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RINO “House Conservative” at the NYT David Brooks reveals himself…

Posted by iusbvision on July 26, 2009


Almost every week at the New York Times, house “conservative” David Brooks and liberal columnist Gail Collins have a public conversation. This week Brooks made a startling admission in The Conversation which really wasn’t so surprising when one actually reads his columns. Here is the money quote:

At the moment, I feel politically closer to Barack Obama than to House Minority Leader John Boehner (and that’s even while being greatly exercised about the current health care bills). 

What a shocker (/sarcasm)… that the New York Times’ house conservative who is relied upon to attack every conservative and/or mover and shaker in the Republican Party ha srevealed that he is closer to the most far left president in our lifetime than who all consider to be a main stream conservative and popular House GOP leader John Boehner.

There is little doubt that David Brooks voted for Obama, just as the previous “house conservative” at the NYT, William Safire, voted for Bill Clinton.

Is anyone even the slightest bit surprised?

One Response to “RINO “House Conservative” at the NYT David Brooks reveals himself…”

  1. Paul said

    No, I’m not surprised. The NY Times hires far-left liberals and left-of-center conservatives to be columnists. To them, people like Brooks are conservative simply because they are not on the far left. A moderate liberal is considered by them to be conservative. Capiche? Good!

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