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Campus Reform’s Guide to the Top 100 Schools

Posted by iusbvision on January 2, 2011

Want to know the political environment of your university?

Want to know how many and what professors are donating to who?

Want to be advised of faculty and administrators who are known to abuse conservative students and/or use the classroom for indoctrination as opposed to education?

Want to know what political clubs are on campus? has a guide that can help you.


Let us look at the guide for Indiana University shall we?

Indiana University – Bloomington (IU) was founded in 1820 in Bloomington, Indiana. Today, it is the flagship school of the Indiana University system and enrolls more than 38,000 students. IU is known for its research, its arts program, and also its Division I sports team, the Hoosiers.

Campus Life

At IU, there are 25 liberal student organizations and seven conservative student organizations.

IU has a vast array of far-left student organizations. Groups for parties and candidates include Hoosiers for Nader, Young Democratic Socialists, Students for Democracy, Students for Democratic Socialism, and Students for President Obama.

Liberal political advocacy groups run the gamut of leftist causes. Feminist groups include Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, Planned Parenthood Peer Educators, Access Choice in Bloomington, and GOTOPLESS, which “raise awareness about…the constitutional right of women to be topless or top-free in public where men are able to.” Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GBLT) groups are the Hoosier Rights Campaign and the Indiana Universitry Day of Silence. Environmentalists are organized in Greeks Go Green, Green Hoosiers, and IU Green Campus, and pro-drug legalization students can choose between Lokal 420 at IU and Students for a Sensible Drug Policy.

Leftist students may also join Against the Occupation of Iraq; Students for a Commonsense Health Plan, which supports socialized healthcare; Americans United for Separation of Church and State; Democracy Matters at IU, which supports public financing of elections; HEAL IU Chapter, which focuses on “environmental, animal, and human rights”; Indiana Public Interest Research Group (PIRG); Multicultural Counseling Competency Experience; Students for Social Progress; and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

On the right, IU offers three Republican groups: the College Republicans, IU Republican Women, and Republican Jewish Coalition. There are also four groups for conservatives: Indiana University Conservative Readers, The Indiana Standard, Students For Concealed Carry On Campus, and Young Americans for Liberty.The italicized groupsare affiliated with’s Campus Leadership Program, which provides students with advice, assistance, and support.

Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) and the conservative student publication, The Indiana Standard, are committed to the fight against leftist indoctrination at IU.

In fall 2009, the Indiana Standard reported how the IU Union Board Lectures Committee refused the request of YAL to host Dr. Thomas Woods, Jr. as a campus speaker by claiming that Dr. Woods, a free market champion, was “academically unqualified.”

After the story broke, YAL members fought back against the absurd claim, and earned local media coverage with blog posts, coverage from The Indiana Standard, and a press release. Their case was simple: Dr. Woods is a Harvard graduate and Columbia doctorate, an author of nine books, a senior scholar at the Mises Institute, and testified before the US House Financial Services Committee. That makes him much more qualified than other recent IU speakers, who include a “controversial sex columnist” and a professional cartoonist. Put simply, IU’s problem is Woods’ free-market beliefs — not his resume.

With the help of, YAL members raised enough money to bring Dr. Woods to campus on their own. He will address IU students in September 2010.


In the 2008 election, according to campaign finance data from The Huffington Post92% of IU faculty and staff who donated to campaigns chose to donate to Democrats. In total, 326 people donated nearly $215,000 to Democrats and just 28 people donated to Republicans.

That puts IU faculty and staff out of step with Indiana residents. In the 2008 presidential election, Barack Obama won the state by less than a percentage point. His vote total was 49.9% to John McCain’s 49.0%. That suggests the monolithically liberal politics of IU are far different from the rest of the state.

University Policy

FIRE, a prominent legal defense organization, ranked IU as a “yellow light” campus in its 2010 report. This rating indicates that IU has “at least one ambiguous policy that too easily encourages administrative abuse and arbitrary application.”


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Ken Blackwell confirms IUSB Vision analysis of Obama’s plan to violate the Constitution and legislate by decree.

