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Violence & Threats Both Real and Invented for Propaganda Purposes

Posted by iusbvision on March 25, 2010

This is Part III of a multi-part series – See Part I and Part II, Part IV , Part V in progress – 

What is really going on

[The simple truth is that anyone in the public sector attracts cooks and haters. I get death threats and hate mail but you don’t see me on MSNBC, granted my audience is larger than theirs. Even the most minor celebrities like Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka has had to deal with wackos who make threats. This is not news.

What is news is that the willing “state-run” elite media has decided to focus on this in the most one-sided and disingenuous way. Where was the elite media and the Democrats concern when Bart Stupak was pretending he was going to vote against ObamaCare and the left was threatening his family at home? Where was the elite media when anti-Bush protests had all sorts of Hitler and assassination signs? Why does the elite media portray the Tea Party as a racist and violent movement when every instance of known violence has been SEIU and ObamaCare thugs attacking Tea Party participants?

The Tea Party has had the largest protests in DC history and in all of those not once has a Tea Party participant been arrested, yet at the anti-Bush/anti-war protests and at the recent anti-capitalism protests in Pittsburg the police has to bring the pattywagons, yet its is the Tea Party that is violent according to the elite media narrative. It is the distraction because the elite media would be talking about the recent CBS Poll where 62% of Americans including 41% of Democrats want the GOP to keep fighting Obamacare. Remember 34 Democrats in the House and 3 in the Senate voted no on ObamaCare so there is a bipartisan consensus opposing it, that is why the state run media needs to talk about something else.- Editor]

House GOP Whip Eric Cantor Campaign Office Was Shot At, Accuses Dems of Exploiting Threats (Via Fox News):

Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor said Thursday that his Richmond campaign office has been shot at and that he’s received “threatening e-mails” — but at the same time the House minority whip accused top Democrats of trying to exploit the threats they’ve been receiving for “political gain.” 

IUSB Vision editor Chuck Norton reported in August of 2008 that launched an antisemitic ad against Cantor when he was in consideration for vice-president [ later scrubbed several of the antisemitic parts of the advertisement – Editor] :

Growing antisemitism among the left just had another piece of evidence added to the stack today. The statements below come from a single web advertisement against possible Vice Presidential candidate Eric Cantor.

“the party’s most visible liaison to Jewish groups”

“money from the Jewish community”

“Both Abramoff and Cantor are Jewish”

“the only Jewish Republican”

“a deli special that exudes Jewish power”


Where was the elite media frenzy and the Democrats concern while Bart Stupak was pretending that he was going to vote no on ObamaCare if it reversed 30 years of law and allowed for public funding of abortion??

The Hill Magazine:

Stupak: Health fight has been ‘living hell’

The telephone lines in his Washington and district offices have been “jammed” and he’s gotten more than 1,500 faxes and countless e-mails — most of which he says don’t come from his constituents.

The fight has taken a toll on his wife, who has disconnected the phone in their home to avoid harassment.  

“All the phones are unplugged at our house — tired of the obscene calls and threats. She won’t watch TV,” Stupak said during an hourlong interview with The Hill in his Rayburn office. “People saying they’re going to spit on you and all this. That’s just not fun.”

Stupak has become a nationally known figure because of his demands for tough language in healthcare legislation to prevent any federal subsidies from being used for abortion services.


Virginia Galax Gazette (Via Sweetness & Light):

McCain Campaign workers attacked With Mace

By Ben Bomberger

October 28, 2008

Two people were arrested Monday afternoon after an altercation led to five Republican campaign workers being sprayed with Mace at their headquarters in Galax.

Galax Police Chief Rick Clark said officers were dispatched shortly before 1 p.m. to the Galax Republican headquarters on East Grayson Street when a caller reported someone had sprayed office workers with Mace.

Responding officers arrested Daniel Cason Meinecke, 29, and Cara Annis Hindman, 26, both of Galax.

Meinecke was charged with one count of misdemeanor assault, Hindman was charged with five counts of misdemeanor assault.

Galax Republican Chairman Mike Stevens said he was one of the volunteers sprayed. He said a man and woman came into the office and asked for campaign yard signs for the Democratic ticket of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

After being told the Obama-Biden campaign office was up the street, Stevens said, the man said he was aware of that, but that he thought Democratic signs were being stolen and “stashed” at the Republican office.

