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The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. – Vladimir Lenin

The “DUH” Generation.


Heather Wilson: Our superficial scholars

The Chronicle: Students are failing to learn at college

Top Colleges Rank Lowest on Civics Exams

UPDATE: See this article from PRAVDA about the American education system LINK.

These are clips from CNN and Fox telling about a study from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute showing that elected officials know less than average people on a basic civics and history exam. The study also shows that people with college degrees do no better than high schoolers.

It gets better; those who go to Ivy League schools do just as bad. In previous years studies the freshman at Ivy League colleges scored better than the seniors.

While most colleges have a mandatory civics and history class as part of the general education curriculum, these studies prove that they are not effective.

George Carlin’s brilliant commentary on how the elite media and public education do not want to show people how to think critically and effectively

UC Berkeley is the #1 Public School in the Country: See how ignorant & indoctrinated the students are.

By the way for those of you who didn’t get it. The assault weapon ban had nothing to do with machine guns and never did and semi-automatics he refers to aren’t machine guns either. They shoot one bullet with each pull of the trigger like most guns built since 1900.

If you think that this is not typical or was rigged, there is empirical evidence to support this right HERE.

Why Are Conservatives So Mean?

Education and the Culture of Blame:


Jay Walking – Who knows American History? Notice who is the only person who could answer the questions? 




The “DUH” generation…will it destroy the Republican Party?

by thekeenobserver,

School days…school days.
Ah yes; most everyone remembers them fondly.

But inside our hallowed halls of education, what’s taking place could be more aptly be described as a school daze– a leftist-slanted, decidedly liberal way of not instructing our children in the “three R’s”, but rather feeding them a constant stream of “San Francisco” style mainstream liberal teachings.

Today’s students aren’t being educated– they’re being indoctrinated!

The children of today can’t read, write, add, subtract, multiply, divide, or spell, or even speak English correctly. They, like, uh, like, can’t communicate too well– unless it’s by text messages.

But these youthful, ecological tyrants can talk all day about how plastic bags are destroying ocean life, or argue vehemently about why the United States should never have gone into Iraq. They learn all about social injustice, and the necessity of trying to be “fair” to everyone at all times.

Many elementary school children are profoundly troubled by the thought that global warming will eventualy burn up their earth. And in almost every school (and college), students are led to believe that CO2 is a poison gas, and its release into the atmosphere must be placed under some type of government authority.

Today’s children aren’t being taught science; but they can tell you why we should use the new light bulbs. And they can talk extemporaneously for hours about coastal cities being swamped because we refuse to give up oil– the commodity which is basic to our economic strength.

Today’s students don’t have a clue about why it’s critical to construct new power plants and refineries (to enable the U.S. economy to expand along with its population). But instead they’re taught to hate the big oil corporations. Thus, they retain a basic anti-capitalist, pro-socialist, anti-American liberal inbreeding.

So what is going on in the classrooms of today? Apparently not education.
In 2007, only 36 percent of American eighth graders were rated ”proficient” in reading on the National Assessment of Education Progress. The math results were similar. This means hundreds of thousands of students, having reached the threshold of high school, have yet to master the ability to read critically or do basic computations, let alone grasp the essentials of science, history and civics.

Today’s high school graduates can’t make change, or compute percentages; many couldn’t qualify for a part time retail job even if it were available
But this isn’t even the worst problem. Yes, it’s bad enough that we’ll have 75 million functional illiterates interacting throughout our society for the foreseeable future.

Let’s call them the “duh” generation.

And functional illiteracy is only the beginning; the worst problem is political demographics– the effect this dumbed-down generation will have on future elections.

Just in the last election, Barack Obama won by a 52.7% vs. 46% margin over John McCain; but Obama didn’t exceed 50% in any voting groups, except for the under 25 (69%) and the black vote (94%).

Could this portend future doom for the Republican party? Definitely!

Political conservatism is slowly going the way of the incandescent light bulb. The National Education Association (teacher’s union) is seeing to that. Anecdotal stories of liberal-slanted teacher-classroom incidents abound:

Last summer, in the Clark County School District in Las Vegas, a ten year old boy had written a letter to president Bush, and got a reply. But when the excited 4th grader brought his letter from the President to school, his teacher told him to put the letter away, citing, “no politics in class”. Then the same classroom teacher instructed all her students to write a letter to President-elect Obama several months later.

