisor – Prof. Ernest Goforth.

Editors in Chief – Craig Chamberlain, Jarrod Brigham, Chuck Norton.

Contributors – Stacy Rummel, Ed Hellig, Ed Lima, Gerry Rough, Marcus Vigil, Heather White Vigil, Larry Browning, Andrew Filmer, Sandy Brigham, Sarah Chamberlain, Sydney Chase, Naoko Fujimoto, Misty Perrin, Joanna Reusser, Rashida Vindic, Bo Lowman, Carlie Barr, Rachel Wesner, Ryan Hill, Stacie Jensen, Maria Pirrie.

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Palin Bashers in the GOP Should Think Twice

Posted by iusbvision on June 9, 2011

By IUSB Vision Editor Chuck Norton

There is nothing wrong with expressing concerns about a candidate. We should ask tough questions and expect good answers.

It does not take long to notice that those in the GOP who “Palin bash” go out of the way to avoid discussing her record. They have been caught up in the elite media narrative and have not done their homework. To be frank, Republicans should not be so foolish to Palin bash for the sake of bashing as it can have serious consequences.

The first problems is obvious. If Republicans buy into baseless and mindless elite media spin they might as well just ask NBC to pick the nominee for them.

Related to that problem is that the elite media went all out to try and destroy a GOP nominee. They took every allegation from her political opponents and reported them as if they were facts and in most cases would not offer retractions when such stories were proved wrong. They accused her of faking a pregnancy, accused her of being a book banner, accused her of trying to deny sexual assault victims rape kits, accused her of ravaging programs to help teen mothers, and even accused her of being an accomplice to the murderous shooting by Jarred Loughner and continued that narrative even after it came out that he was a dedicated Bush hater who had gone schizophrenic. The aforementioned is just a sampling of the lies the elite media has willingly propagated. The idea of Republicans standing by and doing nothing about this doesn’t sit well with me.

You can be sure if a shooting incident happens closer to election time, the commercials and “rhetoric” from the nominee will be blamed for it by the Democrats and their friends in the elite media.

You can also be sure, it will not matter who the GOP nominee is, be it if Mitt Romney or Michelle Bachmann, the elite media will accuse him/her of some kind of sexual misconduct. The New York Times baselessly accused Senator McCain of having an affair with a 40 year old lobbyist the day after he secured the primary.

Recently I had a conversation with some Palin bashers and in every case not a one of them was familiar with her actual governing record.

Palin Bashing Republican #1:

No, we don’t like her because she doesn’t have the leadership qualities to be president.

You might enjoy how I handled this “objection”:

I Agree, everything Sarah has touched has been a disaster. Here are some examples:

She cut the state budget by 9.8% while maintaining state services. Heck, name me one GOP governor who didn’t accomplish the same and cut the budget by at least 13%.

She cut the governors personal expenses by 80% over the previous Republican governor, who cares if she had three young kids to cart around.

She implemented a plan to begin weaning the state off federal “earmarks” and cut the number of earmark requests three years in a row. No one cares about that, after all earmarks are only less than 1% of the federal budget.

Cut Alaska’s Medicaid backlog by 83%. There are no long wait lists or backlogs in Massachusetts… oh wait…

Sarah was terrible for the Alaska GOP machine. When she rooted out the corruption of bought off Republicans in state government and sent many bad actors packing lots of party people were even fined. That is no way to lead a machine /nods.

She was able to pass sweeping ethics reforms and reform a state contract bidding process that was rigged and controlled by cronies? Doesn’t Sarah understand that when WE own the machine those are OUR cronies? Sheesh!

Sarah is SO behind the times. She had the NERVE to develop a competitive process to construct a gas pipeline [which languished for decades and is the largest state financed infrastructure project in US History]. Doesn’t she understand that “green jobs” are in?

And everyone knows that nothing got done when she:

Chaired the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission
Chaired the National Governor’s Association (NGA) Natural Resources Committee.
Chaired the Alaska Conservation Commission.
Presided over the Alaska Conference of Mayors.

Of course her record as mayor is equally pale.

According to Wasilla City documents that are posted on their web server. The propagandists who are obviously her cronies rigged the paperwork to indicate that Sarah oversaw the economic growth of Wasilla by a factor of four as a leader in city government from 1992 to 2003. They have the nerve to claim that while Wasilla’s population increased by 80%, city services were grown at a level to meet the challenge while property and business taxes rates were dropped. They even claimed Wasilla’s tax revenue still increased by nearly 250%. How laughable. Everyone knows that when you lower the tax rate you get less revenue….