Stevens told him that nobody there had stolen signs, not were they “stashing” any in the building.

A confrontation escalated and, Stevens said, the man began to use some four-letter words.

Stevens said there were older women in the office and he asked the couple to leave the building.

“With the ladies in the office, I said that was enough and asked them to leave,” he said. “I told them, if they had a problem with someone stealing their signs they needed to contact the police department.”

Stevens said the couple replied that they weren’t leaving, and that they didn’t have to.

“I kind of moved them towards the door and he lashed out at me,” Stevens said. “So I lashed out at him.”

No punches were thrown, but instead the two simply held each other at bay, according to Stevens.

Once outside, Stevens said, the woman sprayed Mace on him and another volunteer before turning back to the office and spraying inside the building.

“It was surreal in the fact that I’ve had people in the past couple months come in and ask for signs. But to have an altercation like that just seems strange.”

While Stevens was unsure if the couple came into the building planning to start an altercation, he said it seemed evident they were.

“There was no business that this gentleman had to do in the office. We didn’t do anything… We didn’t steal his signs. The people in the building were a 75- and 71-year-old man and their respective wives… they aren’t out there stealing signs.”

Stevens said he felt the man just came to the headquarters to agitate office volunteers and that he had no reason to enter the building.

“I can’t say they came there for that purpose. But it seemed that it was to come in and agitate. When he started cussing, that’s when I felt it was time for them to go out of the way and go on down the road.”

With the election of a new president coming in the next week, Stevens said the tension between Republican and Democrats has been elevated.

“We are more divided,” as a result, he said.

Chief Clark said in a news release that Meinecke is alleged to have physically assaulted one of the Republican campaign workers; Hindman is alleged to have sprayed Pepper Mace that contaminated five Republican campaign workers.

Both were released on a secured bond pending their arraignment in Galax General District Court.


York County, SC GOP Headquarters Vandalized – December 2008LINK

Democrat Vandallism Attacks in Maryland (Via Palmetto):

The wave of vandalism targeting supporters of presidential candidate John McCain isn’t just limited to South Carolina, as we experienced last weekend when thugs sprayed graffiti all over the York County GOP headquarters, nor is it limited to Republicans.

At some point during the wee hours of the morning, supporters of opponent Barack Obama attacked a private home in Prince George’s County, Md., defacing the house, an RV, a truck cover, and a two foot by eight foot yard sign. Apparently, the home owner was a registered Democrat and the local Obama fans were none to pleased with his decision to back McCain.


Tampa Tribune:

Clearwater – Frank Armstrong was preparing to go for a jog this morning when he noticed his Lexus – adorned with a McCain-Palin sticker – had been vandalized with obscenities and a burned American flag.

Armstrong discovered the damage to his 2006 Lexus about 8:30 a.m. at his Sand Key condominium at 1400 Gulf Blvd. Clearwater police and Armstrong said someone etched obscenities and “KKK” into the paint, burned several areas of the car with cigarettes, set the flag on fire on his hood and may have urinated on the vehicle. Officers and Armstrong think the car was singled out because of its political stickers, including one reading “Nobama.”


McCain Signs Vandalized with Hitler Stencil (Via LGF):

Stafford County SunMan charged with anti-McCain vandalism:

WOODBRIDGE — Police have charged a Gainesville man in connection with a rash of pre-election vandalism targeting the campaign of Republican candidate John McCain.

Daniel Marion Jackson, 23, of 13118 Bigleaf Maple Court, faces 21 counts of misdemeanor destruction of property, Prince William County police Officer Erika Hernandez said. He was arrested Wednesday.

Twelve houses, a church, seven businesses and a home owner’s association sign in Gainesville were spray painted with anti-McCain sentiments, profanity and the number 666 on Oct. 25.


Broward Republican Party chairman’s home vandalized – Via the Sun Sentinal:

Someone apparently threw an object at a window on the Broward Republican Party chairman’s house this weekend in Lighthouse Point, shattering the glass.

