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Elite Media not reporting violence and violent revolutionary messages at so called “immigration rallies”

Posted by iusbvision on May 11, 2010

Hmm the so called immigration rallies have had real violence (no violence from Tea Party people), they are largely monochromatic, and they compare the United States to apartheid and Nazi Germany in signs regularly, which is a very rare thing to see at even the largest Tea Party events. Is it not amazing that these leftist revolutionary rallies are exactly what the elite media claims the Tea Party is?

A citizen report from the rallies:

Once again the lovely and tenacious Michelle Malkin has a list of the violence, and the signage and the story the elite media thinks you don’t need to know:

The City Square was at the SF protest and captured the border-sabotaging Che lovers:

The (professionally printed) Nazi card was out in full force in Dallas:

In Santa Cruz, they carried torches and vandalized at least 18 businesses:

Downtown business owners spent Sunday repairing shattered windows and doors after a May Day rally Saturday night turned into a riot with approximately 250 people marching along Pacific Avenue, some carrying makeshift torches, throwing large rocks and paint bombs, and spray-painting walls with graffiti.

At least 18 businesses suffered damage during the rally in honor of international workers that began at 9 p.m. and escalated into mayhem around 10:30 p.m., police said. Investigators estimated damage at $100,000, though some business owners said it could be more. No injuries were reported.

On Sunday, sea green-colored glass littered sidewalks where windows and glass doors had been smashed. Maintenance workers, many getting called in the middle of the night, boarded up windows with plywood until new sheets of glass could be installed.

The vandalized businesses included Urban Outfitters, Peet’s Coffee, Noah’s Bagels, Jamba Juice, Velvet Underground and Dell Williams Jewelers. The unoccupied Rittenhouse building also was damaged. A police car was vandalized with rocks and paint, department spokesman Zach Friend said.

In San Francisco, anti-illegal immigration activists were attacked by the May Day marchers:

LISA AMIN GULEZIAN, REPORTER: Allan, for the most part the event was peaceful, but just about an hour ago, three people were attacked and two others were arrested. The people who were assaulted were part of the Minutemen demonstration in favor of Arizona’s new immigration law.

They said a large group of immigrants’ rights supporters followed them to the BART station on Market Street and started punching and kicking them, and calling them names.

PARKER WILSON, BAY AREA ANARCHIST: They said we were racists, and that we were against them, and against their town, and against San Francisco, and what they were saying. They said we needed to get out and they called us racists, and that we need to go home. And then they just attacked my friends and me.

An account from the NYC protest:

About an hour later we were heading to a concert on the NYU campus, and started walking down Broadway toward Astor Place. We started hearing lots of police sirens all at once, and then looked straight ahead. There were young guys with baseball bats and Che signs pinned to their backpacks running down the street smashing store windows, all on the west side of Broadway. We stopped dead on a corner, because there were police cars coming from so many different directions the street lights were rendered meaningless. As soon as we stopped, about 6 NYPD units pulled up to our exact corner and the cops jumped out and tackled two of the vandals literally TWO FEET in front of me. Some other officers arrived, jumped out of their cars, and started a crazy foot pursuit of another guy who started running in zig-zags down the middle of Broadway. They tackled him as well, in the middle of the freakin’ street, as cars kept almost hitting everyone involved. It happened incredibly quickly. There were tons of eyewitnesses, and I even saw a few people videotaping, but of course I can’t find mention of this incident anywhere online or in the media. We had about five minutes to get to the concert, so stopping and gawking wasn’t an option. We just kept walking, tried to get away from the whole mess. But we could see and hear police interviewing plenty of witnesses, and heard people say “they just kept breaking windows”, and saw the perps with their faces in the pavement for ourselves.

Via a local blogger in Ashville N.C.:

Violent Leftists Riot in Asheville May Day; National Media Silence Results

Imagine, if you will, what would happen if a group split off from a Tea Party protest and went on a rampage, smashing windows and vandalizing cars. Eleven are arrested, and some of those have known ties to right wing militia groups.

Don’t you think that dozens of stories would have flooded network news and talk shows, and that government officials—perhaps Obama himself—would decry the right wing violence?

Well, that likely would occur if the violence was right wing in origin, but when a group of radical leftists split off from the main crowd at a pro-communist May Day parade in Asheville, NC over the weekend and went on a rampage, the national media utterly ignored it.

I’ve found only a handful of local stories about the violence, and none dare identify it as left wing in origin, though the Mountain Express comes closest.

Last night around 10:45 p.m., vandals shattered glass at several businesses around the Battery Park Avenue area, including the Eye Center, Bella’s, the Asheville Citizen-Times, the entrance to the Grove Arcade, Cucina 24, an RBC Centura ATM and the glass etching landmark across the street from the Arcade. Several cars in the area were also damaged. Reports at the time described around 20 people wearing dark clothing, breaking windows.”The subjects were wearing masks and face coverings and are estimated to have damaged at least eight vehicles and five businesses,” an announcement from the Asheville Police Department reads. “Officers from all districts responded, as well as a K-9 unit and Forensics staff.”

So far, 11 people have been arrested by the APD. Most are from outside the Asheville area. They are:

Jordan M. Ferrand-Sapsis, 24, of Oklahoma City, Okla.; Naomi Rachel Ullian, 26, of West Chestnut St. Asheville;
 Marshall Rogers Tingler, 24, of Oklahoma City
; Daniel Heinz Regenfcheit, 26, of Carrboro; Karen Leigh Alderser, 19, of Carrboro.; Alissa Marie Batzold, 18, of Carrboro; Havely Carolyn Carsky, 23, of Meadow Lake Road, Asheville; Randall Duncan Stezer, 17, of Graham; Wyatt Sherman Allgeier, 19, of Mount Pleasant; Cailin Elizabeth Major, 25, of Milwaukee, Wis.
; and Nicholas Ryan Entwistle, 19, of Kansas City, Mo.

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High School Teacher Calls For Racist Communist Revolution Against U.S. Government. Praises Murderous Dictator Hugo Chavez.

Posted by iusbvision on May 11, 2010

He is so proud that he has indoctrinated at least one of his students to come speak there. Where is the elite media showing us this? Why doesn’t the elite media show us the violence that occurs at these rallies? Where is Time Magazine calling them seditious like they do talk radio? Why doesn’t the elite media show us all the hammer & sickle signs at these rallies?

May 08, 2010 — “Where we now stand is stolen, occupied Mexico”…La Raza rally at UCLA….More gems: ‘Communist Revolution’, ‘Frail, racist white people’, ‘La Raza’ (the Race), Fidel Castro, ‘Northern Front of Latin Revolution’…”40 million…revolutionaries…in the belly of the beast”. “Our enemy is Capitalism and Imperialism”. Sedition anyone?
Sanchee H.S. history teacher Ron Gochez, La Raza Rally at UCLA

Here is his H.S. Let them know what you think of his comments:
Phone: (213) 763-1000
Los Angeles Unified School District
Tel: 213-241-7000
Los Angeles Board of Education:
Tel: 213-241-6389

“We are revolutionary Mexican organization here. We understand that this is not just about Mexico. Its about a global struggle against imperialism and capitalism At the forefront of this revolutionary movement is La Raza. We will no longer fall for these lies called borders. We see America as a northern front of a revolutionary movement Our enemy is capitalism and imperialism.”

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Fox News makes fun of idiot Quincy Illinois local government for calling out riot police on Tea Party participants

Posted by iusbvision on May 2, 2010

We filed this one under “stuck on stupid”.

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Retired CBS News Man Bernie Goldberg on Elite Media Smears and Hypocrisy

Posted by iusbvision on April 27, 2010

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More Violent Incitement from the Left. FreedomWorks Releases Their Voice Mail.