Rigged paperwork, crony government, constant under performance. That’s Sarah Palin!

As you would expect, this completely shut the GOP Palin basher #1 down. She had no response.

GOP Palin Basher #2:

Chuck- I think if Sarah Palin had stayed on as governor instead of becoming more of a “celebrity” she would have retained the support of conservative women. This is where I think she went wrong. And I don’t think that women hate her because of her looks (jealousy), most conservative women I know believe in being/staying attractive. You are right , she has an excellent record- just wish she stayed on that path.

Again I went back to the facts:

[Editor’s Note – A legal loophole in Alaska Law allows anyone to file a lawsuit or phony “ethics complaint”, each requires an investigation and a ruling – the Governor must pay their own legal bills to fight them. Democrats filed dozens of these bogus lawsuits. Sarah easily won each of them, but it was eating up the Governor’s staff’s time and had put her into half a million dollars in personal debt.]

Palin Basher 2, if Sarah has stayed in office would have been endless bad press as the left continued to file one frivolous lawsuit after another against her using that legal loophole . I find it interesting that those who blast her for “quitting” never have anything to say about why she did it, or have anything bad to say about how sleazy the Democrats were in their behavior. Forgive me for being skeptical when people are far more willing and eager to blast our nominee than Democrats who behaved horribly.

Also, if Sarah had not taken on ObamaCare on her nation wide tour, not taken the slings and arrows for other conservatives, and not gone after Obama constantly to drive up his negatives, the 2009 and 2010 elections win margins would not have been what they were for us, so again if Sarah had taken any other course, Democrats would have been the ones who benefited. Who needs Democrats when “Republicans” are writing their spin and talking points for them?

Said Palin basher had no response. What is there to say? These facts are irrefutable and I am confident they felt embarrassed after being shut down with such authority.

Still, in the same conversation, entered a rather clueless Palin Basher #3:

And now we are rewriting history! Paul Revere warned the BRITISH that the British were comming! For me Intelligence is one of the must have traits to be President.

Palin Basher #3 did not bother to look up the record or the news all over the internet that Palin was correct in her account.

My Response:

NPR’s historian said that Palin was absolutely right about that. So did Prof William Jacobson at Cornell Law School who posted the quote from Paul Revere himself about it. Palin is a voracious reader of the Founders and if you watch her interviews she quotes them at length from memory from time to time. It is all over the net how the Palin bashers are easting crow on that one. So why are we bashing a nominee when we are not doing the homework and getting it wrong? If our “best” are going to believe the elite media narrative and not do any homework we might as well just ask NBC to pick our next nominee.

Another GOP’er claiming to be wise who has not done a lick of homework and had no response. Republicans are not supposed to behave that way and will pay a price as long as they do.

Words of Wisdom

Here is a 25 minute interview with Sarah where Chris Wallace throws every policy question in the book at her, and she answers each one with the proper detail –  so to say that she is unintelligent is not only wrong, but foolish for Republicans in the long run. On at least 70% of the issues all of the potential candidates agree so if Sarah is an idiot and our nominee agree on most issues, what does that say about our nominee? Do you think the left will not take advantage of that? Sarah may decide to run for Senate, what then? Make no mistake, since Sarah Palin is a GOP VP Nominee, smearing her is smearing the Republican Brand.

The simple truth is that Sarah Palin has posted detailed policy positions on almost very issue imaginable. Most of the others do not.

This early in the primary season, it is wide open. ANYTHING could happen and the political landscape can change radically in a single day. Never forget that.

Early in the primary season for Reagan he was in double digit negatives as well. We need to support all of our potential candidates. I will be supporting all of them (except Ron Paul as he goes places I simply cannot follow). Early in his campaign season Ross Perot had double digit positives.

Now is NOT the time to be violating the 11th Commandment. We should express concerns about our candidates, ask tough questions and expect good answers from all of them, but we should not trash them. Anyone who says that X can win and Y cant at this stage in the game is just off their rocker. At this stage before the last election people were like “What is an Obama?” or “Someone with a last name like Obama (Usama) could never get elected”. Well here we are.

Lastly, Sarah Palin keeps score and is very good at political payback as Mitt Romney, Ed Rollins, Chris Christie, and a pile of now former political players in Alaska have found out the hard way. As the Alaska Daily News points out, “The landscape is littered with the bodies of those who crossed Sarah”.