Chip LaMarca, who also is a Lighthouse Point city commissioner, said he and his wife were out of town at the state Republican Party’s quarterly meeting in Orlando when they were told of the incident Saturday morning and reported it directly to the police chief.


Obama followers vandalize homes in Gainesville  – Via HillBuzz:

Twenty-five residents of a Gainesville neighborhood woke up this morning to discover their homes had been spray-painted with an obscene comment about the 2008 presidential race. Several businesses were hit as well.


Photos: Minnesota Left’s political tolerance – Via

Tonight, as we prepare for our Debate Party tonight at Trocadero’s, one of the listeners for our radio station AM 1280 The Patriot has to prepare for some hard work cleaning his work van and personal car.  He made the mistake of thinking that he could have a bumper sticker showing his support of the station without thugs vandalizing his vehicles.  At least he remains in high spirits, as he e-mailed the station with the subject heading, “The Power of a Patriot Bumper Sticker”:
I thought you might find these photos interesting. I’ve attached photos of the way I found my van this morning. Evidently, leaving a car parked on the street with Patriot and McCain bumper stickers is intolerable to Obama supporters. They didn’t remove the sticker from my wife’s Volvo, though. However, it appears that someone in my neighborhood didn’t like it. Luckily, they didn’t use permanent spray paint, just some really annoying stuff that was hard to wash off.

They took their time in vandalizing the panel van

Now, what kind of people would put this much energy into defacing other people’s property simply because they had Patriot and McCain bumper stickers on one of the cars?  Usually, the same kind of people who screech constantly about “tolerance” and the closed-mindedness of Republicans. 


Peace & Love Protestors attack a disabled Iraq VetLINK:

Joshua Sparling, a disabled Iraq War veteran, attended a recent “peace protest” in Washington to try and tell them the good that is happening in Iraq. Says Sparling, “I think I saw more fingers that day than any in my life. At first they told me that it was all about the veterans and when I told them that I am a veteran then they told me to go back to Iraq and that I should have stayed there. For the most part there were people lining the fence screaming at us and trying to get at us. A group was waiting for us with clubs and tried to get at me and the police had to stop them from bull-rushing us on the sidewalk.”


And Now the Fake Threats and Violence

Tell me if you spot a pattern…

Leftists Vandalize Democrat Headquarters – Democrats Falsely Blame Health Care Protesters.

Michelle Malkin has more HERE.


Congressman Russ Carnehan’s claim that Tea Party left a coffin on his lawn as a threat now proved bogus. Via Big

On Sunday night several members of the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition held a prayer vigil at Russ Carnahan’s office for the millions of babies that will be slaughtered under the democrat’s pro-abortion health care bill. We also prayed for the handicapped and the elderly who will be turned away as they face the death panels created by this bill. And, as we stood outside his office in the rain, we prayed for our country and for the democrats in Washington DC who were stealing away our freedom at that very moment.

We brought a coffin with us to represent the millions of Americans who will suffer from inadequate treatment and perish under Obamacare.

(KSDK Photo)

Local reporters from KSDK News Channel 5 showed up to interview myself and others after our prayer service.

The Carnahans told reporters that the coffin was left on their lawn. This is an absolute lie. We had a prayer service and then left. The state-run media didn’t bother to follow up on this outrageous lie before they published their hit piece. The coffin is currently in a member’s garage…. Oh, and the protest was on SUNDAY not Wednesday.


Radicallized Minority Student Hangs Noose in University LibraryLINK

Seems like a big shock, except to those who have done the research. Most of the known ”outrageous” examples racial symbols and race based “propaganda attacks” on campus are either committed by the alleged minority victims or other minorities. Ann Coulter had a chapter in her book just about these incidents.

L.A. Times:

The UC San Diego student reportedly responsible for hanging a noose last week in a campus library issued a public, but anonymous, apology Monday and said she had no racist motivation.

The noose’s discovery set off protests at a school that is already tense from recent racially charged episodes and triggered condemnations from UC leaders and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In a letter published Monday on the front page of the UC San Diego student newspaper, the Guardian, the student wrote that the incident was “a mindless act and stupid mistake” and was not meant to recall the lynching of blacks.