Posted by iusbvision on April 27, 2010

In light of recent accusations, we’re taking the opportunity to set the record straight. For a side so concerned with Tea Party hate speech, they sure seem full of rage.

DISCLAIMER: Full of harsh language and violent rhetoric. Emails and voicemails are only edited to remove names and phone numbers.

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Video: Pro-Illegal Immigration Protestors Turn Violent, Attack Counter Protestors, Throw Rocks and Bottles at Police – UPDATED! Fox Goes Nuclear on Elite Media Lies

Posted by iusbvision on April 26, 2010

Arizona: They also used refried beans to smear swastika’s on government buildings….. but nothing to see here .. move along, move along… and don’t forget the state-run media mantra, the Tea Party is violent, the Tea Party is violent…

How do I know this group isn’t really a bunch of crazed Tea Party people out to smash Arizona? Well you see the lovely Michelle Malkin has pictures.


UPDATE I – Famed Scholar Dr. John Lott Confirms IUSB Vision Analysis on Arizona Law

UPDATE II – Via – Rasmussen: Majority of Latinos in Arizona support letting cops check for immigration status?

UPDATE IIIFox News goes after ABC and elite media over outrageous bias.

Video: (Hat Tip HotAir) Whose protests are more violent?

By the way, the John Lewis who said it happened in spite of a dozen videos of the event that proved otherise, is the same guy who in October 2008 said that John McCain is a racist and compared him with George Wallace who tried to use force to keep black children from going to school. But why take my word for it. Here is THE PROOF

UPDATE IVByron York Takes Arizona Law Critics to School

More: Beck Blasts Eliet Media Double Standard, Shows Video

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Dick Morris: Janet Reno Threatened Clinton with Spilling the Goods on Waco

Posted by iusbvision on April 20, 2010

This is no surprise at all.

Waco and Ruby Ridge were both completely avoidable. In the Davidian Church trial the survivors were acquitted of charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder by the jury. At Waco military equipment was used against civilians. The Posse Comitatus Act forbids the military to be involved in civilian law enforcement. Federal agents violated federal law in both incidents and in the case of Ruby Ridge the government was caught illegally manipulating evidence. When it was over, it was the federal government paying the Randy Weaver family for the unlawful deaths of his son and his wife.

In both trials the governments case fell apart. To say this was a complete mess is an understatement. No matter how much one may dislike or like the people involved, government should rightly be expected to show restraint and obey the law.

Dick Morris: “It’s never been said before” …Janet Reno to Clinton: “If you don’t appoint me, I’ll tell the truth about Waco”

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Question of the Day? Who is inciting violence?

Posted by iusbvision on April 19, 2010

With all of this lecturing from the far left about provocative, inciteful and/or inappropriate language; I would like to know:

1. When Obama said that we should punch back twice as hard was he inciting the four SEIU thugs who ganged up and beat Kenneth Gladney at the Russ Carnahan protest just hours later?

2. Was Paul Begala and crew at the White House inciting violence when they invented racist quotes and attributed them to Rush Limbaugh that he never said?

3. Did the far left and President Obama go after Rev. Wright for his racist and hateful anti-government views ins 20 years of preaching with Obama attending regularly?

4. Has Al Sharpton ever said anything inciteful? Did his “interlopers” comment not incite people to murder those Jewish shop owners?

5. Is not the far left inciting violence against Tea Party participants by calling them racists and associating them with Tim McVeigh? After all if you were a racist mad bomber isn’t it justified for anyone to use violence to stop you?

6. What about the most violent terror group in the United States? It is known as ELF, the Earth Liberation Front that has engaged in more acts of violence than any other terror group. Did not the extreme and fatalistic doom rhetoric incite people like Ted Kocinski. 

7. When anti-semitic leftists sponsored “Israeli Apartheid Week” on college campuses across the continent; is not their rhetoric obviously inciting violence against Jews? If apartheid is evil, therefore Israel must be evil and therefore it is OK to do violence against them; that is the narrative isn’t it?

8. Far left columnist Joe Klein says that people who critique the left like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin are guilty of sedition, which he claims is a felony. Is it not acceptable to use force against those committing a felony? Is that not inciteful?

9. Did Democratic Deputy Senate Leader Dick Durbin incite violence against the military by comparing our soodiers to Pol Pot and Nazi’s? Everyone knows that violence is the only way to stop Nazi’s right???…

10. Senator Durbin is not the only one who has incited violence against the military:

11. And who can forget this, when Jim Nardi from Nevada’s Health Care United and known Democrat Activist in the Nevada State Democratic Party said this to Andrew Breitbart:

And what about those Anti-Bush protests…

CNN Finds Out What a REAL Violent Protest Looks Like: 

The elite media calls the people at tea parties violent and racist, yet at every known event of violence has been committed by ACORN/SEIU thugs. There was violence at several anti-war protests, at the GOP convention and at the event in this video, the G20 summit in Pittsburgh; with 60 arrested, 6 hospitalized and businesses vandalized.

Why is CNN not featuring the nuttiest sign they can find at this protest like they do at a Tea Party, why are their reporters not getting in the face of a protestor to challenge, harass and mock them like they do at Tea Parties ….where is Susan Roesgen now?

In contrast, the National Park Service confirmed that the 9/12 protest called by Glenn Beck was the largest event in D.C. history and there was not one arrest…not one.

According to the elite media narrative the picture below is from a violent, racist and inciteful protest. The videos above are not.

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Breitbart Video: I offer $100,000 reward for proof that the elite media’s story actually happened. They lied about us when we had a sea of new media recording the event.

Posted by iusbvision on April 18, 2010


New Media Mogul Andrew Breitbart offers a $100,000 reward for proof that the elite media’s story actually happened. Says they lied about us when we had a sea of new media recording the event.

Breitbart also explains how he converted from leftist to thinker and lists some of the violence the elite media and the Democrats have incited.

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Video: Far Left Protestors at SRLC. Two SRLC Attendees Severely Beaten – UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on April 13, 2010

So a crowd of lefties chanting violent slogans, cussing, signs with “F*CK Capitalism” etc. This is the SRLC so there is national media there. Yet at the time of this writing google search shows NO national news outlets reporting the story, only the locals and the blogs.

Allee Bautsch is the chief campaign funs raiser for Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Gateway Pundit reports:

Allee Bautsch and her boyfriend Joe Brown

The governor’s office said Monday that Allee Bautsch suffered a broken leg and her boyfriend suffered a concussion and fractured nose and jaw in the alleged incident. (KSLA)

I am the photographer for the LA GOP and I was at the Brennan fundraiser. When I left about one hour or so after all 3 of the governors left the crowd of protesters had grown. The were very nasty, signs were vulgar using the “F” word. As I left the restaurant I was yelled at – there was a family visiting the restaurant with a baby stroller – they had nothing to do with the fundraiser and they were being heckled using the “F” and “MF” words.. A couple of them made comments to me.
Thanks, Eric

UPDATE: Here is a photo of the crowd outside of Brennan’s–

photo credit: © Eric Miller


Yahoo News reported (4 days after the attack):

Allee Bautsch’s mother, Della Berning, has now joined a friend of Bautsch’s in telling Yahoo! News that, contrary to what Brown initially told police, Bautsch and Brown do believe that the attackers were a group of political protesters who followed them after they left the event.

The Yahoo News piece is very amusing in that they toss in editorialized comments and narrative through the “news” piece to imply that it wasn’t left wing anti-good government protestors who engaged in the violence, as they have on so many other occasions we have documented (please see our Violence category).

Police hear no evil, see no evil…… reports:

When news of last weekend’s assault of Republican campaign fundraiser Allee Bautsch and her boyfriend broke on Monday, police logs detailing crimes and complaints reported in the French Quarter that night did not list the attack on the pair.