If Sarah Palin becomes our nominee she will control the RNC and perhaps the White House. All of those who smeared her will be on the outs for a long time.

So why has IUSB Vision always been so invested in Sarah Palin?

The simple truth is that we aren’t. The number one goal of this publication and blog, be it under Editor Chamberlain, Brigham, or Norton, has been to introduce people to points of view they will not commonly see on a college campus or in the elite media/Democrat media complex. We believe that the elite media is beyond incompetent and is in fact corrupt.

There is no better or more numerous example of this truth than the elite media coverage of Sarah Palin, which is more wrong than it is right, and in which journalistic ethics is completely abandoned more often. We take interest in correcting the record of the elite media, it is just that in the case of Sarah Palin, more correction is needed.

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Modern Man has “Educated Himself into Imbecility”

Posted by iusbvision on March 25, 2008

“It has become abundantly clear in the second half of the twentieth century that Western Man has decided to abolish himself. Having wearied of the struggle to be himself, he has created his own boredom out of his own affluence, his own impotence out of his own erotomania, his own vulnerability out of his own strength; himself blowing the trumpet that brings the walls of his own city tumbling down, and, in a process of auto-genocide, convincing himself that he is too numerous, and laboring accordingly with pill and scalpel and syringe to make himself fewer in order to be an easier prey for his enemies; until at last, having educated himself into imbecility, and polluted and drugged himself into stupefaction, he keels over a weary, battered old brontosaurus and becomes extinct.”

– Malcolm Muggeridge, Seeing Through the Eye: Malcolm Muggeridge on Faith

My generation has embraced a world of intellectual elitism. The “uneducated” are no longer in a position to determine that which is right and wrong. “We hold these truths to be self-evident,” a principle espoused by our founding fathers and written in the United States Declaration of Independence can no longer exist, intellectual evidence now reigns supreme.

If a man argues the principles of God in the world of academia they are cut with the two words that will bring my very generation to its knees. “Prove it.” Man can no longer get his principles from God alone, it must be backed by science or psychology. Only those with a thorough understanding of these subjects can determine that which is best for society. In short, my generation has become lawyers of truth and the defendant is God.

The irony in all of this is that while demanding that the man who defends the principles of God must use psychology and science to defend itself, those who demand it cannot defend their own principles using science and psychology. 

When questioned of their own ethic, their only response can be that each person can possess their own perception of right and wrong, otherwise they would have to justify their moral doctrine by the very criteria they demand be made of those who argue God. They are, in effect, rendered impotent of creating a moral society by their own argumentation.

Let me implore, nay, warn the reader to understand the importance of this to its most intrinsic level. There was a time in history when a society eventually embraced completely not the laws of God, but the idea that the elite few with a complete understanding of science and academia could drive man towards a Utopian society.

The most sobering realization to my generation ought to be that the holocaust was not driven by madmen, not encouraged by the unintelligent, not espoused by those without an understanding of philosophy but by men who were rational, some of the most highly educated and by those who possessed some of the greatest understanding of the philosophies of their time.

The difference was only that which drove their rationale, intellect and philosophy. These men were living without God, and if something does not change in western civilization, we may see a different picture all too late.

“Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.”

– C.S. Lewis, “Mere” Christianity

Craig Chamberlin

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Anonymous Scientology

Posted by iusbvision on February 20, 2008

An online group called Anonymous labeled by the mass media as ‘organized hackers’ recently declared war on the Church of Scientology after video streaming websites such as Youtube were forced to pull a promotional video staring Tom Cruise. Scientology claimed the video was copyright, and the streaming sites had no right to publish it openly to the public.

The pulling of this video spawned great controversy within the internet community over free speech and the damages of fear based tactics to revoke media on the internet.  Anonymous responded to the communities accusations with a video stating: “Over the years, we have been watching you — your campaigns, your suppression of dissent, your litigious nature. All of these things have caught our eye.”  In their video they then tell the leaders of the Church of Scientology “Anonymous has therefore decided your organization should be destroyed, for the good of your followers, for the good of mankind and for our own enjoyment.”

Critics of the Anonymous organization argue the tactics by which they are attempting to bring out information regarding the Church of Scientology are themselves unethical, and they are in no position to put others practices into question. Those who agree with the practices of Anonymous argue their practices mirror the practices of the Church of Scientology itself.

