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Obama-Cambridge Police. How Glenn Beck and David Horowitz got it wrong. – UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on July 24, 2009

First of all I want to make it clear that I have the utmost respect for David Horowitz and Glenn Beck, but even IF everything that they said here is an absolute reality they are still wrong so please allow me to explain why.

Massachusetts law makes it clear that disorderly conduct is illegal disruptive behavior IN PUBLIC and with the intent of causing illegal disruptive and violent behavior of others. The professor was on his own property (NOT OUT IN PUBLIC) and this happened after the professor showed legal ID proving that he was in his own residence. The officer asked the professor to step outside for the purpose of arresting him.

The bottom line is this, there is nothing illegal about acting like a fool, or calling a police officer a racist while on your own property.

A good police officer, who behaves as a servant to the people, de-escalates a situation. As soon as he saw the ID and saw the professor was legit he should have just turned and left the premises. A bad police officer who has an attitude as if he is the people’s master and/or wears a cloak of infallibility (and there are lots of these out there I have seen first hand) is someone who escalates a situation.

I do not believe that this was about race, I believe that this was an escalation attitude by the police who simply did not follow the law. Once Prof. Gates showed his ID it should have been over no matter what foolish things Gates may or may not have been saying. Prof. Gates was arrested because of what he was saying to a police officer. One does not win an argument with a pair of hand cuffs. The arrest was illegal because the legal definition of disorderly conduct was not met which is why the charges were dropped almost immediately.

If I were Prof. Gates, I would sue the Cambridge PD not because the officer was a racist, but because they made an illegal arrest for the wrong reasons.

I know that some of you may be shocked, but I am siding with the professor on this one for all the right legal reasons.

Also I am not at all convinced that the police report is accurate. We have catalogued many cases of police brutality and misconduct where police did not tell the whole truth [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10] and most of these incidents of bad police behavior are generated by law enforcement who seem to have convinced themselves that they can do no wrong. I am not saying that the police officer is a liar, but what I am saying is that just because something is in a police report doesn’t mean it is the whole truth.

The link below tells the story of a police officer with a cloak of infallibility whose attitude resulted in some rather grim consequences for his victim and himself.  –

UPDATE– Just because all parties in this event acted stupidly doesn’t mean that Prof. Gates is not a nutty very far left black liberation theology conspiracy theorist with hate issues, because he most certainly is judging by the video clip that Glenn Beck found of gates giving a speech. Beck also asks, if the president is not a racist, how come he surrounded himself with overt racists like Farrahkan, Kahlidi, Rev. Wright, and the other overt anti-semites that he has brought into the administration as we have outlined in our “Israel” category? 

Keep in mind that Gates is considered a MODERATE among far left black studies professors… and THAT says something important as well.

UPDATE II– Legendary writer Chris Hitchens has the same take we have on this story; Gates’ arrest was wrong and illegal.  Hitchens:

A Man’s Home Is His Constitutional Castle

Henry Louis Gates Jr. should have taken his stand on the Bill of Rights, not on his epidermis or that of the arresting officer.

Moreover, whatever he said to the cop was in the privacy of his own home. It is monstrous in the extreme that he should in that home be handcuffed, and then taken downtown, after it had been plainly established that he was indeed the householder.

Absolutely a must read article, especially for college students who by and large are constitutionally inept due to the state of public education today.

4 Responses to “Obama-Cambridge Police. How Glenn Beck and David Horowitz got it wrong. – UPDATED!”

  1. barto said

    There IS a ‘race problem’ in this country and the overwhelming bulk of it rests squarly in the heart of the ‘black’ community! The race-baiting poverty pimps, (Jessie, Al, Gates, et al) have been telling blacks for going on 50 years that if you throw the ‘R-word’ at them, they will give you more goodies. Tom Wolf called it Mau-Mauing the Flack- Catchers. In the end, blacks and hispanics,ABSOLUTELY HATE white people. After they have affirmative actioned their way into a job, they file racial discrimination complaints against any supervisor with the nerve to expect them to actualy do the work or show up on time. In the case of Henry Gates, it looked like he was embaressed by the cops showing up at his home to investigate a 911 call and so to cover his sorry ass, he would simply start yelling and calling him a motherfucker and of course play the Race Card. The only differance between what happened to Gates and what would have happened to a white man who did the same thing is, the white man would have been Tazed and handcuffed BEHIND his back.

