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The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. – Vladimir Lenin

The left’s last argument “shut-up”.

Look, here is the latest “SHUT-UP” argument against Sarah Palin. (Via News Busters):

New twist on the old media double standard: Strong pro-life women shouldn’t accept far-flung speaking engagements. They should stay home (presumably barefoot and pregnant, too.) Strong pro-choice women, however, are welcome to “champion women’s rights,” wherever and whenever they please.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin recently gave a speech at a pro-life dinner in Indiana on April 16 and the media condemned her for not staying home and governing her state. But when U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently spoke to a Planned Parenthood group she was lauded as “championing women’s rights.”

ABC’s “Good Morning America” covered Palin’s speech and the “controversy” that ensued, stating that Alaska lawmakers, failing to mention they were mostly Democrats, are “criticizing Palin for her out of state travel.”  Instead of focusing on Palin’s main pro-life points, GMA spent 50 seconds of the 64 second segment keyed in on her admission that she understands women who entertain the thought of abortion.

The mistreatment of Sarah Palin by the mainstream media is nothing new as CMI has noted the character assassination she suffered at the hands of the networks during her run for Vice President.

By the way, at the time of this posting Palin has attended all of TWO out of state political events since the election. She has turned down thousands of invitations. Where was the outcry at Obama for such low attendence in the Senate when he ran for office? Where was the critique of Bill Clinton or Michael Dukakis when they were governors who ran for office? Its the old stay barefoot and pregnant in the home argument again and it is so well entrenched that leftist women are carrying water for it.

3 Responses to “The left’s last argument “shut-up”.”

  1. Jake said

    WOW…You portray Sarah Palin as a brilliant political pundit. That shows how accurate your analysis is.

    [Well I do not know if she is a brilliant political pundit, but if Palin were president she would not have submitted 3.8 trillion dollar budgets. She would not have put out a health care bill that the CBO and the Medicare actuary say will raise rates and costs. Palin would have us several steps faster towards energy independence. So in this case she is at least smarter than the entire Democratic leadership. – Editor]

  2. Paul Geer said

    I’m not sure where the idea, Sarah Palin is stupid, came from other than the Democrat party. The Democrats paraded that idea during the last presentational election, so take it with a grain of salt. For as long I can remember, 40 some years now, this was the first line of Democrat campaigning is to make your opponent look stupid and incapable of leadership, as to generate questions in the mind of the voter, confusing them enough to vote Democrat. I have learned to see though this based on the action alone but now can verify though facts. Any place els this would be considered slander. Sarah Palin is a great example of Democrat slander, politically. Anyone capable of thinking could see through this noise as well just by listening to the content of the speaker rather than style.

    BTW; I hope “shut-up” is the left’s FINAL argument, this way we can get down to business.

  3. Alden Bowles said

    Dear Editor: Please explain in some detail how Sarah Palin as PotUS “…would have us several steps faster towards energy independence.”? Really now. What detailed short or long term strategy for energy independence has she ever espoused beside “Drill Baby Drill” and other similar comments. As I see it she never lets the facts get in the way of a good sound bite.

    We currently use 18 million barrels a day and produce 6-7 million barrels a day. Daily U.S. use will quickly go to 20-25 million barrels a day once economic business as usual returns. There is not enough oil available under U.S. territories to make up for a 60+% shortfall, no matter how many of us wish for it to be different. Should we continue drilling? Yes. Should we demand accountability from Energy Companies to do it safely. Absolutely. Should we continously consider alternatives like wind, solar, and conservation. Sure. Just stop with the “drilling is going to save us” drivel, because it won’t.

    [Alden Bowles said,

    “What detailed short or long term strategy for energy independence has she ever espoused beside “Drill Baby Drill” and other similar comments?”

    Well Alden if you had taken the time to read her book or actually read the speeches she has given on energy policy maybe you would know the answer to that question, but from my view it seems that you are far too invested in your hostility of Sarah Palin to dare try something so rational.

    First of all, no one said that drilling alone was going to “save us”. That is simply a straw man argument YOU invented to conveniently knock down.

    Drilling should be a part of a national energy strategy all that is needed in America is to drill enough to create a 3% oversupply which would loosen the grip that the foreign oil cartel has on our economy. The oil cartel’s abuse acts like a massive tax and a drain on the economy and also creates a massive transfer of wealth from us to them that can be greatly mitigated with more domestics production. Clean Coal, nuclear and natural gas also have an important place. It is everyone’s best hope that technology will lead to other energy sources that are more affordable and marketable.

    When you are ready to drop the irrational hostility and strawman arguments and wish to have a serious discussion we welcome you to comment again, if you wish to just be a troll please do it somewhere else. – Editor]

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