Regardless, there is currently a wave of videos released by the Anonymous group attempting to talk directly with the followers of the Church, encouraging them to question the practices of the organization they are a part of.   Their motives seem to be about raising awareness, yet they also have launched what are called DoS (Denial of Service) attacks at the Church of Scientology’s homepage, bringing it out of service.

Whether one is a member or a critic of the Church, it is always important to learn as much as possible about the organizations of which an individual is a member. It is interesting to see the utilization of the internet as a means to declare ‘war’ on an existing organization. This new medium carries with it a large force of the people in which its members can express their own voices about any topics that might be of interest. The idea that an organization can exist on the internet for the sole purpose to display resources and information in order to educate individuals about particular issues they have interest in, is fascinating. 

Anonymous’ published works are primarily made popular through websites such as Digg where its members “digg up” or “digg down” news depending on whether they think it is interesting or not. It is peer reviewed by its members who often attempt to “bury” news based upon its inaccuracies so the majority of items that end up on the top of the website are either incredibly ridiculous, interesting or accurate.

Craig Chamberlin

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Online Gaming: The New Addiction

Posted by iusbvision on January 12, 2008

If anyone has been paying much attention to gaming in the past few years, they will notice a large epidemic currently taking place. Online gaming was not always as sophisticated as it is now. Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) gaming, in particular, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games (MMORPGs) has taken online gaming to a whole new level. The premise behind these games is to immerse the gamer into a new world of fantasy, and allow them to build up a character persona, a reputation and pursue their own goals, dreams and fantasies. Critics of these online games wonder whether they lead to an unnatural addicted escape to a world “better” than reality.

As an avid gamer myself, I’ve played MMOs since the original Everquest. Everquest was a fantasy based game that took place in a medieval world and was released in 1999. Often coined the term “Evercrack” or “Neverrest” by its users, many who played the game ditched real life social contacts to participate in their online gaming community for grouping to fight enemies. This appears harmless at first, but what was once a mild social game became dangerous for those few who ditched real life responsibilities to participate in their online gaming community.

There is an online support system called dedicated to those who have loved ones with an addictive problem to these games. A Gamer Widow, according to the site “is a term for those who have a relationship with a Gamer (one who plays video games, be it on a console or on the computer) who pays more attention to the game than to their partner…” One case within the site of an individual addicted to their games describes his situation, “Eventually I could not tear myself away from the screen even to greet family at the door.  My wife started referring to herself as a Video Game Widow. My finances were going down the toilet.” It is clear there are certain individuals who struggle with the capacity to prioritize real life responsibilities over digital ones.

There was always a draw for an individual such as myself to these games. The encapsulation of a social network and community within a realm of fantasy and entertainment is a wonderfully enticing concept. Within this social framework, one can make friends and enemies where the rules and subject matter of the game bring to the table a social structure normally not allowed in real life confrontations. Gamer anonymity even furthers the ability to create social networks and comfort zones. As an individual, one can make “friends” by representing their personality behind an avatar (or character profile) and maintain these relationships with little to no risk of rejection. All players already share their love of the game and their love of games in general, allowing a generalized topic to discuss and grow on.

The reality hits hard, however, when people realize these online relationships rarely if ever come to some kind of tangible fruition.  Almost all, if not all, of my online social relationships established through an online game rarely last longer than a couple months. I had a personal short term stint of online gaming addiction with Everquest, where a few of my good friends were lost until I quit and gave them a phone call with an apology. The realization of the damage these online games caused to my own relationships did not occur until the game was removed as an option from my gaming repertoire.

Now the epidemic branches out to the wide-spread popularity of World of Warcraft who recently reached over 8.5 million subscriptions. According to even China has seen the dangers of countless individuals spending a majority of their time contributing to a digital world. “In August of [2005], the government of the People’s Republic of China proposed new rules to curb what they perceived to be social and financial costs brought on by the popularity of games such as World of Warcraft. 

The measure would enforce a time limit on China’s estimated total of 20 million gamers.” Although government regulation is far from what I would suggest as a solution to online gaming addictions, it illustrates the severity of the digital “escape”. Furthermore, Wikipedia also states “Dr. Maressa Orzack, a clinical psychologist at McLean Hospital in Newton, Massachusetts, was interviewed August 8, 2006, stating that of the 6 million subscribers “I’d say that 40 percent of the players are addicted.””