That’s because the April 9 incident was first labeled a medical call, which meant no police report needed to be written. Indeed, according to the initial report released Friday by New Orleans police, it wasn’t until Monday that a detective was assigned to investigate the incident — in which Bautsch broke her leg and her boyfriend, Joseph Brown, broke his jaw.

Monday was also the day news reports and blogs began chattering about the attack, sometimes laden with the juicy possibility the attackers were anti-Republican protesters.

The initial incident report does not resolve the question of whether Bautsch and Brown were attacked by protesters, who had picketed the restaurant they were in earlier that night.

But the sequence of the NOPD’s response to an attack that left Bautsch with a broken leg and Brown with a fractured jaw and nose, raises questions about why the department didn’t deal with the incident as an assault from the get-go. Subsequent police statements and reports about the incident note that officers did respond to the scene, calling an ambulance to take Bautsch and Brown to the hospital.


This is where it gets really rich…

NOPD spokesman Bob Young said the explanation is simple: The responding officer didn’t know the extent of the couple’s injuries. That officer knew the couple needed help and was told that Brown had been in a fight, but concentrated on getting them medical assistance, he said.

If the officer had known how badly they were hurt, the case would have been reclassified immediately as some kind of battery, Young said.

New Orleans Police Spokesman said that the Police did not know there was this kind of attack and the police did not know the extent of the injuries… HELLO someone with a camera is on the scene and Bautsch said on the scene that they broke her leg… and look at her boyfriends face. If the B.S. is going to be THIS transparent NOPD needs to hire a new person to do spin for them.

Big has the written threat from the leftist protestors HERE.

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Union Threatens Life of New Republican New Jersey Governor

Posted by iusbvision on April 9, 2010

Oh look a politician threatened.,…. oh wait its a Republican… ok we will put it online but it will never be on the CBS News home page or on the network evening news or on page 1 of the new York Times or appear on CNN every single hour. Nothing to see here move along move along…


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie isn’t laughing about a teachers union’s memo that hints of his death.

The memo is the latest salvo in a war of words between Christie and the union over wage and benefits concessions.

The Recorder of Bergen County obtained the Bergen County Education Association memo that includes a closing prayer:

“Dear Lord this year you have taken away my favorite actor, Patrick Swayze, my favorite actress, Farrah Fawcett, my favorite singer, Michael Jackson, and my favorite salesman, Billy Mays. I just wanted to let you know that Chris Christie is my favorite governor.”

Association president Joe Coppola says the “prayer” was a joke and was never meant to be made public.

Christie spokesman Michael Drewniak says there’s nothing professional about the group.


UPDATE – Teachers Union still posting threats and hate of Facebook


In NJ school cut debate, insults overshadow issues

By GEOFF MULVIHILL (AP) – 21 hours ago

HADDONFIELD, N.J. — They’re the kind of obscenity-laced schoolyard taunts that could get a student suspended.

But the target of this tirade is New Jersey’s Gov. Chris Christie — and the perpetrators are the state’s teachers, irate over his calls for salary freezes and funding cuts for schools.

In Facebook messages visible to the world — not to mention their students — the teachers have called Christie fat, compared him to a genocidal dictator and wished he was dead. The postings are often riddled with bad grammar and misspellings.

“Never trust a fat f…,” read one profane post on the Facebook page, “New Jersey Teachers United Against Governor Chris Christie’s Pay Freeze,” which has some 69,000 fans, many of them teachers.

“How do you spell A– hole? C-H-R-I-S C-H-R-I-S-T-I-E,” read another.

The rhetoric has become ever more heated as residents of most of the state’s school districts get ready to vote Tuesday on property tax levies that support district budgets. And while many of the postings are emotional, most aren’t personal attacks.

Christie, a first-year Republican governor who inherited a state in dire financial straits, wants voters to reject the proposals in districts where educators won’t agree to salary freezes for the coming school year.

The acrimony intensified last month when Christie proposed cutting state and federal aid to districts by 11 percent, calling it a way to share sacrifice as the state tries to rein in spending.

That’s when the Facebook attacks really took off.

One educator, a librarian with a Master’s degree, described the cuts as “rediculous.”

Another pointed out that Christie’s late mother was a member of the teachers union: “It’s not right to bite the hand that feeds you. Oh I forgot it’s Chirs Christie, He’s so large I bet he’d bite anything that’s put in front of his face!”

“Remember Pol Pot, dictator of Cambodia?” warned another. “He reigned in terror, his target was teachers and intellectuals. They were either killed or put into forced labor… King Kris Kristy is headed in this direction.”

Christie’s supporters have responded with a Facebook page of their own. “Teachers need to sit down and shut up. They live in a dream world where they work 180 days a year,” it asserted. “Way overpaid to start with, they could never make it working in the real world.”

Even in these tough economic times, teachers in most New Jersey districts have continued to get annual negotiated raises — often around 4 percent — and don’t have to help pay for their health insurance.

So Christie has offered more money to districts that can get teachers unions to revise their contracts and freeze salaries for the upcoming school year — and agree to start paying 1.5 percent of their salaries toward their health insurance.

So far, teachers in only 20 of the state’s 590 school districts have agreed to any concessions.

In 2006, the last year for which data was available, New Jersey teachers made an average of $58,000. The salary, in one of the highest cost-of-living states, was fourth in the nation.

Earlier this month, an opinion column in the Star-Ledger of Newark, the state’s largest newspaper, took teachers to task for their attacks on the governor.

“Here are words to live by from a guy teaching you critical life tools,” it said of one expletive-ridden post. “Write them down. There might be a quiz.”

Some have cooled the rhetoric and even apologized.

After a New Jersey teacher’s union wished Christie dead — like “my favorite singer, Michael Jackson” — the group’s president, Joe Coppola of the Bergen County Education Association, called it a bad attempt at humor and apologized.

Christie’s people weren’t impressed. “The union is, has been, and probably always will be a bully,” the governor’s spokesman, Michael Drewniak, said in an interview last week.

It’s Christie who’s the real bully, asserted Marlene Brubaker, a Camden County Technical School science teacher who wrote the post comparing the governor to the Khmer Rouge leader, Pol Pot.

“I’m not saying this guy is killing us physically,” she said. “I would say he’s trying to kill us spiritually,” by disrespecting teachers and spreading the myth that they’re overpaid.

Her salary, which public records show is a bit more than $50,000 a year, isn’t enough to make ends meet, she added, so she also has to tutor and work as a home health aide.

The debate appears to be taking a slightly more civil course lately, especially after the founder of the anti-Christie page was shut out from posting on the site for about a week because of all the hateful comments.

“I have deleted and will continue to delete commets comparing Governor Christie to genocidal maniacs,” read a recent post, complete with a typo. “He is not a genocidal maniac. He is a crappy governor.”


Union Threatens Life of New Republican New Jersey Governor

New N.J. Gov. Christie Freezes Spending – Keeps Campaign Promise – Democrats Furious – UPDATED!

AWESOME: Gov Christie on MSNBC. Fighting Public Sector Unions

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Video: Rachel Maddow and Elite Media Incite Violence and Hate to FreedomWorks

Posted by iusbvision on April 7, 2010

Content Warning: These are a small sample of voice mails to the public policy institute FreedomWorks from those who claim a monopoly on love and tolerance.


Some money quotes:

“Be careful what you wish for – the right to bear arms means that everyone can bear arms.”

“We will be fighting you to the death.”

“I’m so glad that I saw Rachel Maddow. She’s brilliant. She’s absolutely fantastic. And her diagnosis of the ills of the American right are so right on. I mean, basically, what you’re doing is just saying no. You’re like belligerent children. You have no concept of how hard people have worked to get this together, and to make sure that we win. We WILL win, and will continue. That’s why Obama got elected.”

