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The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. – Vladimir Lenin

“The Story Of Stuff” Marxist Indoctrination Video for Kids

See Update III below!

UPDATE II -Story of Stuff Part II HERE.

UPDATE11 new video’s surface of kids made to sing to Obama in public school  – there was a video here but YouTube has been yanking them down frantically.

Yet another “capitalism & America is evil” video shown to students.

There has also been concern about school teachers doing things like taking songs about Jesus and replacing Jesus with Obama and teaching the kids to sing them in public schools and other outrageous acts of propaganda as has been done HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. Update and HERE.

At this LINK we have the entire documentary called “Hitler’s Children-Seduction”. It explains the techniques used to get half of the children in Germany to voluntarily sign up for the Hitler Youth.

Lou Dobbs on this indoctrination video called “The Story of Stuff”

Glenn Beck interviewing two kids who saw this indoctrination video:

Kids singing to the dear leader in Cuba…

“How The World Works” Took that video apart piece by piece.

UPDATE III – Same Marxist group launches propaganda video against the First Amendment – Lee Doren has the intellectual take down.

Story of Citizens United v. FEC, The Critique

9 Responses to ““The Story Of Stuff” Marxist Indoctrination Video for Kids”

  1. Thanks for staying on top of the leftist attempts to indoctrinate our children!!!

  2. The Nuke said

    The creator of this video is AWESOME. (Note: No my website is not political)

  3. mastermeerkat said

    omg she is stupid. im a liberal and im ashamed of her.

  4. John said

    These three “critique” videos are so idiotic, it hurts. LOL.

    The guy who made them is really really stupid!

  5. 4gsltw said

    To John who said, “These three ‘critique’ videos are so idiotic, it hurts. LOL. The guy who made them is really really stupid!”

    There are four parts to the critique, not three. My two-year-old niece can count up to four. How old are you, and who’s stupid?

  6. […] “The Story Of Stuff” Marxist Indoctrination Video for Kids […]

  7. Thomas said

    John [see comment number 4] is a typical Liberal Fascist. He’s burning books every minute. He’s so indoctrinated he cannot watch anything that disagrees with this programming. His naked hatred for anyone who exposes the lies and propaganda of the Left is so obvious when he cannot count to 4. The physical burning of books for Socialists is just a metaphor for their entire life. They cannot read anything they disagree with. They cannot listen to anyone they disagree with. They hate all who don’t belong to their Cult of Ignorance.

  8. […] Shoot Kids     WARN YOUR KIDS / CHECK YOUR SCHOOLS Communist Indoctrination for Children: “Story of Stuff” Part 1, Part II     UPDATE – 11 new video’s surface of kids made […]

  9. Mack Landres said

    Iˇve read some excellent stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how so much effort you set to create this sort of magnificent informative web site.

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