There have also been cases as well of individuals dying from exhaustion after playing days straight on some of these games, locking their children in closets, skipping meals, skipping work and not paying bills. Moderation is the key to enjoying these games without putting harm to social relationships. If one finds themselves in the realm of gaming far more hours than making contact with real life social contacts, perhaps it is wise to shift away for a bit and put a little more work in maintaining those real life relationships. If you find yourself struggling with online gaming addiction, or want to learn more about what it is, you can visit OLGA (On-Line Gamers Anonymous) online at:

Craig Chamberlin

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Music Piracy Costs Fellow IU Students Thousands

Posted by iusbvision on November 16, 2007

If students have not had a chance to check their IUSB account e-mails lately they may be surprised to find that the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Jeff Jones and Vice Chancellor of Information Technologies Dr. Pat C. Ames sent out an e-mail to all students notifying them of lawsuits by music companies on the illegal use of peer to peer network file sharing services being used on college campuses.

Nineteen of our own Indiana University students have settled suits at $3000 to $4000 for the illegal use of programs such as Limewire and BitTorrent. It is important to note that there are many alternatives that can be used even though these two are the most popular currently in the market. I found this as a good opportunity to let everyone know and understand how these peer to peer clients work and just how privacy doesn’t really exist with your internet activities.

File sharing (or peer to peer) applications such as Limewire and BitTorrent are not very complicated. The applications directly connect to what are known as “seeding” computers, or “host” computers. A torrent file is downloaded to the user’s computer as a re-director to all of the seeders who hold the desired file. Bits and pieces of the file are then downloaded from all of the various seeders and are assembled once the file arrives at its destination, the client.

There is one common denominator here, all of the seeds are being polled for data by only one client, in this case it would be the person running Limewire or BitTorrent. The reason this is important to you, is that it is very easy to trace the route of information downloaded all the way down to the exact machine it was put on as well as the machines it is downloaded from. All computer network cards posses what is known as a MAC address, if you have not heard of one it is an important thing to know. MAC addresses are different than a simple IP address in that they are flashed directly to the network hardware of the computer and it is not easily modified or changed.

If one were to “sniff” network activity and capture the MAC address of certain types of illegal activity, they could file a suit against the owners of that network to release the user who was logged or registered to the computer at the time of its use. They can then target those users with suits, and they are doing just that.

There is no true anonymity when it comes to networking; previously internet service providers (ISPs) protected the internet activities of their clients because of privacy concerns. This is becoming less and less feasible by the day as the music, movie and software industry invest millions to stop the rampant piracy of their products. Also, do not forget, networking history in the realm of computers and data is rarely deleted as well. Surf wisely.

Craig Chamberlin

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The Cancer of Our Generation

Posted by iusbvision on October 22, 2007

In the 60’s and 70’s, the United States headed in a direction that would forever change the generations to follow. My generation is at a loss for words, it is almost as if we are at the door, but do not want to do what it takes to step through it. Even worse, we would much rather go up to our rooms and play computer for “just a few more hours” than risk going out there.

Most of the time Mom, Dad or Uncle Government will help us if we get in trouble anyway. The fact is, at some point, our generation has to wake up to the realization that our parents left us with a disastrous system of self gratification, irresponsibility, greed and lust.

In hindsight, the rationale behind the 60’s and 70’s was actually not that surprising. After all, they came from a generation of strong conservative beliefs and “hush” values. The explosion resulted in the pendulum swinging far to the left and a very rapid rate. Many people experimented with what they did not understand and rationalized it as “If it feels this good, how could it possibly be wrong?” Now we have the aftermath, an explosion of STDs and unwanted pregnancies, children with no moral grounding, and no hope for the future.    

We have a system of government whose waste has become satire rather than a serious issue. Our politician’s primary concerns are not the state of the U.S. but the state of their own political image. In the middle, you find our generation, taking the wisdom of the generation before it, and attempting to make some sort of political, moral or meaningful sense out of all of it.

Here is the trick, it does not make any sense and there is a good reason for it. When our parent’s generation rationalized that right and wrong were all relative to perception, we forgot who we were. When a man is murdered in another country, we stop to say “Is it wrong by their perception?” instead of remembering that “murder is simply not justified.” We have no grounding, and without a basis to determine what is right or wrong, just how can one possibly evaluate political decisions, government issues, personal responsibilities or even whether our own children should be doing drugs, having sex or going to school.