“We are now organized. We will show up at your town meetings, and your town halls, and trust me, it’s a force to be reckoned with.”

Sounds pretty threatening to me… but will Rachel condemn this? I’m sure she won’t. How about any of these phone calls, posted back in August? 

I’ll be the first to say that the calls to violence that are floating around both sides are inappropriate. It’s not productive, and makes everyone look bad. The media isn’t helping the situation by feeding stories that may or may not (and are most likely not) true from last weekend’s Tea Party rallies in Washington…

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Democrat Sen. Reid Supporters Turn Violent, Throw Eggs at Tea Party Participants and Threaten Andrew Breitbart – Democrat’s violence and incitement against Republicans Part V. UPDATE Dozens of more death threats against Palin and others. – UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on March 29, 2010

That is correct, so much violence and hate from the Democrats that we are now up to five large posts just to catalogue what we can find ourselves. See Part I and Part II, Part III, and Part IV, – This post will be updated regularly till it gets too long, then I will start part VI – keep checking back and scrolling to the bottom of the post!

UPDATE II – Nevada Democratic Party leaders file false police reports against Tea Party participants to try and create an incident – Caught on video –

UPDATEMan who threatened Andrew Breitbart identified and he is connected to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Via Big Government:

Last night we received an email from blogger Liberty Chick potentially identifying the man who threatened Andrew Breitbart:

Can’t say 100% but I think the dude from Searchlight that threatened Andrew (said to keep him away from him or “I’m goin to jail”) might be Jim Nardi, who belongs to a whole slew of progressive groups in Nevada, for example:!/profile.php?ref=sgm&id=1239570278

So, I went back to the second video posted on . You have to listen and watch really carefully – at 1:51 in that video, the black guy in the dark wool cap & dark coat on the right (holding the rolled up American flag) says “Come on, Jim” and holds him back just as he steps in between the “or I’m goin to jail” guy and Andrew to try and calm the situation. You have to listen a few times to hear it.


Via Founding Bloggers and

Democrat thugs supporting the Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid turnbed violent today when they threw eggs at Tea Party Participants and threatened Andrew Breitbart. At least this time they were smart enough not to wear their SEIU t-shorts.

Threats against Sarah Palin tied to MSNBC’s incitement via Patterico and Republican Heretic:

On Twitter, a fellow calling himself Jason Brown has been posting since May 10, 2009, and has a total of 379 messages posted so far. He is a fan of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. Typical of his leftist political beliefs are messages like this:

@maddow doesnt Cheney seem like this weird dark evil prince hmm say like Mr. Burns and i guess ol’ George was Smithers

and this:

goin 2 watch keith olbermann and laugh at the latest heartless basterds of the world

and this:

@carloswatson why does G.O.P. leaders endorse racism,hatred,fearmongering,and falsehoods dont they know the world is witnessing this tactic

and this:

their no racist people in the they all come from the south and they are republican which is why we still see promotion of hatred

In recent days, Brown has been saying that he is concerned about the violence that he believes Sarah Palin is fostering.

So, he is threatening to kill Sarah Palin and her family.

I had hoped to post about 20 screenshots from this guy’s Twitter account, but with the technical work being done on the site I find myself suddenly unable to upload images. So I will just quote you the messages. He posted most of them tonight, and they include messages like this:

@sEaTtLe_MeTrO Death 2 Palin family them retarded hillbillies take teabaggers w/ you hateful bitch

and this:

We cant expect gov to intervene we must shoot Gen. Palin on site be 4 her troops strike again!

and this:

@interactionswst one word racism choose sides plain and simply that bitch Palin launch an attack, she need 2 b shot on site!

and this:

@Palin360 you need 2 b assassinated soon we ll settle 4 one of the family if not u!

and this:

maybe it takes a murder or 2 2 get the point across take aim at radical TP members

and this:

@BRIANGLAD Palin will b met with gunfire her or her family

and this:

@SarahStormRpt u need 2 be shot on site startin that racist Tp shit, all you all do is promo violence dont cry when some kill u basterds

and this:

IS Sarah Palin still alive, please feel free 2 domecheck that bitch! she will look good in tha box the TP left on someones lawn

and this:

Yeah shorty i know soon as a bitch get killed bout a lie then ppl gone realize how stupid n lack info can get u hurt TP fuckin wit fire

and this:

@Southfive her map w crosshair need to b put on her family she that bitch can die or a TP supporter

and this:

Does Palin really want what she ask 4? we ll see after death strikes i guess no pose 2 see her rhetoric,it can b dangerous. but who cares!

and this:

i got 2 go see how many more targets Gen. Palin got mapped out that bitch gone get or someone i hope its GOP one of them racist fuckers

and this:

THe street gangs of america can take on the teabaggers and Palin. TP is callin 4 war just shoot any TP associates and family MS13 BITCHES!

and this:

I cant wait till someone serious hurt that bitch Palin or one of her children soon she out of control!

and this:

@Oplis the ppl of color have been wait n 4 no one can agree on history so suggest the Palin plan let roll!ms13 will take care of that bitch

and this:

Palin came 2 lower 48 2 start a civil divide this could b the moment of truth 4 americans 2 put her down

and this:

i encourage ppl 2 meet the TP wit the same acts of violence Palin instructs them 2 do we need 2 harass them 2 their racist graves

and this:

#hcr proof that Palin targeted Va. rep. w/ her map and someone followed up we have 2 stop this terrorist name Sarah someone please kill her!

Damn violent teabaggers!

For some reason this one seems particularly ominous:

Does anyone have that alaskan address 4 the Palins?


More leftist threats, violence and ugliness via Michelle Malkin:

And in case you need a quick refresher on the routine liberal ugliness that will never be decried by the civility police, see here here here here here here here here here here here here here here here here here here here. For starters. See also: Unhinged.


UPDATEAlbemarle County, Virginia  GOP Headquarters Attacked

Via RepublicanHeretic:

Oh drat and curses, those evil, hateful, ignorant, racist teabaggers must have whipped up a call to violence yet again!

Oh, wait, it was a GOP office in Virginia that was vandalized. Yawn. Move along, nothing to see here.

Well, at least the local paper covered it.

Bricks were thrown through the windows of the Albemarle County GOP headquarters overnight in what appears to be the Charlottesville area’s latest act of politically fueled vandalism. County GOP Chairwoman Rachel Schoenewald arrived at the office in the Albemarle Square shopping center Friday morning to find two windows shattered and a third partially damaged.

“Hopefully, everyone will conduct themselves as community members and that this violence does not escalate or continue,” she said. The county’s GOP headquarters also serves as the district office of Del. Rob Bell, R-Albemarle. Schoenewald declined to blame any particular group, but noted that people are angry on both sides of the political spectrum.

“There are millions of people across the country,” she said. “Many of them are upset, one way or another. I hope this is the last of the violence.” Albemarle County police are investigating the incident. Police estimated the damage would cost roughly $1,000 to fix. Police asked anyone with information about the vandalism to call Crimestoppers at 977-4000.

The shattered windows come five months after someone glued shut the GOP headquarters’ doors on Election Day when Republican Bob McDonnell defeated Democrat R. Creigh Deeds in Virginia’s gubernatorial race.


More UPDATES! –  

Far left nuts turn violent at Karl Rove book signing. – Just click.

Video – Hate on MSNBC – Ed Schultz

Florida Journalist can’t hide his hate.

CNN Analyst Advocates Obama Go “Chigaco-Style Al Capone Gangsta” on Political Opponents.

Huffington Post Advocates “Breaking Kneecaps” Against Political Opponents.

