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The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. – Vladimir Lenin

WOW – This is the most effective political ad I have ever seen – and it was done by a regular Joe on a home PC.

Posted by iusbvision on September 14, 2008

Here at the IUSB Vision we have catalogued almost very flip/flop, reversal, and lie mentioned in this ad. Just click the Campaign 2008 and go back a few months. Or just search for the term Obama and start going back a few months. We have them listed, sourced and include youtube video evidence when available.

This post HERE features an article from the Times of London that pits Obama the Speechmaker vs. Obama the Politician.

Botton Line – show this video to the country and it’s all over.

Here is another ad from the same “Joe”

7 Responses to “WOW – This is the most effective political ad I have ever seen – and it was done by a regular Joe on a home PC.”

  1. judi said

    And Sarah can see Russia from her back door……………………….You vote for idiots

    And Sarah sat in elected office for 5 years before Obama ran for anything. Defteated 2 former governors, tore down the party machine, cut taxes and spending, reformed the ethics laws and energy company laws.

    [Obama as a community organizer – no significant achievements.

    Obama and a Professor – achievments he is trying to hide from the press and the public.

    Obama as a state senator – no significant achievements and voted “present” over 130 times.

    Obama as a US Senator – kept the seat warm for 140 days and started to run for president – no significant achievements.

    Obama wants to run on change – he has voted the party line almost 98% of the time and changed next to nothing an any position he has held. Obama’s record proves that he is the candidate for more of the same. At least McCain tried to get change, but was often outvoted. McCain has pounded on the earmarks issue virtually alone for years, and the country eventually came his way – THAT’s leadership.

    Just a reality check for you Judi – but thanks for letting the world know that you can spell the word idiot.

    Chuck Norton – Editor]

  2. Jill said

    OH give me a break. “I just don’t know who you are…” is laziness, pure and simple. Do your homework…read articles…read legislation…watch videos. Look at where republican polices have taken us and realize that this is change the world needs. W was an idiot and so is Palin. Try to vote for someone who is intellectually curious, who will spar with his advisors and want debate about what is the right thing to do for the greatest number of people in this country. Even true conservatives now see the writing on the wall. Stop watching football and American Idol and whining that you don’t know obama. Pay attention, it is your government and your responsibility.

    [Jill – I have catalogued Obama’s campaign statements, I have read and have a list of every piece of legislation he has offered in the Senate, I have reviewed his “record” in Illinois.

    I know W’s record cold as well and the performance of the economy from the time Bush took office till today.

    If you think that you can match my knowledge and care to debate me issue per issue right here in comments bring it on, but we both know that since you have to result to use of name calling like “idiot” etc that you likely dont have what it takes between the ears to engage me. So by all means, consider this your personal invitation to try. I suspect that the only person who is uninformed here is you.

    Here is an example – Republicans tried to get energy policy reform to make us more energy independent shortly after Bush was elected. Democrats blocked it, just as they have been lately. Here is a simple reality – if we had done what Republicans wanted to do years ago we would be producing MUCH more of our own energy.

    Of course Obama wants high gas prices – I know because he said so on national television. The video is linked on the right hand side of the page.

    All the best,

    Chuck Norton – Editor]

  3. cheez said

    Chuck – you’re a douche. Truly.

    Must be sad to look in your mirror every day.

    Get a job

    [Thanks for displaying your vast knowledge of the issues Cheez…. – Editor]

  4. J T said

    Actually, your ad is an excellent endorsement for Obama!

    I no longer trust McCain, due to is blatant lies, who can trust someone with no judgement? Once I could have, and no more.

    And would I trust someone like Palin, who is totally clueless? She would lead us to nuclear disaster.

    I am voting for Obama-Biden FOR NATIONAL SECURITY
    Because I trust my children’s lives and futures with them, and not with McCainPalin.

    Once a Republican Voter…NO MORE

    [Hi JT – what lies – give me some examples – I bet you are misinformed so give it your best shot :-).

    For National Security – well how many positions on Iraq has Obama had, how many on Israel? How many on Georgia before he settled on adopting McCain’s position? Voting emotionally and not on the facts is unwise JT. Come on back if you would like to discuss it…but I suspect you arent sure enough of your own facts to try, but who knows you may surprise me.


  5. AB said

    What are your credentials Chuck?? Why don’t you make a video about how much McCain/Palin will help this country?

    [Because bad government policy helped destroy my career so I am back in college starting over. As a result I cant afford good enough video equipment. Besides at my age I am better off writing and talking on the radio instead of appearing on camera – thats why – Editor]


    …Am new to this site- and will return often. But based on this page alone- am wondering- do conservatives read and respond or just the very far left?

    [Hi there Rebecca, hate is a powerful motivator, so what you are seeing in so many people’s comments is a group of people who have taken ideology to the point of psychosis…and wow it sure shows. Michelle Malkin calls it Bush Derangement Syndrome. – Editor]

  7. ekspekt said

    interesting post, will come back here, bookmarked your site

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