It makes my stomach churn, and often brings me close to tears to think of those in my generation who are at a complete loss from the incessant mixed signals of the generation before us. Many of the concepts are simple and do not work such as: “Sex before marriage is okay” even though it has been statistically disproven. “Moving in with each other before getting married is good for you” – also has been statistically disproven. “Abortions without education of the after effects are okay” even though it has been proven there can be serious psychological issues after the decision. “The government has always been wasteful” when in reality it has not. “There is no God” has not been proven. “Evolution is not a theory” is also, not true. “If it feels good, do it” should make most people laugh because cocaine probably feels good. “You only live once” is now an excuse to make a poor short term decision.

What is mentioned above is just a taste of modern day morality, if we can even call it that.  Morality is defined as “con-formity to the rules of right conduct”, but in reality we have no firm basis of societal right and wrong. We could hardly establish “rules” because they are constantly changing. My hope is that my generation will soon realize that we cannot be a functional society without a moral framework by which to live. We cannot make exceptions to evil, including hate, jealousy, anger, lust, envy or greed. Evil is the cancer of a great society, and it will slowly eat away at our foundation.

Now, if you listen closely, you can hear a thousand philosophers scream. “Just whose philosophy should we live by? Who are you to say your philosophy is better than ours? Some people perceive evil differently than you do, what about them?” They are all justified questions, to be sure. Questions two and three especially adhere to the philosophies of the late 60’s and 70’s. The reality is we are barely scraping by as a society right now, we are so confused about right and wrong we do not want to take a stance at all. We would rather go the movies, play a game or just relax and worry about it later. Meanwhile the cancer is spreading and those who are suffering as a result of our indecisions are still out there. At some point society needs to agree on some kind of a standard of right and wrong. This standard needs to happen on an ‘individual’ basis first. We each have to decide for ourselves what is right and wrong, and we need to agree with each other on what is best for society as a whole. We need to look evil in the face and say, “You are not welcome here, or anywhere for that matter.”

Our generation has a lot of work to do. There is so much damage that has been done in our government, our schools, to our families and friends that we just need to get out there and do something about it, even if it is one person at a time, cleaning up trash or giving a good friend inspiration one day a week. We need to bring good back into our society and stop spending time on lust, greed, envy, jealousy and hate. We need to take the focus off of ourselves, and perceive ourselves as part of the community of mankind, as brothers and sisters. We need God to help us. Until we do this, until society realizes that each individual person has the capacity to make a huge impact on at least one person every day of their lives, we will not see progress, and the cancer will continue to spread.

“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.”  – (Matthew 7:24-27)

Craig Chamberlin

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If it is Right, You Will Feel It

Posted by iusbvision on October 9, 2007

It is incredible that the human condition can allow us to be completely satisfied with ourselves and our lives one day, or perhaps one moment, and in the turn of relatively small circumstances we can forget all about it. I am speaking of those moments in our daily lives where we say “I am happy to be alive, even though there are so many things wrong in the world.” Those moments don’t only come when we are satisfied with all of our circumstances; they can come simply based upon a mood.    

From personal experience, the differentiating features of the two moments seem to contain one primary catalyst, the individual’s feelings. When one is feeling wonderful, often times it is because they have an extremely intense euphoric passion that is behind it, whether self or chemically induced. But as we all know, there are those moments also when we self induce ourselves or chemically induce ourselves into moments of misery. Many times that happens once that morning coffee (or those morning coffees) wear off. “I feel wonderful” and “life is great” can quickly take a turn to “I feel miserable” and “life is depressing”.    

It is interesting that these polar opposites can happen within a small amount of time. Both ideas cannot be absolute simultaneously – yet we often make statements as absolutes. Life cannot be just great or just miserable. Unless, of course, one realizes life is often both simultaneously. The problem arises when one’s decisions are not based upon the truth that the things they love are often also the things that can bring them pain. Our generation believes if we do not always love it, it must not be what is right for us.    

Take a new relationship as an example. Although the often forced “getting along” exists in the beginning of the relationship, it is inevitable it will go away and conflict will ensue. The one who has the belief they should always have a good feeling about something if it is right will find themselves in trouble when faced with this truth. They will find themselves constantly pursuing something that does not really exist. We tend to do this in all aspects of our lives.  We get that new job, that new movie, the new videogame and find it does not hold our passion, attention and interest for long – so it must not be as right as we thought it would be.    