Video: Rachel Maddow and Elite Media Incite Violence and Hate to FreedomWorks 

Democrat Union Threatens Life of New Republican New Jersey Governor – LINK

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Democrats inciting violence against Republicans Part IV, more calls for the death of Beck, Limbaugh and O’Reilly – UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on March 28, 2010

[Be sure to See Part I and Part II and Part III, Part V in progress. The other posts were getting so huge that I could not just keep updating them till they took up 5 feet of page space each, so time to start number four. Like the other three this will be continually updated – Editor]

UPDATE IILeft wing antisemite threatens life of GOP Congressman. Obviously this man was whipped up by the lies and false witness the elite media and the Democrats have been launching against Republicans. By the way, no Tea Party participants have been arrested or even credibly accused of violence, yet we have case after case as outlined in these four posts of violence against Tea Party participants and several arrests of SEIU Union/Obama HCAN thugs have been made, yet the elite media narrative says it is the Tea Party who is violent.

Mini Update – Suspect is a DNC donor! – LINK. Where is the elite media screaming from the walls now?



Via Radio Equalizer:

“Liberal” radio talk host Mike Malloy hate against Beck, Limbaugh and O’Reilly:


Ann Coulter takes “I Hate Glenn Beck”  Joy Behar to school on hate speech and threats:

Joy Behar, “I am very excited to be a member of the I hate Glenn Beck club…”

Joy Behar could go to any known campus including Bob Jones and Hillsdale etc and be treated just fine and will not need a bodyguard. Any noted conservative or republican would need a bodyguard. In Canada hundreds of armed students tried to get to Coulter yelling “burn her book”. They don’t learn that stuff in high school folks.


Via NewsBusters: NY Times Paul Krugman: “Reagan the anti-government fanatic” & “By all means, hang Joe Liebermann in effigy”.

CNN smears the now famed conservative journalist/film maker James O’Keefe – LINK

Hate voice mail sent to Republican Congressman Jean Schmidt:

This is exactly what the elite media and the Democrat leadership is inciting with their racist and violent invective. Need they be reminded that the head of the Republican Party is a black man named Michael Steele? Do they actually believe that if Joe Biden were president and had done the exact same policies that the 62% of the American people who oppose what is going on would be all for it? Of course they don’t.

By the way, there were a dozen video’s that taped the so called “spitting event” and guess what, it didn’t happen as the video clearly shows. Andrew Breitbart has a $10,000 reward for proof that racial epithets and or spitting at people was done at the DC Tea Party. So far no takers.


Democrat Leader Harry Reid goes shooting while Sarah Palin in townLINK.


More real left wing violence Via Powerline:

I attended the convention and remember the terrorist acts that were carried out by anti-Republican protesters very well. They threw bricks through the windows of buses, sending elderly convention delegates to the hospital. They dropped bags of sand off highway overpasses onto vehicles below. Fortunately, no one was killed.


Washington Post compares Tea Party to David Duke and George Wallace – LINK .. but no, they are not trying to incite people to violence…

New York Times: Conservatives are racist, sexist, homphobes  – LINK

CNN has been doing wall to wall incitement of violence against Republicans with their irresponsible “hate Republican” rhetoric

Via Newsbusters: CNN Convicts Palin and Tea Partiers of ‘Inciting Violence’ and Stoking Racism

On a side note, CNN Lowballs Nevada Tea Party Event: ‘Hundreds of People, at Least Dozens of People’; Politico Reports 20,000 – LINK

More to come you can be sure
UPDATEBricks thrown through GOP office windows in Charlottesville LINK:
Washington Post Staff Writer

Monday, March 29, 2010; B06

Bricks were thrown through windows of a Republican Party office in the Charlottesville area late last week in an act that seemed similar to incidents of political vandalism reported elsewhere.

The damage in Charlottesville was discovered Friday morning at the headquarters of the Albemarle County Republican Committee, committee vice chairman Eric Seitz said Sunday.

Seitz said two bricks came through windows at the party’s offices on Albemarle Square on Thursday night or early Friday. A third damaged a window of an office used by Virginia Del. Robert B. Bell (R-Charlottesville) in the same building, Seitz said.

Seitz said the building’s windows are made of “very thick” double-pane glass and probably required considerable force to smash.

Upon seeing the bricks inside, he said: “Wow. . . . Somebody was very angry.”

County police confirmed that windows were broken. They said Sunday night that no arrests had been made.


The Conservative = Violent / Liberal = Non-Violent Myth:

How Dare They Call Us Racist! Andrew Breitbart At Searchlight, Nevada Tea Party Rally:

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Violence & Threats Both Real and Invented for Propaganda Purposes

Posted by iusbvision on March 25, 2010

This is Part III of a multi-part series – See Part I and Part II, Part IV , Part V in progress – 

What is really going on

[The simple truth is that anyone in the public sector attracts cooks and haters. I get death threats and hate mail but you don’t see me on MSNBC, granted my audience is larger than theirs. Even the most minor celebrities like Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka has had to deal with wackos who make threats. This is not news.

What is news is that the willing “state-run” elite media has decided to focus on this in the most one-sided and disingenuous way. Where was the elite media and the Democrats concern when Bart Stupak was pretending he was going to vote against ObamaCare and the left was threatening his family at home? Where was the elite media when anti-Bush protests had all sorts of Hitler and assassination signs? Why does the elite media portray the Tea Party as a racist and violent movement when every instance of known violence has been SEIU and ObamaCare thugs attacking Tea Party participants?

The Tea Party has had the largest protests in DC history and in all of those not once has a Tea Party participant been arrested, yet at the anti-Bush/anti-war protests and at the recent anti-capitalism protests in Pittsburg the police has to bring the pattywagons, yet its is the Tea Party that is violent according to the elite media narrative. It is the distraction because the elite media would be talking about the recent CBS Poll where 62% of Americans including 41% of Democrats want the GOP to keep fighting Obamacare. Remember 34 Democrats in the House and 3 in the Senate voted no on ObamaCare so there is a bipartisan consensus opposing it, that is why the state run media needs to talk about something else.- Editor]

House GOP Whip Eric Cantor Campaign Office Was Shot At, Accuses Dems of Exploiting Threats (Via Fox News):

Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor said Thursday that his Richmond campaign office has been shot at and that he’s received “threatening e-mails” — but at the same time the House minority whip accused top Democrats of trying to exploit the threats they’ve been receiving for “political gain.” 

IUSB Vision editor Chuck Norton reported in August of 2008 that launched an antisemitic ad against Cantor when he was in consideration for vice-president [ later scrubbed several of the antisemitic parts of the advertisement – Editor] :

Growing antisemitism among the left just had another piece of evidence added to the stack today. The statements below come from a single web advertisement against possible Vice Presidential candidate Eric Cantor.

“the party’s most visible liaison to Jewish groups”

“money from the Jewish community”

“Both Abramoff and Cantor are Jewish”

“the only Jewish Republican”

“a deli special that exudes Jewish power”


Where was the elite media frenzy and the Democrats concern while Bart Stupak was pretending that he was going to vote no on ObamaCare if it reversed 30 years of law and allowed for public funding of abortion??

The Hill Magazine:

Stupak: Health fight has been ‘living hell’

The telephone lines in his Washington and district offices have been “jammed” and he’s gotten more than 1,500 faxes and countless e-mails — most of which he says don’t come from his constituents.

The fight has taken a toll on his wife, who has disconnected the phone in their home to avoid harassment.  

“All the phones are unplugged at our house — tired of the obscene calls and threats. She won’t watch TV,” Stupak said during an hourlong interview with The Hill in his Rayburn office. “People saying they’re going to spit on you and all this. That’s just not fun.”

Stupak has become a nationally known figure because of his demands for tough language in healthcare legislation to prevent any federal subsidies from being used for abortion services.


