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Welcome to the Ladies’ Page

Posted by iusbvision on August 27, 2007

Greetings “to the ladies, from the ladies”. I would like to welcome you to another year of the IUSB Vision.    

I would like to introduce the new ladies that were added to the staff this year.  

You will hear from one writer every issue. She is our “How-to” lady. Sarah Chamberlin is a newlywed and is working towards a career in the medical field. Her goal is to assist ladies in doing practical things. She would love to here from you about what you would like to know at  

We have four other writers that you will hear from periodically. Naoko Fujimoto is from Japan. This is her second semester with the Vision and also works as the Campus Life editor. 

Misty Perrin is a sophomore and is a former senator.  Heather Vigil is a senior and is studying psychology. She just recently celebrated her first anniversary with her husband, Marcus. Then there is me.  I’m an alumnus from IUSB with a degree in General Studies. I have been married for two years. I am your editor and you are welcome to contact me with your questions and thoughts at  

Besides the “How-to” column there are two other things you will see in every issue. You will see a recipe that will be easy to make and some what healthy. 

If you have creative recipies that you would like to share with other women on campus, please send them to us.  

You will also see some manner of health advice from Amy Henkelman who is the Assistant Director of Recreational Programs. She also serves as head of Club Sports and the Fitness classes.  

The ladies page is not trying to offend.  Most articles will be opinion pieces and naturally there will be some who disagree. I would like to encourage you to write on our weblog and tell us about your disagreement.  We hope that you will enjoy this years ladies page.  

Sandy Brigham

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