It is a depressive notion, I know. “And they lived happily ever after” doesn’t really exist in a relationship. Unless the two in that relationship considers the inevitable conflicts they will face which is part of being happy. We can and should take a lesson from ourselves, and when we are in misery remember that there is always tomorrow for the mood, the feeling and the circumstances to change. If it is right, you will probably feel it, but will you feel it always?  It is not likely.    

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”  – Jesus (Matthew 6:34) 

Craig Chamberlin 

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Do Not Be Ashamed, Your Faith is Taboo.

Posted by iusbvision on September 25, 2007

Faith in the 20th century carries with it a strong degree of shame. This is not only implied in the medium of the Christian faith. The notion of a higher being has become a terribly uncomfortable topic to discuss. The seriousness of this cannot be emphasized enough. The existence or non-existence of God is very important to each individual; it can be the crux of an individual’s entire existence. 

Let us evaluate for a moment the question “Does God exist?” It is a complex question and has been asked in the entirety of human history, yet is rarely discussed even with best friends and family. If the answer to the question is “Yes” then some new questions will need to be asked. Who is this God? What does he want? Why did he make us? What happens when we die?  Does he judge us? Does he care what we do at all? If the questions are not asked, then one cannot possibly live their life according to the one who created it. To never know the one who created man may have eternal consequences. That is, of course, if the answer to the question was “Yes”.

The issue, really, is that exploration of personal faith is dead. If it is not dead, it is extremely taboo. If an individual is exploring their faith it should be celebrated. Questions should be freely and happily answered and received. After all, the answer to such a question has the capacity to change a person’s life forever. Christians who scoff at those reading or attempting to understand their faith and others do not remember where they once were. At any given point in life, a Christian can doubt the accuracy and truths of the Christian faith. This is typically the process of exploring faith: one faces trials, they get questions or doubt, then they look for answers and the answers should hold true over time. If the answers do not hold true, then one must re-evaluate where the answers came from or perhaps explore the answers further. If we as Christians believe our faith to be the truth, then we ought to have faith that those truly looking for the truth will find it in Christ. When we do not, our lack of faith tends to intervene with God’s work.

More often than not the Christian believes they are in the business of saving people. What is easily forgotten is God is the one who saves. Perhaps it is better illustrated that Christ is in the business of salvation and Christians are simply his employees. The Christian does not create the product; he simply learns all he can to explain what it is and does his best to use it himself. Many times they need to return to the manual and the business owner for more information. If people see the product results in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness… (Galatians 5:22), they will find far more interest in it, and be more inclined to seek out the business owner to get it for themselves. The Christian represents God in everything they do. Because of the human condition, many times this results in shame and poor representation. No longer should one be ashamed if they possess questions about faith.  Take comfort in knowing they have been asked for thousands of years.

Craig Chamberlin

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Local Businesses Help IUSB Students Succeed

Posted by iusbvision on September 25, 2007

Have you ever considered the possibility that you may be an entrepreneur? Over the past four weeks and over the next two months, Indiana University South Bend has the privilege to have local entrepreneurs come in and speak of their experiences in the process of their business development. The second seminar included Mark Turner himself, the president of South Bend Chocolate.  On top of the fantastic lecture, he actually brought everyone in the room chocolate. Even though some of these highly successful entrepreneurs did not require a graduate degree, they have contributed thousands of dollars to the local community, created jobs and now are driven to inspire local students to do the same.

The series, presented by Lake City Bank, is held every Thursday at 7:00 PM in room 1001 of Weikamp Hall. It is open to the public and the series will continue all the way through November 11th. Each speaker is specially chosen to illustrate a different aspect of the growth, plans, organization, daily struggles, personal life and contributions to the development of their business and to the development of themselves and entrepreneurs. The IUSB website describes the series as follows: “Get tips on setting up a business plan, finances or a business strategy at an Entrepreneurship Lecture Series sponsored by Indiana University South Bend’s School of Business and Economics.”

I’ve personally had the opportunity to attend the first four seminars of this series, and have found the information presented within it is priceless to any student considering an involvement in the business environment. Even if one has no interest in creating a business, they can get a better understanding of how the decision making process is done from the presidential and managerial level.   The series also allows a significant opportunity for students considering startups to learn local networking skills from people who have done it themselves for years.