Virginia Galax Gazette (Via Sweetness & Light):

McCain Campaign workers attacked With Mace

By Ben Bomberger

October 28, 2008

Two people were arrested Monday afternoon after an altercation led to five Republican campaign workers being sprayed with Mace at their headquarters in Galax.

Galax Police Chief Rick Clark said officers were dispatched shortly before 1 p.m. to the Galax Republican headquarters on East Grayson Street when a caller reported someone had sprayed office workers with Mace.

Responding officers arrested Daniel Cason Meinecke, 29, and Cara Annis Hindman, 26, both of Galax.

Meinecke was charged with one count of misdemeanor assault, Hindman was charged with five counts of misdemeanor assault.

Galax Republican Chairman Mike Stevens said he was one of the volunteers sprayed. He said a man and woman came into the office and asked for campaign yard signs for the Democratic ticket of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

After being told the Obama-Biden campaign office was up the street, Stevens said, the man said he was aware of that, but that he thought Democratic signs were being stolen and “stashed” at the Republican office.

Stevens told him that nobody there had stolen signs, not were they “stashing” any in the building.

A confrontation escalated and, Stevens said, the man began to use some four-letter words.

Stevens said there were older women in the office and he asked the couple to leave the building.

“With the ladies in the office, I said that was enough and asked them to leave,” he said. “I told them, if they had a problem with someone stealing their signs they needed to contact the police department.”

Stevens said the couple replied that they weren’t leaving, and that they didn’t have to.

“I kind of moved them towards the door and he lashed out at me,” Stevens said. “So I lashed out at him.”

No punches were thrown, but instead the two simply held each other at bay, according to Stevens.

Once outside, Stevens said, the woman sprayed Mace on him and another volunteer before turning back to the office and spraying inside the building.

“It was surreal in the fact that I’ve had people in the past couple months come in and ask for signs. But to have an altercation like that just seems strange.”

While Stevens was unsure if the couple came into the building planning to start an altercation, he said it seemed evident they were.

“There was no business that this gentleman had to do in the office. We didn’t do anything… We didn’t steal his signs. The people in the building were a 75- and 71-year-old man and their respective wives… they aren’t out there stealing signs.”

Stevens said he felt the man just came to the headquarters to agitate office volunteers and that he had no reason to enter the building.

“I can’t say they came there for that purpose. But it seemed that it was to come in and agitate. When he started cussing, that’s when I felt it was time for them to go out of the way and go on down the road.”

With the election of a new president coming in the next week, Stevens said the tension between Republican and Democrats has been elevated.

“We are more divided,” as a result, he said.

Chief Clark said in a news release that Meinecke is alleged to have physically assaulted one of the Republican campaign workers; Hindman is alleged to have sprayed Pepper Mace that contaminated five Republican campaign workers.

Both were released on a secured bond pending their arraignment in Galax General District Court.


York County, SC GOP Headquarters Vandalized – December 2008LINK

Democrat Vandallism Attacks in Maryland (Via Palmetto):

The wave of vandalism targeting supporters of presidential candidate John McCain isn’t just limited to South Carolina, as we experienced last weekend when thugs sprayed graffiti all over the York County GOP headquarters, nor is it limited to Republicans.

At some point during the wee hours of the morning, supporters of opponent Barack Obama attacked a private home in Prince George’s County, Md., defacing the house, an RV, a truck cover, and a two foot by eight foot yard sign. Apparently, the home owner was a registered Democrat and the local Obama fans were none to pleased with his decision to back McCain.


Tampa Tribune:

Clearwater – Frank Armstrong was preparing to go for a jog this morning when he noticed his Lexus – adorned with a McCain-Palin sticker – had been vandalized with obscenities and a burned American flag.

Armstrong discovered the damage to his 2006 Lexus about 8:30 a.m. at his Sand Key condominium at 1400 Gulf Blvd. Clearwater police and Armstrong said someone etched obscenities and “KKK” into the paint, burned several areas of the car with cigarettes, set the flag on fire on his hood and may have urinated on the vehicle. Officers and Armstrong think the car was singled out because of its political stickers, including one reading “Nobama.”


McCain Signs Vandalized with Hitler Stencil (Via LGF):

Stafford County SunMan charged with anti-McCain vandalism:

WOODBRIDGE — Police have charged a Gainesville man in connection with a rash of pre-election vandalism targeting the campaign of Republican candidate John McCain.

Daniel Marion Jackson, 23, of 13118 Bigleaf Maple Court, faces 21 counts of misdemeanor destruction of property, Prince William County police Officer Erika Hernandez said. He was arrested Wednesday.

Twelve houses, a church, seven businesses and a home owner’s association sign in Gainesville were spray painted with anti-McCain sentiments, profanity and the number 666 on Oct. 25.


Broward Republican Party chairman’s home vandalized – Via the Sun Sentinal:

Someone apparently threw an object at a window on the Broward Republican Party chairman’s house this weekend in Lighthouse Point, shattering the glass.

Chip LaMarca, who also is a Lighthouse Point city commissioner, said he and his wife were out of town at the state Republican Party’s quarterly meeting in Orlando when they were told of the incident Saturday morning and reported it directly to the police chief.


Obama followers vandalize homes in Gainesville  – Via HillBuzz:

Twenty-five residents of a Gainesville neighborhood woke up this morning to discover their homes had been spray-painted with an obscene comment about the 2008 presidential race. Several businesses were hit as well.


Photos: Minnesota Left’s political tolerance – Via

Tonight, as we prepare for our Debate Party tonight at Trocadero’s, one of the listeners for our radio station AM 1280 The Patriot has to prepare for some hard work cleaning his work van and personal car.  He made the mistake of thinking that he could have a bumper sticker showing his support of the station without thugs vandalizing his vehicles.  At least he remains in high spirits, as he e-mailed the station with the subject heading, “The Power of a Patriot Bumper Sticker”:
I thought you might find these photos interesting. I’ve attached photos of the way I found my van this morning. Evidently, leaving a car parked on the street with Patriot and McCain bumper stickers is intolerable to Obama supporters. They didn’t remove the sticker from my wife’s Volvo, though. However, it appears that someone in my neighborhood didn’t like it. Luckily, they didn’t use permanent spray paint, just some really annoying stuff that was hard to wash off.

They took their time in vandalizing the panel van

Now, what kind of people would put this much energy into defacing other people’s property simply because they had Patriot and McCain bumper stickers on one of the cars?  Usually, the same kind of people who screech constantly about “tolerance” and the closed-mindedness of Republicans. 


Peace & Love Protestors attack a disabled Iraq VetLINK:

Joshua Sparling, a disabled Iraq War veteran, attended a recent “peace protest” in Washington to try and tell them the good that is happening in Iraq. Says Sparling, “I think I saw more fingers that day than any in my life. At first they told me that it was all about the veterans and when I told them that I am a veteran then they told me to go back to Iraq and that I should have stayed there. For the most part there were people lining the fence screaming at us and trying to get at us. A group was waiting for us with clubs and tried to get at me and the police had to stop them from bull-rushing us on the sidewalk.”


And Now the Fake Threats and Violence

Tell me if you spot a pattern…

Leftists Vandalize Democrat Headquarters – Democrats Falsely Blame Health Care Protesters.

Michelle Malkin has more HERE.


Congressman Russ Carnehan’s claim that Tea Party left a coffin on his lawn as a threat now proved bogus. Via Big

On Sunday night several members of the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition held a prayer vigil at Russ Carnahan’s office for the millions of babies that will be slaughtered under the democrat’s pro-abortion health care bill. We also prayed for the handicapped and the elderly who will be turned away as they face the death panels created by this bill. And, as we stood outside his office in the rain, we prayed for our country and for the democrats in Washington DC who were stealing away our freedom at that very moment.