    [The difference here is that Gates was at his own place of residence. Assuming that the police report is true, and assuming all you say is true, a cop can’t take being called a few names?? Aweee…shall we throw a pity party?

    If you cant tell the state what you think of them right or wrong on your own property where else can you?

    Like I said, Prof. Gates was arrested illegally, the definition of disorderly conduct was NOT met and Gates should not have been arrested.

    The cop arrested Gates not because he is a racist, but because he wanted to “win the argument” with a pair of hand cuffs. Gates was arrested because of what he said to a police officer on his own property. The arrest was not legally justified.

    Wow, O’Reilly and Fox News after defending the police officer all day just had a lawyer on who articulated the exact point of view I did. – Editor]

  2. barto said

    OK, Editor, I’ll give you that Gates was arrested because ‘he wanted to win the argument with a pair of handcuffs’. Won’t you agree that Gates should have been arrested for a Hate Crime? When someone deliberatly makes a vicious,slanderous and false accusation against another person, should’nt he do, say, 12 or 15 years in a federal prison to discourage him from commiting more racist attrocities against his fellow citizens? I’ll tell you this Ed,there is a long smoldering resentment among those who have funded these race baiters, and I have a sickening feeling that the top is going to blow like Mt. St Helens. Blacks don’t want to hear the’N’ word any more and we are getting really tired of hearing the ‘R’ word.

    [A hate crime on his own property? So you want to regulate how people THINK… and what people say? …and on their own property even??? Thats just a little extreme isnt it?

    Barto, really the problem is on both sides, there are bad cops, there are racist cops, there are whites who have been falsely accused of racism (I know I sure have) and there are black racists (and race baters), and there are blacks who are itching to cry out racism at the drop of a hat, just as there are blacks who have suffered real racism.

    In this case, the officer broke the law and that is really the bottom line. – Editor]

  3. barto said

    Alright.I give up! Let me try this one. Your boy,BHO (oops! sorry, I’ll start again). Your man,BHO, really was an unfortunate young fellow. The advantages of growing up in a two parent household are too numerous to list. I had a loving father and one of his most important jobs was my ‘caracter developement’.He taught me that a man owns up to his mistakes. A real man must have the ‘spine and the gonads’ (my crude and limited vocabulary,not Dad’s)to admit he was wrong and apologize. Today, in the White House pressroom, the whole world especialy our enemies saw what the American President is made of. We are in a lot of trouble.

    [I know what BHO is all about, and your right, no one with any economic competence at all would be doing the policies he is doing. Corruption, lobbyists, kickbacks and legislative favorite and winner picking is now worse then ever. This presidency is a disaster, economically and ethically. People are suffering and the government is making things worse. – Editor]

  4. BHBF said

    I confess…I do not love or even respect Gates. I did watch the PB series he hosted so many years ago …but there was something I found more than a little disconcerting in his apparent joy (almost verging on delirium) in tracing his ancestry to Whites. I , like Ishmael Reed also wonder…how did H. L. Gates get ordained as the nation’s “Leading Black Intellectual”?

    How Henry Louis Gates Got Ordained as the Nation’s “Leading Black Intellectual”

    Post-Race Scholar Yells Racism


    Now that Henry Louis Gates’ Jr. has gotten a tiny taste of what “the underclass” undergo each day, do you think that he will go easier on them? Lighten up on the tough love lectures? Even during his encounter with the police, he was given some slack. If a black man in an inner city neighborhood had hesitated to identify himself, or given the police some lip, the police would have called SWAT. When Oscar Grant, an apprentice butcher, talked back to a BART policeman in Oakland, he was shot!