In the first week of the series the topic of systems re-engineering was discussed. The entrepreneur brought the students through his experience of restructuring an inefficient inventory based system within his company as well as implementing a micro-managing strategy for his workers on the factory floor. The inefficient system was made efficient by the use of a scanning technology which would track all parts that were used and checked out from stock and re-ordering parts once they have reached a certain level. The micro-managing strategy was giving his workers on the factory floor more autonomy to work as a team and manage their particular quotas for the day together instead of through the use of a manager. Both systems turned out to be highly successful after overcoming several expected setbacks.

In week two, Mark Turner from South Bend Chocolate discussed the importance of an entrepreneur’s ability to network. He had not realized early on in his career how much he networked with his clients and how this had affected his business. Mark is a very personal networker, and writes hand written letters to his clients thanking them for their patronage. These are just a few of the many unique business practices students can pick up by attending this fantastic series.

A person interested in the creation of their own business needs to anticipate all of the possible setbacks within their control they may experience during the process of development and growth.  There is no better way to learn than to learn from the mistakes of those who have been through it themselves. If one goes through the same struggles and must attempt to discover their own way out, it is no different than re-inventing the wheel. If you are remotely interested, this is a must see.

All lectures are followed by a question and answer session. Students are more than encouraged by guest speakers to participate in the discussion as much as possible. They sometimes are so excited about the subject that they will go on for a long time giving the student the answer they may have been looking for. Afterwards, they are very receptive to students giving their thoughts and opinions on the information presented within the lecture.

There are some things that can be learned out of a book, and there are some things that cannot.  Learning how to juggle personal life, family, friends and loved ones is one of those things. Many involved in the series are happily married with children while maintaining a business with accumulated worth of up to millions of dollars. They serve as an example to students who are getting involved in the world of business that it is possible through hard work and dedication. I hope to see you all there!

For more information contact Christine Pochert by e-mail at, Linda Shedd at (574)237-4133 or by fax at (574) 237-4866 or Staci Brettin at

Craig Chamberlin

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Winning at the Game of Life

Posted by iusbvision on August 27, 2007

Someone long ago coined the philosophical phrase “You have to play the hand you are dealt.” Each card in the hand, of course, represents the circumstances that cross the individual’s path. It implies a man who is dealt a four of a kind will have far less trouble living than the man with a muck hand.  Furthermore, it is easier for the man with four of a kind to tell the other man, “Well my boy, you simply have to play the hand you are dealt” because he is sitting comfortably knowing the odds are on his side. One sees this often when a wealthy man tells a poor man, “You have to work hard and you will achieve what I have achieved.”   Undoubtedly what the wealthy man says has truth to it, but it does not take into consideration the initial hand dealt to him as opposed to the poor man. 

Playing with a hand that is dealt takes the circumstances of life into the stream of a game, “In the game of life… you have to play the hand you are dealt.”  One must not forget in a game there are winners and losers. The losers are the ones with the least powerful hand. If one is dealt a weak hand and another a strong hand, then with the exception of bluffing or acting as if one has a better hand than the other, the man with the stronger will win. But in the game of life what are they winning? If they are winning the pot, then they will have gained more than the one with the weaker hand. Yet time has shown the man who wins the pot often does not ultimately come out the “winner” amidst all circumstances. 

Let us pretend for a moment that the hand that is dealt does not matter in the game of life. In the game of life, there are no winners and losers; there are only countless individuals with unique hands that compromise their existence. Although their hands can be used periodically in the world, the goal is not to win the game, because winning has historically not benefitted the player in the long run. Even the individuals with the best hands do not end up happy. What, then, is one to do?  The purpose of playing a game of cards is to win, but if winning does not equate to happiness, then the cards simply do not matter. If the cards do not matter then circumstances do not matter.  The man with the weaker hand can tell the man with the stronger hand, “You may have better cards, but in the game of life, that will not help you win, because a better hand has rarely given the upper edge to happiness.”

Christianity suggests all circumstances placed in an individual’s life have a purpose behind them. The hand one is dealt has been designed to exemplify and develop the player.  If this is the case, one should not  simply “live with the hand [they] are dealt”. They should use their hand to exemplify and develop themselves into the player they were meant to be. 

When one is graced with accepting their trials and tribulations as an opportunity to develop them into a better person or a better Christian, their hand becomes something far more meaningful and beneficial. It is no longer just a means to win the game. In my life, it has been pleasant to witness the man with the weaker hand find happiness and joy without the need of a royal flush.  

Craig Chamberlin

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