We brought a coffin with us to represent the millions of Americans who will suffer from inadequate treatment and perish under Obamacare.

(KSDK Photo)

Local reporters from KSDK News Channel 5 showed up to interview myself and others after our prayer service.

The Carnahans told reporters that the coffin was left on their lawn. This is an absolute lie. We had a prayer service and then left. The state-run media didn’t bother to follow up on this outrageous lie before they published their hit piece. The coffin is currently in a member’s garage…. Oh, and the protest was on SUNDAY not Wednesday.


Radicallized Minority Student Hangs Noose in University LibraryLINK

Seems like a big shock, except to those who have done the research. Most of the known ”outrageous” examples racial symbols and race based “propaganda attacks” on campus are either committed by the alleged minority victims or other minorities. Ann Coulter had a chapter in her book just about these incidents.

L.A. Times:

The UC San Diego student reportedly responsible for hanging a noose last week in a campus library issued a public, but anonymous, apology Monday and said she had no racist motivation.

The noose’s discovery set off protests at a school that is already tense from recent racially charged episodes and triggered condemnations from UC leaders and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In a letter published Monday on the front page of the UC San Diego student newspaper, the Guardian, the student wrote that the incident was “a mindless act and stupid mistake” and was not meant to recall the lynching of blacks.

“As a minority student who sympathizes with the students that have been affected by the recent issues on campus, I am distraught to know that I have unintentionally added to their pain,” the student wrote. She was suspended Friday and remains under investigation for a possible hate crime.

Incidents like these are not so uncommon.

Human Events Magazine:

Out of legions, here are just a few hoax hate crimes on college campuses.

— In 1997, at Duke University, a black doll was found hanging by a noose from a tree at the precise spot where the Black Student Alliance was to be holding a rally against racism. Two black students later admitted they were the culprits and were immediately praised for bringing attention to the problem of racism on campus. Indeed, four years later the president of Duke gave a baccalaureate address nostalgically describing the hoax as a “protest” against racism. Next stop: the Nobel Peace Prize.

— In 2003, vile racial epithets were scrawled on the dorm room doors at Ole Miss, producing mass protests and a “Say No to Racism” march. And then it turned out the graffiti had been written by black students, against whom no charges were brought. A “Say Yes to Racism” rally at Ole Miss was later canceled due to lack of interest.

— In 2005, obscenity-laced racist and anti-Semitic messages appeared on dormitory walls at the College of Wooster in Ohio. The fliers were instantly blamed on “typical white males,” even though all the letter I’s in the epithets were dotted with little hearts. Breadcrumbs left by the culprits included the message “Vote Goldwater” among the obscenities. The matter was dropped and flushed down the memory hole when the perpetrators turned out to be a group of leftist students led by a black studies major.

— Just this year, anti-Muslim fliers were put out on the George Washington University campus — by leftists, including a member of “Iraq Veterans Against War.” When it was thought the leaflets were from the conservative group Young Americans For Freedom, the dean called for the expulsion of the culprits and the university demanded that YAF officers sign a statement disavowing “hate speech.” But when it turned out leftists had distributed the fliers, the matter was dropped faster than Larry Craig was dropped from Mitt Romney’s campaign.

The one real example of racism on a college campus in recent memory was perpetrated against white men of the Duke lacrosse team. As that injustice was being perpetrated, gender and ethnic professors at Duke kept droning on about the “racism and sexism” students “live with every day” — as the professors put it in an open letter that falsely presumed the players were guilty of rape. We don’t expect a rally against the prejudiced professors, but an apology might be nice.

We had our own similar scandal at IU when IUPUI student Keith Sampson was charged with racial harassment by the IUPUI administration for reading a book about how the Klan attacked Notre Dame University in 1925. IUPUI even went so far as to shamelessly smear him in the national press. IUSB Vision Editor Chuck Norton took an active role in Sampson’s defense. When it was all over with IUPUI admitted its false smears against Sampson and sent him a letter of apology.

The faculty and the administration lined up against Sampson. When a couple of professors asked about academic freedom to read a book in a faculty meeting the IUPUI Black Faculty and Staff Council levied a not so thinly veiled threats of racism to stop any serious inquiry in the matter.

IUPUI hired an outside investigator who ended up having racially charged problems herself. IUPUI could not have handled the situation more poorly or dishonestly.

During the ordeal I learned that radicalized “EEOC officers” and “judicial affairs officers” have the view that you are presumed guilty if you are white because of what they refer to as “white privilege”. Quinn’s Laws define it thusly: “white privilege is racist idea used by leftist proponents of group politics to explain away the economic and social failure of ‘group politics’”. Those who are radicalized frame everything in marxist conflict theory, white vs black, rich vs poor, man vs women etc. They need incidents like these to justify their world view even if they have to invent them out of thin air. They do this in the name of “freedom” or “diversity” but the real goal is just to increase one’s own power. In this regard Lillian Charleston and David Duke are very much alike.

Imagine how flawed our universities must be to have this number of minority students feeling the need to pull off these racial PR stunts. It is sad.

To see our coverage of the IUPUI incident Part 1 of our investigation is HERE and part 2 is HERE.

To see a video documentary of the incident go HERE.


There was the case where an IUSB administrator and faculty member manufactured bogus chareges of “conduct that is lewd, indecent, or obscene” and, strangely, “stalking or hazing” – against a student, all in an attempt to censor his accurate articles from appearing in a student newspaper. There are more cases of manufacturing and bogus charges of threats and violence being used by leftist administrators and faculty to censor people at FIRE’s web site.  


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Democrats, Leftists, and Elite Media Inciting Violence Against Republicans

Posted by iusbvision on March 25, 2010

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NBC’s Chris Mathews Accuses Republicans of Inciting Violence; Says Rush Limbaugh Should be Shot in the Head

Posted by iusbvision on March 25, 2010

[Editor’s Note – this is part one, Part II is HEREPart III – Part IV , Part V in progress.]

NBC’s Chris Mathews (via NewsBusters):

I have to tell you, Rush Limbaugh is looking more and more like Mr. Big, and at some point somebody’s going to jam a CO2 pellet into his head and he’s going to explode like a giant blimp.  That day may come. Not yet. But we’ll be there to watch. I think he’s Mr. Big, I think Yaphet Kotto.  Are you watching, Rush?

Mathews then turns around and accuses Republicans on inciting violence (Via NewsBusters):

Matthews escalated his usual slandering of the entire Tea Party movement for the offensive or unlawful actions of a few, to actually blaming Republican officeholders for the illegal acts. The concerned MSNBC host also worried: “Is it harder to recruit members to run for Congress now that they’re facing death threats?” [audio available here]

Of course, no one spews more hateful invective than NBC’s Keith Olberman who routinely launches grtesque sexual attacks on conservative women and compares anyone in the GOP to a Nazi.

More hate – NBC’s Keith Olberman on the newly elected Mass. Senator Scott Brown

NBC’s Keith Olberman with guest. Those who oppose Democrat Leadership policies are  “Racist Teabagging Rednecks” who are biologically inferior with “brains impacting on their skulls” as if the Tea Party and the GOP would be all for these policies and 3.8 trillion dollar budgets if it were Joe Biden proposing them:

Washington Posts’s Courtland Milloy (via NewsBusters): “knock every racist and homophobic tooth out of their Cro-Magnon heads.”

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Huffington Post Advocates “Breaking Kneecaps” Against Political Opponents.

Posted by iusbvision on February 25, 2010

We wrote about this story HERE when a CNN analyist advocated that the president “Go Chicago Style Al Capone Gangsta” on his political opponents. Imagine the elite media reaction if a Republican had said this.