“As a minority student who sympathizes with the students that have been affected by the recent issues on campus, I am distraught to know that I have unintentionally added to their pain,” the student wrote. She was suspended Friday and remains under investigation for a possible hate crime.

Incidents like these are not so uncommon.

Human Events Magazine:

Out of legions, here are just a few hoax hate crimes on college campuses.

— In 1997, at Duke University, a black doll was found hanging by a noose from a tree at the precise spot where the Black Student Alliance was to be holding a rally against racism. Two black students later admitted they were the culprits and were immediately praised for bringing attention to the problem of racism on campus. Indeed, four years later the president of Duke gave a baccalaureate address nostalgically describing the hoax as a “protest” against racism. Next stop: the Nobel Peace Prize.

— In 2003, vile racial epithets were scrawled on the dorm room doors at Ole Miss, producing mass protests and a “Say No to Racism” march. And then it turned out the graffiti had been written by black students, against whom no charges were brought. A “Say Yes to Racism” rally at Ole Miss was later canceled due to lack of interest.

— In 2005, obscenity-laced racist and anti-Semitic messages appeared on dormitory walls at the College of Wooster in Ohio. The fliers were instantly blamed on “typical white males,” even though all the letter I’s in the epithets were dotted with little hearts. Breadcrumbs left by the culprits included the message “Vote Goldwater” among the obscenities. The matter was dropped and flushed down the memory hole when the perpetrators turned out to be a group of leftist students led by a black studies major.

— Just this year, anti-Muslim fliers were put out on the George Washington University campus — by leftists, including a member of “Iraq Veterans Against War.” When it was thought the leaflets were from the conservative group Young Americans For Freedom, the dean called for the expulsion of the culprits and the university demanded that YAF officers sign a statement disavowing “hate speech.” But when it turned out leftists had distributed the fliers, the matter was dropped faster than Larry Craig was dropped from Mitt Romney’s campaign.

The one real example of racism on a college campus in recent memory was perpetrated against white men of the Duke lacrosse team. As that injustice was being perpetrated, gender and ethnic professors at Duke kept droning on about the “racism and sexism” students “live with every day” — as the professors put it in an open letter that falsely presumed the players were guilty of rape. We don’t expect a rally against the prejudiced professors, but an apology might be nice.

We had our own similar scandal at IU when IUPUI student Keith Sampson was charged with racial harassment by the IUPUI administration for reading a book about how the Klan attacked Notre Dame University in 1925. IUPUI even went so far as to shamelessly smear him in the national press. IUSB Vision Editor Chuck Norton took an active role in Sampson’s defense. When it was all over with IUPUI admitted its false smears against Sampson and sent him a letter of apology.

The faculty and the administration lined up against Sampson. When a couple of professors asked about academic freedom to read a book in a faculty meeting the IUPUI Black Faculty and Staff Council levied a not so thinly veiled threats of racism to stop any serious inquiry in the matter.

IUPUI hired an outside investigator who ended up having racially charged problems herself. IUPUI could not have handled the situation more poorly or dishonestly.

During the ordeal I learned that radicalized “EEOC officers” and “judicial affairs officers” have the view that you are presumed guilty if you are white because of what they refer to as “white privilege”. Quinn’s Laws define it thusly: “white privilege is racist idea used by leftist proponents of group politics to explain away the economic and social failure of ‘group politics’”. Those who are radicalized frame everything in marxist conflict theory, white vs black, rich vs poor, man vs women etc. They need incidents like these to justify their world view even if they have to invent them out of thin air. They do this in the name of “freedom” or “diversity” but the real goal is just to increase one’s own power. In this regard Lillian Charleston and David Duke are very much alike.

Imagine how flawed our universities must be to have this number of minority students feeling the need to pull off these racial PR stunts. It is sad.

To see our coverage of the IUPUI incident Part 1 of our investigation is HERE and part 2 is HERE.

To see a video documentary of the incident go HERE.


There was the case where an IUSB administrator and faculty member manufactured bogus chareges of “conduct that is lewd, indecent, or obscene” and, strangely, “stalking or hazing” – against a student, all in an attempt to censor his accurate articles from appearing in a student newspaper. There are more cases of manufacturing and bogus charges of threats and violence being used by leftist administrators and faculty to censor people at FIRE’s web site.  


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