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University of Florida Sued for Refusing to Recognize Christian Student Group – Court Grants Preliminary Injunction

Posted by iusbvision on August 18, 2008

Here we go again – yet another in a long list of lawsuits against universities for illegal discrimination against Christian student groups. These lawsuits have one thing in common; the university loses and wastes piles of YOUR tax dollars in the process. This case is such a no brainer that the Court has already granted an injuction forcing Florida University into recognizing the student group in the meantime.

The lawsuit looks like so many of the others. The university violates the Christian student group’s freedom of expressive association, freedom of intimate association, freedom of speech, equal protection under law and the free exercise of religion in a manner they see fit.

Before you read any furtherstop and read Brandon Stewart’s piece at FIRE’s blog. It is such a good piece I could not hope to improve upon it.

– Assuming you have read Brandon Stewart’s piece linked above – you have taken a look at the University of Florida’s student newspaper The Alligator, siding with the university because the Christian student group does not allow women or non-Christians as its officers. It’s no brainer time again; how many sororities and fraternities are single sex only? If you don’t know the answer is a great deal of them, including many at UF. How many fratermities and sororities have a mission? Most do.

Think about it, if I started McCain Fraternity how effective would its mission be if members of the College Socialist Workers for Obama tried to join and take over its officer positions? This is exactly why the First Amendment enumerates the freedom of association.

Why would students at The Alligator engage in such obvious hypocritical discrimination against a Christian group? Why the hostility against Christians? Why is it that they have no understanding whatever of freedom of association? How can UF claim that it is graduating well rounded, educated and enlightened minds when they have no effective understanding of something as simple as the First Amendment? I will tell you why. Students display such profound ignorance because public schools and college faculty are not teaching them. Students do not leave high school with such a hypocritical discrimination against Christians; that is taught to them by secular leftist college faculty. Author David Kupelian wrote in his book “The Marketing of Evil”, that college education at many universities has become subversive. This case is another example, along with countless others, of just how correct he is.

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