This is not that unusual for the left. I wrote about how the left justifies violence against their political opponents HERE at Poligazette.

Via Big

CNN, Huffington Post Urge Violence Against Republicans

by Kristinn Taylor

Two of the most popular liberal news sites are calling for violence against Republicans for obstructing the radical agenda of President Barack Obama.

CNN and Huffington Post have each published op-eds this past week by regular contributors with headlines that explicitly call for Obama to use violent gangland tactics against his political opponents.

CNN published a column by Roland Martin on February 11 with the headline, Time for Obama to go ‘gangsta’ on GOP.

Martin concluded the article with a plea for Obama to emulate the violent tactics of the Prohibition-era Chicago mob boss Al Capone.

Obama’s critics keep blasting him for Chicago-style politics. So, fine. Channel your inner Al Capone and go gangsta against your foes. Let ‘em know that if they aren’t with you, they are against you, and will pay the price.

The Huffington Post followed-up with their own call for gangland violence against Republicans with the publication on February 14 of a column by David Bourgeois with the title, Obama Better Start Breaking Kneecaps.

Bourgeois concludes his article with this call for gangland violence.

You’ve given it your best shot, you’ve tried numerous times to talk with the Republicans, to negotiate, to meet them halfway on every single matter before the American people. But they hate you for many reasons. It’s time you break kneecaps (bold in original). It’s time to destroy the Republican Party. They don’t deserve a seat at the table when all they want to do is score political points by being the Party of No.

In case the message wasn’t clear, Huffington Post illustrated the call to violence with a wooden baseball bat with Obama’s first name on it in large letters.
Huffington Post publisher Arianna Huffington recently excoriated Fox News chief Roger Ailes for allegedly provocative rhetoric by Fox host Glenn Beck.

HUFFINGTON: Well, Roger, it’s not a question of picking a fight. And aren’t you concerned about the language that Glenn Beck is using, which is, after all, inciting the American people? There is a lot of suffering out there, as you know, and when he talks about people being slaughtered, about who is going to be the next in the killing spree…

…It’s not about the word police. It’s about something deeper. It’s about the fact that there is a tradition as the historian Richard Hofstetter said, in American politics, of the paranoid style. And the paranoid style is dangerous when there is real pain out there.

Ailes defended Beck, saying he was accurately talking about the governments of Hitler and Stalin.

Violent rhetoric such as that espoused by CNN and the Huffington Post is usually found in the bowels of Internet discussion forums, not as sanctioned op-ed headlines on news sites with White House press passes.

CNN and Huffington Post would be well-advised to retract the calls to violence and issue apologies to Republicans before Obama supporters are incited by their violent rhetoric and start going gangsta and break kneecaps of Republicans.

If they won’t do that of their own volition, then White House press secretary Robert Gibbs should shame them into doing so. Surely the Obama administration does not countenance violence against their domestic political opponents.

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Media Malpractice: Washington Post carefully edits IRS airplane attacker manifesto to falsely tie him to the Tea Party. Bomber hated Reagan tax cuts & praised Karl Marx.

Posted by iusbvision on February 20, 2010

Special Update – The Pentagon Shooter, Mr. Bedell, is a registered Democrat. His online communications show him to have full blown Bush Derangement Syndrome such as Bush Bombed the towers on 9/11 etc.

Links to his online communications can be found at the link below.


This is one of the worst cases of media malpractice I have ever seen. The Washington Post is simply lying through their teeth and well know it.

As I was preparing this post I see that some of the best of the blogosphere has already responded, but before I go on, Joseph Stack, the IRS plane bomber, made it clear in his manifesto that he hates capitalism, hated George Bush and even quotes Karl Marx with praise.

Amy Bishop, Bill Ayers, ELF, Ted Kaczynski, Bernadine Dohrn, all leftists who have used violence and all are hard left wingers, yet that isn’t news; it is Tea Partyers who quote Karl Marx and hate capitalism….. what?

Washington Post:

Joseph Stack was angry at the Internal Revenue Service, and he took his rage out on it by slamming his single-engine plane into the Echelon Building in Austin, Texas. We now know this thanks to the rather clear (as rants go) suicide note Stack left behind. There’s no information yet on whether he was involved in any anti-government groups or whether he was a lone wolf. But after reading his 34-paragraph screed, I am struck by how his alienation is similar to that we’re hearing from the extreme elements of the Tea Party movement.

The Post than publishes the end of Stack’s manifesto thusly:

Well, Mr. Big Brother IRS man, let’s try something different; take my pound of flesh and sleep well.

Joe Stack (1956-2010)


But here is what it ACTUALLY said:

Well, Mr. Big Brother IRS man, let’s try something different; take my pound of flesh and sleep well.

The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.

Joe Stack (1956-2010)


The difference is only all of the difference in the world. Stack also railed against Ronald Reagan’s tax cuts and hated religion….. but oh ya… he is a Tea Partyer. The simple fact is that these stated views by Stack are not dissimilar from most of far left academia and the Washington Post well knows it. blasts the Washington Post for their lies – LINK – As does Michelle Malkin – LINK.

Glenn Beck blows the Washington Posts’s lies out of the water:

UPDATE – The Washington Post has now rewritten their piece realizing that it was such blatant media malpractice, and made it so it is a less blatant piece of media malpractice by still smearing Tea Partyers, who are now the mainstream of America according to polls. blasts the Washington Post again – LINK.

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Professor who went on shooting spree at Univ. of Alabama was a “left wing extremist”

Posted by iusbvision on February 16, 2010

Boston Herald:

Police in Huntsville, Ala., charged Bishop, 44, with capital murder after she allegedly opened fire on six colleagues at a faculty meeting Friday, killing three. Afterward, she calmly called her husband and asked him to pick her up as if nothing had happened, said police Chief Henry Reyes.


Bishop acknowledged at the time being questioned in the bombing attempt of a Harvard medical doctor evaluating her on doctorate work, a professor with whom Bishop was known to quarrel, Fluckiger said.

Reyes confirmed he is working with the FBI to learn more about why Bishop was a suspect in the attempted bombing of Dr. Paul Rosenberg, who received a double-pipe bomb in the mail on Dec. 19, 1993. He ran from his Newton home with his wife, escaping without injury. The bomb never exploded.

“She was quite cavalier about it,” Fluckiger said of Bishop’s description of her interview with police. She said Bishop “grinned” as she described being asked by cops whether she’d ever taken stamps off an envelope and fastened them onto something else. “I cannot tell you what the grin meant,” Fluckiger said.


A family source said Bishop, a mother of four children – the youngest a third-grade boy – was a far-left political extremist who was “obsessed” with President Obama to the point of being off-putting.


Of course she was, a majority of professors are. So whats is the difference between this lady and Bill Ayers, she eventually got busted.

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Far left site posting death threats against Bill O’Reilly

Posted by iusbvision on March 28, 2009

Via Johnny Dollar who is nice enough to monitor these people so we don’t have to.



These are from the Newshounds web site. Newshouds is a favorite of the unhinged left. There is more hate and threats posted at that site than any other that I am aware of since HuffPo and DailyKos started cracking down on the worst of the hate they hosted. Some of those same people have come here and post their hate, but since they are incapable of generating a coherent argument they didn’t stay long, because we respond to it here.

Johnny points out that the poster above claims to be a therapist. Actually that would not surprise me one bit after seeing some of the far left social workers on campus.

The far left is all mad because Bill O’Reilly is helping out charities like the Alexa Foundation. The Alexa Foundation was started by a rape victim to aid other rape victims. The far left unhinged crowd went after Alexa and she had to quit her job and assume a much lower profile after the attacks they made on her. We covered that story in detail HERE. The attacks against Alexa were coordinated by people at NBC News and John Podesta, who has worked as a strategist for President Obama.

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