In the classrooms of today, republicans merit zero tolerance:

In Carmel, California, a 16 year old high school girl, the only Republican on her debate team, was told to… “sit down and shut up until you have something intelligent to say”.

American Enterprise Institute’s magazine published a survey of voter registrations. More than nine out of 10 teachers belonged to the Democratic party.

Disturbing stories have surfaced over the past months, further highlighting just how far many segments of American education have now elevated Barack Obama.

A concerned parent reveals that his 1st grader son complained of having to pledge allegiance every day at school to a huge projected image of Mr. Obama.The 6-year old told his father that the teacher put up a large image of the new president next to the flag. What is worse is that he said all of the kids in class each faced Obama, instead of the flag that hangs in the corner.

What the heck is going on…is this supposed to be what we call citizenship in the community?

Or what about citizenship in the nation? The liberally-slanted history that today’s students are being taught is so polarizing, it’s almost as if we’re splitting into 2 nations –the old vs young, depending on WHEN one went to school.

Modern American history textbooks speak little of the American Revolution, or Civil War; or the two world wars; or all the United States stands for– freedom won through hardfought victory over tyranny through all its years.

Today, revisionist history texts focus on the U.S. as an imperialistic, racist country, with groups being pushed in & out of slavery; groups have been denied rights, and America’s bullying of nations.

The story of the Klan is given more weight as an influence in the country than all the great inventors, all the great Presidents, and all the great statesmen of our American past.

On campuses, conservative opinion doesn’t qualify as respectable inquiry. You won’t often find conservative principles discussed, or patriotism argued on the American campuses of today

Imagine the America of the future:

A country where all the doctors, engineers, and architects are foreign, due to today’s inability of teaching science or math properly.

An America sliding to its inevitable third world migration, where enviro-radicalism abounds: Recycling bins everywhere. People riding bicycles, and driving little insect-like “green energy” cars to work. People living in small houses, with green “living” roofs, sleeping in 55 degree bedrooms– to both conserve energy and the save environment.

And imagine the politics– our Constitution, hanging by a thread…traditional marriage, individuals right to property, freedom of speech– all under assault, becoming subservient in the name of moral equivalency.

5 Responses to “The “DUH” Generation.”

  1. Hector Villarreal said

    Hey, lets not get self centered here… Poor civics education isn’t going to just destroy the conservatives. It’s going to destroy America.

    [In fairness, you are correct but that isn’t their goal. The far left elite believe that they are so smart that we need a top down society that imposes what they call “rationality” from above.

    What is the problem the intellectual elite has? Why do they love Castro and Chavez? They write what nobody reads and they say what notbody listens to. They see in dictators or ANY political figure the means or a transmission line to force people to listen to their ideas, or force them to get implemented. They think that they should be running the world and they are stuck there talking to you all day. By and large, professors want to teach the obedient; they do not want to be faced with enlightened independent thinkers all day (of course I realize that is a generalization and there are exceptions, but this is a simple fact that fits a pattern of observable behavior). – Editor]

  2. Callie said

    My grandaughter just graduated from HS this year and I am appalled at her lack of knowledge in history and geography. We had quite a discussion on it and the many things I brought up, she said they had never studied.

    When I see “interviews on the street” (on TV), it is unbelievable how ignorant young people are. They WILL destroy America!

  3. Sharpshooter said

    The youth voted for Obama, now let them endure the consequences when they’re in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond.
    When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already. . . . What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.” — Adolf Hitler (1889–1945), Speech, 6 Nov. 1933. Quoted in: William L. Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, ch. 8, “Education in the Third Reich” (1959).

  4. […] The “DUH” Generation. […]

  5. pj said


    Yes, they’ve already started — they put Obama as the leader of a free country! We’re doomed!

    The republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president. ~~unknown

    . . . and those 50% who give him a “bump” in the polls because of two speeches written by a speechwriter and read from a TelePrompTer — and THAT makes everything all better! IDIOTS!

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