    Given the position that Gates has pronounced since the late eighties, if I had been the arresting officer and post-race spokesperson Gates accused me of racism, I would have given him a sample of his own medicine. I would have replied that “race is a social construct”–the line that he and his friends have been pushing over the last couple of decades.

    After this experience, will Gates stop attributing the problems of those inner city dwellers to the behavior of “thirty five-year-old grandmothers living in the projects?” (Gates says that when he became a tough lover he was following the example of his mentor Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka as though his and Soyinka’s situations were the same. As a result of Soyinka’s criticisms of a Nigerian dictator, he was jailed and his life constantly threatened.)

    Getting others to do his work. Mother Jones magazine accused him of exploiting those writers who helped to assemble his Encarta Africana, of running an academic sweat shop and even avoiding affirmative action goals by not hiring blacks. Julian Brookes of Mother Jones wrote:

    “Henry Louis Gates Jr. has never been shy about speaking up for affirmative action. Indeed, the prominent Harvard professor insists that he wouldn’t be where he is today without it. Odd, then, that when it came to assembling a staff to compile an encyclopedia of black history, Gates hired a group that was almost exclusively white. Of the up to 40 full-time writers and editors who worked to produce Encarta Africana only three were black. What’s more, Gates and co-editor K. Anthony Appiah rejected several requests from white staffers to hire more black writers. Mother Jones turned to Gates for an explanation of this apparent inconsistency.

    “Did the staff members who expressed concern that the Africana team was too white have a point?”

    Gates responded:

    “It’s a disgusting notion that white people can’t write on black history–some of the best scholars of Africa are white. People should feel free to criticize the quality of the encyclopedia, but I will not yield one millimeter[to people who criticize the makeup of the staff]. It’s wrongheaded. Would I have liked there to be more African Americans in the pool? Sure. But we did the best we could given the time limits and budget.”

    While his alliance with feminists gave Gates’ career a powerful boost, it was his Op ed for the Times blaming continued anti-Semitism on African Americans that brought the public intellectual uptown. It was then that Gates was ordained as the pre-eminent African American scholar when, if one polled African-American scholars throughout the nation, Gates would not have ranked among the top twenty five. It would have to be done by secret ballot given the power that Gates’ sponsors have given him to make or break academic careers. As Quincy Troupe, editor of Black Renaissance Noire would say, Gates is among those leaders who were “given to us,” not only by the white mainstream but also by white progressives. Amy Goodman carries on about Gates and Cornel West like the old Bobby Soxers used to swoon over Sinatra. Last week Rachel Maddow called Gates “the nation’s leading black intellectual.” Who pray tell is the nation’s leading white intellectual, Rachel? How come we can only have one? Some would argue that Gates hasn’t written a first rate scholarly work since 1989.

    CNN gave Gates’ accusation against blacks as anti-Semites a worldwide audience and so when I traveled to Israel for the first time in the year, 2000, Israeli intellectuals asked me why American blacks hated Jews so. In print, I challenged Gate’s libeling of blacks as a group in my book, Another Day at the Front, because at the time of his Op-ed, the Anti-Defamation League issued a report that showed the decline of anti-Semitism among black Americans. I cited this report to Gates. He said that the Times promised that there would be a follow up Op-ed about racism among American Jews. It never appeared. Barry Glassner was correct when he wrote in his “The Culture of Fear” that the whole Gates-generated black Jewish feud was hyped.

    Under Tina Brown’s editorship at The New Yorker, Gates was hired to do hatchet jobs on Minister Louis Farrakhan and the late playwright August Wilson.


    Even the Bush administration admitted to the existence of racial profiling, yet Gates says that only after his arrest did he understand the extent of racial profiling, a problem for over two hundred years. Why wasn’t “the nation’s leading black intellectual” aware of the problem? His exact words following his arrest were “What it made me realize was how vulnerable all black men are, how vulnerable are all poor people to capricious forces like a rogue policemen.” Amazing! Shouldn’t “the nation’s leading black intellectual” be aware of writer Charles Chesnutt who wrote about racial profiling in 1905!

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