Posted by iusbvision on January 2, 2011

The Obama Administration has announced that it plans to enact Cap & Tax (energy taxes) and the so called “death panel” and other provisions into the health care law by abusing the power of regulation given to him. Congress denied him these laws, so he is going to do it anyways. Congress and the courts denied him the “Net Neutrality” regulations of the internet.

It is just as we told you HERE:

This is the problem that occurs when Congress grants federal bureaucracy such wide regulatory power to enact as they see fit. The bureaucrats get such wide power to enact law through regulation that they in effect become, as Justice Scalia once described as, “a junior varsity Congress” that can pass laws that are even against the will of Congress and the people. This action takes the entire purpose of Separation of Powers in the Constitution and tosses it right out the window. While Congress does have some minor delegable authority under the Necessary and Proper clause in no way did the Founders ever intend to have a situation where all three branches of government are legislating on their own and against the will of the people.

This action shows that the Obama administration and some of the Democratic leadership have nothing but utter contempt for the overwhelming expressed will of the American people.

Imagine what would happen in the elite if George Bush did something so extreme, or Sarah Palin?

Ken Bkackwell:

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Teachers union boss takes in $428,000, then demands shared sacrifice

Posted by iusbvision on January 2, 2011

You just gotta love public sector unions…

To hear them talk one might think they are all underpaid victims, like missionaries working in the third world…. so sad…./sniff.

The truth is that public sector unions are usually paid more then there private sector counterparts. They also get Cadillac level benefits that they pay little or nothing for and get pensions that are so fat that states have no idea how they can possibly pay them. So far what are the results, snow that doesn’t get cleared in New York, a federal government that spent $2.08 trillion more than it took in and we have little to show for it, and public schools that range from sub-par to unsafe failures. [Even the best American public schoolers do not measure well against other top 30 industrialized nations. So if you think “our public schools are really good” you are deluding yourself – Editor]

Washington Examiner:

American Federation of Teachers president Rhonda “Randi” Weingarten has issued a statement slamming proposed cuts from the congressional deficit commission for not pushing shared sacrifice among the wealthy, but an AFT spokesman has told The Examiner that Weingarten will not be taking a paycut from the total $428,284 she received in salary and benefits during fiscal year 2010.

Weingarten wrote of the proposed budget cuts from the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform:

While we’re grateful the commission’s chairmen understood the need to hold education investment sacrosanct, count on a vigorous fight from us over proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare that would hurt an already-ailing middle class. Shared sacrifice means holding millionaires responsible for their fair share of taxes and ending truly wasteful spending, not sawing off essential lifelines for the middle class, who desperately are trying to keep their heads above water in these precarious economic times. We can help solve the financial future of Social Security and Medicare by investing in putting our people back to work, so they can pay into these programs. Nothing is more important to the future solvency of the country.

Filings from the Department of Labor reveal that the American Federation of Teachers has disbursed $428,284 to Weingarten. Her gross salary is $342,552, but benefits and other disbursements raise that number to almost half a million dollars. She also earned a six-figure salary when she was president of Local 2 in 2009, during which she received $202,319. Neither of these sums, by the way, include her expenses.

*Click to Enlarge

When The Examiner called the AFT to ask whether Weingarten was planning on taking a paycut to demonstrate her belief in shared sacrifice, the spokesman said no. “No, absolutely not. She works 24/7 on behalf of union members and the people we serve. Making sure that people get a great education in public schools in America. She works to the bottom of her soul. You can’t put a price tag on that.”

I joked that, well, there is a price tag on that, and it’s apparently $428,284, but got no response.

The spokesman also asked whether The Examiner was equally critical of Goldman Sachs “who has received taxpayer dollars” (we have been), though it’s a bit odd that a spokesman for a teachers union that lobbies to funnel more taxpayer dollars toward its members would be so critical of Goldman Sachs for taking taxpayer dollars.

The lesson from the teachers union is clear: Shared sacrifice for thee and not for me.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

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